Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Thoughts On The Book

One of the staples of The DCRR was the controversial column The Editor's Viewpoint. I make no apologies for what I used to write there. I called it like I saw it. I got in trouble more times than I can count because of it. People loved it. People hated it. What I always tried to do with that column was give credit where it was due or bring about change where I thought it was needed. At some point in the future, I will probably share a few of the old columns here on the blog and comment on what I said back then.

That said, the book that I intend to release next year needs to stick to facts and avoid that sort of commentary where possible. There will be opinion in the book. I don't believe it can be avoided. But, I don't want to dwell on the things that were wrong or are wrong, in my opinion, with racing. I want this book to be a celebration of what is right with racing. The past champions, the close point battles, the big name drivers and contenders and some of the people who made it all happen.

Specific looks at important periods in racing. The Sportsman division. The beginning of the Street Stock class and what it meant. Late Models and the golden age of that class. Dirt Modifieds. The unity that existed between the tracks and the great series we had because of it. The State and Regional champs that came from that. Wingless Spec Sprints. Okay, you'll get observations of things during these times. It simply cannot be avoided. But, I want to keep it as light as possible. There are people and decisions I disagreed with. I don't want my opinions to overpower that too much.

Basically, where things happen, such as the death of Late Models as headline class, the birth of Dirt Modifieds, the end of what was once Barkhimer's huge racing empire, the whole Merced-Chowchilla thing and other things, I will attempt to stick with the facts as I know them and try to leave my opinions out as much as possible.

What this book needs to be is a celebration of racing at my area tracks, Watsonville, Antioch, Merced, Petaluma and Chowchilla. A look at the past 30-40 years at these tracks. A look over at San Jose and Vallejo and also Spec Sprints. There has been much good associated with these tracks. Many good times. Many good people. Many unforgetable memories. I want to focus on that. I want to celebrate the sport the way it deserves. So, that is my goal at this time.

Now, could a book be fortcoming where I do get more into details and opinions? Lord knows I've been there and I've seen quite a bit. I'm sure I could piss off a few people with such a book. Maybe it will get written in time. But, I do have this blog if I feel the need to go to controversial places on occasion. I just want the book that is fortcoming to be about a celebration of the tradition of racing in my area.