Saturday, July 20, 2013

Looking Back At The Mike Cecil 100

The Street Stock 100 lap race at Watsonville ran throughout most of the 1980's (it was a 50 lapper in 1987) and into the 1990's with various sponsors on the title of the race. This was the only regular 100 lap race for the Street Stock division in California. In 1995, track champion Mike Cecil scored his first of two consecutive wins in the race.

The son of Watsonville Speedway Hall Of Famer Jerry Cecil, Mike Cecil was one of the more popular and respected competitors among his peers. He loved to race and particularly enjoyed the special long distance events. In 1997, Mike lost his battle with Cancer. The following year, the track named the special 100 lap race in his honor as the Mike Cecil 100. When the track dropped Street Stocks from the program in 2006, the Dirt Modifieds competed in the special event, which has also been run as a 50 lapper.

Street Stock 100 Lap Winners

1984 Kim Beard
1985 Ken Morgan
1986 Todd Souza
1987 Lloyd Antonetti Jr. *
1988 Darryl Shirk
1989 Mike Brumit
1990 Bobby Large
1991 Kurt Slama
1992 Ron Parker
1993 Darrell Hughes
1994 Joe Antonetti
1995 Mike Cecil
1996 Mike Cecil
1997 Ralph Sampson

Mike Cecil Memorial Winners

1998 David Soito Jr.
1999 Tim Clark Sr.
2000 Dennis Pelphrey
2001 Steve Ewbank
2002 Dennis Pelphrey
2003 Mark Cooper
2004 Dennis Pelphrey
2005 Mark Cooper
2006 Bobby Hogge IV *
2007 Bobby Hogge IV
2008 Bobby Hogge IV
2009 Jim Pettit II