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Eliason, DeCarlo Win At Watsonville, Forsberg, Cooper Win At Chico

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Note: stories are based on live scoring and  are unofficial, subject to computer error and official's decisions.
Eliason, DeCarlo, Frost Share Ocean Speedway Spotlight

Watsonville, CA...April 28...Cory Eliason won a good three car battle for the victory in the 30 lap Taco Bravo Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway.  Trophy Dash winner Geoff Ensign set the early pace ahead of Shane Golobic and Kurt Nelson.  Eliason moved into third on lap ten, and a lap 3 yellow flag slowed the pace.  Ensign continued to lead the way when the green flag waved, but Golobic and Eliason made it a close three car battle up front.  Eliason gained second on  lap 20 and proceeded to battle side by side with Ensign for the lead.  On lap 25, Eliason beat Ensign back to the line for first.  Golobic took second briefly on lap 27, but Ensign regained the spot a lap later.  Eliason won a hard fought battle for the victory with Ensign settling for second.  Justin Sanders made a late move for third as Golobic, Nelson, Mathew Moles, Cole Macedo Jerry Bonnema, Dustin Golobic and Jeremy Chisum completed the Top 10 at the checkered flag.  Sanders, Bonnema and Macedo were heat race winners.

Nick DeCarlo scored an impressive victory in the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event.  DeCarlo led the first three laps through three yellow flags.  DeCarlo led Cody Burke and Alex Wilson on lap four restart.  Reigning champion Bobby Hogge IV took third from Wilson on lap seven.  A lap 18 yellow flag gave Burke and Hogge a shot at DeCarlo, but two time Petaluma champion DeCarlo stayed cool and scored the victory.  Burke held off Hogge for second as A. Wilson and brother Kyle Wilson  rounded out the top five.  Danny Wagner was sixth, followed by Bill Egleston, Joe Antonetti, Raymond Keldsen Jr. and Tim Yaeger.  Hogge and Burke won eight lap heat races.

Adrian Frost won a good battle for the IMCA Sport Modified Main Event victory.  Heat race winner Shane DeVolder set the early pace ahead of Frost and Mark Hartman.  The first yellow flag flew on lap seven, and DeVolder led Frost on the restart with Matt Hagio grabbing third.  Hagio slipped past Frost for second on lap 10, and a lap 12 caution flag bunched them up again.  Hagio found himself in the lead on the restart as a lap 13 caution flag flew for DeVolder.  Frost surprised Hagio  by taking the lead on the restart.  Once Frost gained the lead, the two time Mini Stock champion drove a flawless race and scored the well earned victory ahead of Hagio.  Matt Sotomayor was a solid third ahead of DeVolder, Bobby Huckaby, Bill Robertson, Hartman, Duane Beiser, John Ferro and Charlie Hunter.  Hagio won the other eight lap heat race.

Bobby Huckaby won the 20 lap American Stock Main Event.  J.C. Elrod set the early pace over Katie Briggs.  Huckaby took second from Briggs on lap two, and Devon Sanders crashed for a lap three red flag.  Elrod continued to lead Huckaby and Nick Silva on the restart.  Huckaby put the moves on Elrod for the lead on lap eight.  Silva pressured Elrod for second until making the pass on lap 12.  Mired at the back for the first half of the race, reigning champion Rob Gallaher moved into fifth on lap 14.  Gallaher took fourth from Tony Oliveira on lap 15 and was third a lap later.  Huckaby drove a great race and brought it home to victory ahead of Silva, Gallaher, Terry Campion, John Ferrell, Elrod, Briggs, Oliveira and Sanders.  Silva and Campion won eight lap heat races.

Shawn Jones won the 20 lap SBDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  Ryan Diatte led early over Marty Weisler and Ryan Winter.  A lap six caution flag slowed the pace.  R. Diatte continued to lead Weisler on the restart as S. Jones gained third.  S. Jones was in second two laps later as Weisler held third.  A lap 12 yellow flag bunched the field again.  R. Diatte continued to lead S. Jones on the restart.  S. Jones was pressuring him hard until making his winning pass on lap 16.  S. Jones maintained a good pace and collected the victory.  R. Diatte settled for second ahead of Winter, Weisler, Cameron Diatte, Gene Pires, Kyle Jones, Scott Dahlgren, Bill Belfield and Doug Penny.   Winter and S. Jones were the eight lap heat race winners.

Kelly Campanile won both the Mini Stock heat race and 20 lap Main Event.  The talented second generation racer dominated the race.  Campanile led from the start ahead of reigning champion D.J. Keldsen and Paul Laoretti.  The top three never changed as Campanile steadily pulled away.  By lap 14, Campanile lapped sixth place Bill Beardsley, and she lapped fifth place Nicole Beardsley two laps later.  Campanile won by a half lap ahead of D.J. Keldsen with Laoretti third.  Cody Keldsen was fourth ahead of Nicole Beardsley. B. Beardsley, Kate Beardsley and Brian Bigiogni.

Race Results
Taco Bravo Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Justin Sanders, Cory Eliason, Brad Furr.  Heat 2-Jerry Bonnema, Kurt Nelson, Shane Golobic.  Heat 3-Cole Macedo, Dustin Golobic, Mathew Moles.  Dash-Geoff Ensign, S. Golobic, Eliason.  Main Event-Eliason, Ensign, Sanders, S. Golobic, Nelson, Moles, Macedo, Bonnema, Golobic, Jeremy Chisum.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Bobby Hogge IV, Nick DeCarlo, Raymond Keldsen Jr.  Heat 2-Cody Burke, Danny Wagner, Joe Antonetti.  Main Event-DeCarlo, Burke, Hogge, Alex Wilson, Kyle Wilson, Wagner, Bill Egelston, Antonetti, Keldsen, Tim Yaeger.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Matt Hagio, Andriane Frost, Mark Hartman.  Heat 2-Shane DeVolder, Matt Sotomayor, Duane Beiser.  Main Event-Frost, Hagio, Sotomayor, DeVolder, Bobby Huckaby, Bill Robertson, Hartman, Beiser, John Ferro, Charlie Hunter.

SBDCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Ryan Winter, Kyle Jones, Mark Biscardi.  Heat 2-Shawn Jones, Gene Pires, Marty Weisler.  Main Event-S. Jones, Ryan Diatte, Winter, Weisler, Cameron Diatte, Pires, K. Jones, Scott Dahlgren, Bill Belfield, Doug Penny.

American Stocks
Heat 1-Nick Silva, Tony Oliveira, Bobby Huckaby.  Heat 2-Terry Campion, John Ferrell, Devon Sanders.  Main Event-Huckaby, Silva, Rob Gallaher, Campion, Ferrell, J.C. Elrod, Katie Briggs, Oliveira, Sanders.
Mini Stocks
Heat-Kelly Campanile, D.J. Keldsen, Paul Laoretti.  Main Event-Campanile, D.J. Keldsen, Laoretti, Cody Keldsen, Nicole Beardsley, Bill Beardsley, Kate Beadsley, Brian Bigiogni, Ray Bunn (DNS).

Forsberg, Cooper, Schank, Marino Win 
At Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA...April 28...Andy Forsberg won his second straight 30 lap 410 Sprint Car Main Event at Silver Dollar Speedway Friday night.  The nine time Civil War Series champion set the early Main Event pace ahead of D.J. Netto and Chase Majdic.  Netto surprised Foreberg with a pass for the lead on a lap three restart, but a lap five restart gave Forsberg his opportunity to return the favor.  Forsberg took the lead from Netto on the lap six restart.  Reigning champion Sean Becker slipped into fifth on lap 10.  Becker took third from Michael Ing on a lap 16 restart.  Forsberg led through each of the restarts and ran a smooth race for the well earned victory.  Netto settled for second ahead of Becker, reigning King Of The West Series champion, Kyle Hirst, Dominic Scelzi, Kalib Henry, Majdic, Brad Bumgarner, Michael Kofoid and Braedon Enos.  Henry and Forsberg were eight lap heat race winners.

Reigning IMCA Sport Modified State champion Brian Cooper captured the 20 lap Main Event victory.  David Pierce set the early Main Event pace.  Phillip Shelby grabbed second on lap three and took the lead from Pierce a lap later.  Cooper was second on lap five before a yellow flag flew.  Shelby led B. Cooper on the restart, but Cooper took the point on lap seven.  Mark Abouzeid was up to third, and the race had two yellow flag slowdowns by the midway point.  Cooper led Shelby and Abouzeid on a lap 16 restart.  B. Cooper went on to victory, just ahead of Shelby.  Abouzeid finished third, followed by Tyler Rodgers, Justin Foux, Sean Halterman, Zach Potts, Clinton Earl, Pierce and Todd Cooper.  Rodgers and T. Cooper were eight lap heat race winners.

Past champion Terry Schank Jr. won both the eight lap heat race and 20 lap Main Event for the Wingless Spec Sprints.  Schank led from the start ahead of Tony Richards and double division racer Michael Kofoid.  Even a yellow flag five laps from the finish could not deter Schank.  On the restart, Schank continued to hold command, and he brought it home to victory ahead of Richards.  Casey McClain took third from Kofoid on the lap 16 restart and finished there.  Kofoid settled for fourth ahead of Jeremy Wilson, Craig Swim, Don Emery, reigning champion Angelique Bell and David Johnson.  Schank also won the heat race.

Past champion Phil Marino won the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event.  Marino led from the start with Corey Hall an early second.  Petaluma star Mitch Machado moved into second on lap two.  Todd Hemman took third from Hall on lap eight, but his run in the top three ended on lap 14 as Hall was back in third ahead of Gary Newman and Danny Dozier.  Marino led the lap 15 restart and was not to be denied as he won ahead of Machado, Hall, Newman, Dozier, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Hemman, Brent Lawrence and Mike Slingtom.  Lawrence won the eight lap heat race.

James West appeared to be the surprise winner of the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event, only to lose that win in post race tech to Shannon Collins.  Reigning three time champion Brian Compton was the early leader ahead of Nick Vidovich.  Heat winner Kyle Allen took second from Vidovich on lap six with West following into third.  Allen surprised Compton by grabbing the lead on a lap nine restart, but Compton moved by on lap ten.  A lap 16 yellow flag shook things up as Compton and Allen tangled in their battle for the lead.  West gained the lead ahead of Collins and Vidovich.  West led the rest of the way to take the checkered flag, but his post race disqualification gave the win to Collins ahead of Vidovich, Allen, Compton, Darren Ballentine and Colin Ferguson.

Race Results
410 Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Kalib Henry,  D.J. Netto, Chase Majdik.  Heat 2-Andy Forsberg, Michael Ing, Michael Kofoid.  Main Event-Forsberg, Netto, Sean Becker, Kyle Hirst, Dominic Scelzi, Henry, Majdic, Brad Bumgarner, Kofoid, Braedon Enos.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Tyler Rodgers, Brian Cooper, Phillip Shelby.  Heat 2-Todd Cooper, Clinton Earl, Justin Foux.  Main Event-B. Cooper, Shelby, Mark Abouzeid, Rodgers, Foux, Sean Halterman, Zach Potts, Earl, Pierce, Todd Cooper.

Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1-Terry Schank Jr., Tony Richards, Michael Kofoid.  Main Event-Schank, Richards, Casey McClain, Kofoid, Jeremy Wilson, Craig Swim, Don Emery, Angelique Bell, David Johnson.

Street Stocks
Heat 1-Brent Lawrence, Danny Dozier, Gary Newman.  Heat 2-Mitch Machado, Corey Hall, Phil Marino.  Main Event-Marino, Machado, Hall, Newman, Dozier, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Todd Hemman, Lawrence, Mike Slingron.

Hobby Stocks
Heat 1-Kyle Allen, Brian Compton, Nick Vidovich.  Main Event-Shannon Collins, Vidovich, Allen, Compton, Darren Ballentine, Colin Ferguson, James West (DQ).


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Antioch Speedway, Merced Speedway, Orland Raceway Previews

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North State Modified Series at All American Speedway in Roseville can be read HERE

Bako Motorsports Power Hour Coverage Of Bakersfield Speedway can be viewed HERE 

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Late Models, Wingless Spec Sprints Roar Into 
Antioch Speedway Saturday Night

Antioch, CA...Coming off of a wild and exciting race last week, there's a full slate of All Star Series racing scheduled for this Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  The DIRTcar Late Models kick off their track and West Region point seasons this week, and the Wingless Spec Sprints begin their 19th season of racing at the track.  Also on the card this week will be the A Modifieds, B Modifieds and Hobby Stocks.

The two names who have battled for supremacy at the top of the DIRTcar Late Model point ladder at Antioch Speedway in recent seasons are Richard Papenhausen and Jeff Decker.  You won't find a Late Model driver with more wins in the last 30 races at Antioch Speedway than Papenhausen, who enters the season as the reigning Antioch and West Region champion.  Those two championship honors belonged to Decker in 2015, and Decker has two Antioch championships along with multiple championships at both Petaluma and Watsonville.

Antioch is the only full Late Model program in Northern California, and beating Papenhausen and Decker means you truly earned the victory.  After back to back Top 10 seasons, past Dirt Modified champion Rob Norris is looking to take a step into the Top 5, and this battle could be very competitive.  He'll have to contend with past Top 5 driver David Newquist, last season's "Rookie Of The Year" Mike Hynes, and the man who finished third last year, Dennis Souza.  Top 10 competitor Chester Kniss is confirmed for this race as well.  Kimo Oreta will be running for top rookie honors this year in the Sun Drop Racing Team #03 car.  These are just some of the stars of Late Model racing that will be in Antioch this week.

When Don O'Keefe Jr. led the effort for John M. Soares to start the Wingless Spec Sprint class in August of 1998, there were people who thought the idea of a wingless, self starting, 360 cast iron motor Sprint Car class wouldn't fly.  The class never had less than 12 cars that first year, and now it enters it's 19th season in Antioch.  Jim Perry Jr., Rick Panfili and Dan Gonderman were three racers on that roster back then.  Perry has since won more races than anybody in division history at the track and is coming off of his second track championship.  Panfili was Top 5 in points once again last season, and after several second place finishes, the popular local competitor has his first win in his sights.

Gonderman has won two championships, but he's stepping out of the car to get the third generation of his family into the division.  She's Abigail Gonderman, and she competed for a few seasons in the old Four Banger division.  While Abigail joins past track official Josh Floyd on the list of rookies, Marcus Smith enters his third season in Spec Sprints.  He hasn't finished below second in points and lost a heart breaker last season thanks to a blown motor at the second to last race.  Alan Miranda is hoping to get his first win this season and has come close on several occasions.  With James East, Shannon Newton, Brandon Burd, ageless veteran Roy Fisher and Boy Moniz on the list, this should be a great night of racing. They will see Moniz coming this time after the Hawaii native won the season finale in his first start at the track last year.

Two drivers shot out of the gate like a cannon ball last week in the A Modified division.  Five time champion Scott Busby was looking for his Antioch leading 65th career feature win in the division and 71st overall, but he had to battle long time competitor Mike Salazar.  A Top 3 ranked driver in the past, Salazar has been through his share of adversity, but he's always bounced back with a great attitude.  Salazar seemed to be on his way to a victory last week, but he and Busby tangled in Turns 3 and 4 late in the race as a yellow flag flew for another car. Initially, Salazar was awarded the win, but it was later determined that his car would not be able to continue with the blown motor he suffered.  Busby made it back to the line for the yellow and was eventually declared the winner.  If he gets one more win, which seems likely, Busby will tie J..D. Willis as the all time feature win leader at Antioch Speedway.

You also can not forget Bobby Motts Jr.  Motts quietly creeped to a second place finish last week, and the 2015 championship runnerup is not to be counted out.  In his Street Stock career, Motts racked up over 20 wins and a track championship at Antioch.  Eric Berendsen had a good run going last week, but his rear end broke to end a possible Top 3 finish for the rookie and brother of two time champion  Carl Berendsen II.  Two time Top 3 competitor Sean O'Gara, John MacDougall and Trent Wentworth are other drivers to watch for this week.

There are a few eager racers hungry to dethrone reigning B Modified champion Trevor Clymens.  Clymens had an eventful Main Event last week that saw him spin early before coming all the way back to the front for an impressive victory.  Mark Garner was riding along in the lead when his night ended on the tow truck hook, but rookie Guy Ahlwardt and K.C. Keller were there to make it a good battle for the lead.  Keller is hoping to make a move on the championship this season, and his second place finish last week still earned him good points in that quest.  Ahlwardt might not be a regular, but he will be fast when he's there.  Hard chargers like Randy Brown and brother Kevin Brown, Chuck Golden and Doff Cooksey will make this an exciting show for the B Modifieds this week.

Michael Cooper has the experience and the capability to be the Hobby Stock champion.  Last week, Cooper held off 2010 champion Chris Sorensen and Chris Long to win his second career Main Event.  Sorensen has a B Modified that isn't ready, and he enjoys racing his Hobby Stock.  Long has been racing Hobby Stocks for years in a black #99 car that pays tribute to his Figure 8 hero, Brian Holden.  Long won the New Years Bash on January 1st, and all three of these drivers have what it takes to be champion at Antioch Speedway.

The Hobby Stocks are blessed with a nice group of rookies, and that helped make a 17 car field last week.  Brent Curran showed that he can wheel his Hobby Stock just as well as he could his Mini Stock.  The 2014 Four Banger champion finished fourth last week, while Chris Bennett piloted his Bob Hansen Tribute Hobby Stock from the back to a fifth place finish.  Frank Furtado retired his old #81 car, but he had the former Mitchell Locicero car last week with a new number and paint job.  He should be back this week along with Cameron Swank, Anthony Vigna, Joey Ridgeway, two time Top 3 racer Jordan Swank and Lori Brown in her Kimberly Myers Tribute Car.

The All Star Series lineup this week is stacked from top to bottom.  DIRTcar Late Models, Wingless Spec Sprints, A Modifieds, B Modifieds and Hobby Stocks make this a show you won't want to miss.  For further information, go to

IMCA Modifieds, Ted Stofle Classic Qualifier Part Of 
Merced Speedway Lineup Saturday Night

Merced, CA...On the heels of last week's exciting BCRA Midget race, Merced Speedway returns to action this Saturday night with an exciting five division show.  The Hobby Stocks have been added to the program, and the Top 4 finishers will earn starting spots in the May 6th Ted Stofle Classic.  IMCA Modifieds are back after a week off, and the IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks and Mini Late Models are also part of the show.

Reigning champion Randy Brown leads the IMCA Modified field back to Merced this week.  During the week off, Brown headed back to Ocean Speedway, where he won back in September.  He was in contention again before problems derailed his effort.  Brown was third in the All Star Series race two weeks ago at Merced, and he still seems to be the driver to beat in the championship battle.  However, the season is just getting started, and there are some drivers who might disagree with that assessment.

Tim Cecil, Ryan Porter, Chris Shannon and past Hanford champion Mike Villaneuva were the only other locals that made the star studded Main Event.  After his win in this big race last year, multi time champion Ramie Stone was hoping to repeat his success, but he had problems in the B Main and didn't finish.  Porter and R. Stone are two drivers who could give Brown a run for the money this week.  While it won't be the 48 car field we saw two weeks ago, a field of 14-18 competitors seems likely this week.  Bruce "Bubba'" Nelson is hoping to back up his recent Chowchilla win with a Merced victory after the two time Hobby Stock champion also missed the big All Star Series Main Event.  Other stars to watch for include Ryan Larimer, Ricky Thatcher, past champion Bill Egleston, Derek Nance, D.J. Shannon and Jeff Streeter.

Four Hobby Stock competitors are already locked into the Ted Stofle Classic on May 6th.  This includes Garrett Corn, who won the most recent Main Event ahead of Micheal Shearer, Shannon Nelson and past champion Marc Key.  Corn was rebounding from a DNF at the opener.  Shannon Nelson was a Main Event winner in 2015.  When she returned late last season and spun out while running fourth, she was just a bit upset with herself.  Her heat win and third place finish last week shows that she's back in winning form again.  This follows her Top 5 finish at the opener.

Chances are good that there could be enough cars to have a B Main at the Ted Stofle Classic, and nobody wants to be stuck in that race at the risk of missing the big feature.  Two drivers to watch this week are Chowchilla residents Kodie Dean and Austin Van Hoff.  Dean won the season opener and had a second place finish recently in Chowchilla.  Van Hoff has won multiple Main Events at Merced, and he finished sixth behind Dean last week.  2015 champion Kevin Joaquin hasn't had a good start so far, and he'll be looking to rebound this week.  Robbie Loquaci, Darren Miguel, Tony Peffer, Jerry Tubbs and Mike Stockton are other drivers to watch this week.

Shifting gears to the IMCA Sport Modified division.  With a pair of Top 3 finishes going into last week, 2015 IMCA State champion Fred Ryland held a slim one point lead over Jeremy Hoff, who also had two Top 5 finishes.  Like Ryland, Hoff is a past Antioch Speedway Sport Mod champion.  The race is still close with Ryland leading after Ryland was third and Hoff finished fifth last week.  Rick Diaz appears to have stepped out of the championship picture after missing the latest race. Of course, whether he's in the point battle or not, Diaz is a threat to win any time he's there.

The stars last week were third generation racer T.J. Etchison and second generation racer Chris Falkenberg.  Falkenberg led several laps, but the past Chowchilla Hobby Stock champion was passed by Etchison and would settle for second.  What's interesting is the fact that we have three different winners in three races as Diaz and Chuck Weir are the other two winners.  Weir settled for tenth last week, which keeps him atop the rookie leader board.  It should be a competitive field this week, and other drivers to watch for include brothers Chase and Tanner Thomas, Paul Espino, Tim Elias, Dwayne Short and Jarred Tickel, who finished fourth last week.

Everybody knows the Keldsen family at Ocean Speedway.  They've been racing and winning there for almost five decades now.  The latest member of the family to go racing is D.J. Keldsen, and he's the 2016 Mini Stock champion at Watsonville.  It appears as if Watsonville isn't enough for D.J., who has won both Main Events in Merced.  Another strange occurrence is the fact that the top Corder in Mini Stocks right now is Jennifer Corder, who recently won the Main Event at Chowchilla.  Brother Chris Corder, who has won a championship in each of his last three seasons, took a nasty tumble in his #48 Mini Stock at Chowchilla that day.  Both Corders have two Top 5 finishes, and they are within six points of Keldsen.

If the Corder Racing Team is looking to get a win, you also can't count out second generation racer Lucy Falkenberg, who sits fourth in the standings after two races.  If D.J. is racing, we might be seeing his brother Cody Keldsen, who made his debut in second at the recent Chowchilla race.  Third ranked 2016 competitor Destiny Carter is expected this week as part of Corder Racing.  Jason Womak and Paul Laoretti are among the others to watch for this week.

With the rain claiming their first race, the Mini Late Models headed to Dixon recently.  Timmy Vaught went on record as the first Mini Late Model winner in California by sweeping the heat, Main Event and Trophy Dash ahead off Timmy Crews.  These two are anticipated this week along with Riley Jeppesen and Ian Shearer.  Michael Shearer is the California Sharp Mini Late Model dealer, and he's hoping to build up a presence in Merced.  At Dixon, Kart star Brody "The Bully" Armtrout drove the Jeppesen car to a third in the Main Event.  It will be interesting to see how this division progresses and who the next new driver will be.

Saturday night will be a great night of racing at Merced Speedway with IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks and Mini Late Models.  For further information, go to

Wingless Spec Sprints Kick Off 2017 Season 
At Antioch Speedway

Antioch, CA...The All Star Series Wingless Spec Sprint division begins their 2017 season at Antioch Speedway this Saturday night.  This will be their 19th season at the track that started the division.  It began when Promoter John M. Soares consulted with Don O'Keefe Jr. to get the ball rolling.  O'Keefe drafted the rules in late August of 1998 and even gave the division its SPEC name.  SPEC, by the way, stands for Spec Parts Economy Class, which was the concept behind this division.  It's Sprint Cars for the working class.  O'Keefe was pretty much the guiding hand behind the scenes who kept this class on the right path in the beginning.

You take the plethora of Sprint Car chassis that are out there as the top 360 Sprint Car teams get new cars.  Put a cast iron 360 motor in it with a two barrel carburetor to keep the costs down, and the cars are competitive.  They were made self starting as a means to get the show going quickly.  The first season saw no less than 12 cars compete.  The next season saw the first B Mains.  The first 30 plus car field was achieved in 2001.  As time went on, several other tracks started classes of their own, and people who might never have gone Sprint Car racing otherwise got their starts.

Three teams who were a part of the first roster in 1999 still compete at Antioch Speedway.  Nobody has more Main Event wins in the history of the class at Antioch than reigning champion Jim Perry Jr.  Budget racer Rick Panfili is coming off of another Top 5 point season.  After several second place finishes in the past two seasons, he's looking to get his first win.  The Gonderman Racing Team is back again this year.  Two time champion Dan Gonderman has stepped out of the driver's seat to allow his daughter Abigail to make her division debut.  Abigail is the third generation of her family to race.  She has prior Four Banger experience, and her grandfather Ken Gonderman is the 1970 Sportsman champion at Antioch.  He continues to pit for his son and grand daughter.

Perry is the driver to beat, and his own son, Jimmy Perry III, provides him some tough competition.  Only Jim Jr. and two time champion Darrell Hanestad have more Antioch wins, and Perry III is also a past champion.  On the cusp of a championship is Marcus Smith.  Smith nearly won a championship in BCRA Midget Lites before back to back runnerup seasons in Spec Sprints.   If not for a blown motor in the September race last season, Smith might have been able to beat Perry Jr. for the championship.

Ageless veteran Roy Fisher is another driver to contend with.  Fisher comes from a motorcycle racing background.  When he got into Spec Sprint racing in the third season of the class, he was already making a name for himself for his charges from the back of the pack to frequent Top 5 finishes.  Even a horrific crash on the front straightaway about a decade ago couldn't keep him down.  After recovering from his injuries, Fisher was back on the track and winning races again.

The roster is filled with talented racers, including Chowchilla champion Brandon Burd, Shannon Newton, Jack Clark, James East, Alan Miranda, Adam Teves, rookie Josh Floyd, Boy Moniz and NFL Alumnus Jeremy Newberry.  Burd is coming off a fifth place season, while Newton had two second place finishes as he's knocks on the door to victory.  Alan Miranda also had a second place finish and has a new motor ready to go this year.  Newberry isn't just a great offensive lineman and NFL analyst, but a feature winner last season.  Floyd is competing in the old Jimmy Lavell car.  An NCMA pavement champion, Lavell passed away not long ago, and Floyd is keeping the paint job in his memory.  Speaking of paint jobs, 2016 "Rookie Of The Year" Adam Teves competes in the Lloyd Beard Special, owned by Cameron Beard and Dana Craig.

The list of champions has four drivers with two titles each, Perry Jr., D. Gonderman, Hanestad and Billy Macedo, and Perry could just rise above the others as a three time champion this year if he makes that his goal.  He's been racing since his Super Modified days at Vallejo Speedway in the 1970's and carries the experience advantage and lots of knowledge as an engine builder.  However, winning this championship won't be easy for whomever grabs the glory.

The ten race All Star Series Wingless Spec Sprint season kicks off this Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  Who will grab the glory this week?  For further Spec Sprint news and other information on the happenings at the track, go to

2016 Antioch Speedway All Star Series
Wingless Spec Sprint Top 10 Points

Jim Perry Jr. 624
Marcus Smith 554
Roy Fisher 548
Rick Panfili 534
Brandon Burd 468
Shannon Newton 354
Dan Gonderman 290
Jack Clark 286
Adam Teves 251
James East 244

2017 Antioch Speedway
Wingless Spec Sprint Schedule

April 29
May 6
May 20
July 8
July 15
July 22
July 29
August 12
August 26
September 23

Past Antioch Speedway
Wingless Spec Sprint Champions

1988-Mike Johnson *
1989-Scott Holloway *
1997-Stan Cargo *
1998-Scott Holloway *
1999-Dan Gonderman
2000-Travis Berryhill
2001-Terry Tarditi
2002-Darrell Hanestad
2003-Darrell Hanestad
2004-Bob Newberry
2005-Scot Merrell
2006-Jimmy Perry III
2007-Jim Perry Jr.
2008-Billy Macedo
2009-Billy Aton
2010-Tommy LaLiberte
2011-Dan Gonderman
2012-D.J. Johnson
2013-Gary Nelson Jr.
2014-Billy Macedo
2015-Kyle Bakkie
2016-Jim Perry Jr.
* NCMA Antioch

Previous 30 Feature Winners
September 24, 2016:  Boy Moniz
September 3, 2016:  Jim Perry Jr.
August 27, 2016:  Jim Perry Jr.
August 13, 2016:  Marcus Smith
July 23, 2016:  Dan Gonderman
July, 16, 2016:  Marcus Smith
July 9, 2016:  Roy Fisher
June 25, 2016:  Jeremy Newberry
June 18, 2016::  Jim Perry Jr.
June 11, 2016: Jason McIntosh
May 15, 2016: Jim Perry Jr.
May 2, 2016: Marcus Smith
April 16, 2016: Dan Gonderman
September 19, 2015: Billy Macedo
August 29, 2015: Kyle Bakkie
August 15, 2015: Billy Macedo
August 1, 2015: Jimmy Perry III
July 5, 2015: Jeff Lee
June 20, 2015: James East
June 6, 2915: Jimmy Perry III
May 17, 2015: Kyle Bakkie
April 26, 2015: Jimmy Perry III
April 19, 2015: Kyle Bakkie
April 12, 2015: Roy Fisher
March 21, 2015: Kyke Bakkie
March 14, 2015: Roy Fisher
March 7, 2015: Jeff Lee
September 13, 2014: Billy Macedo
August 2, 2014: Bob Newberry
July 26 2014: Jeff Banbury

DIRTcar Late Models Are Back At Antioch Speedway

Antioch, CA...The DIRTcar Late Models have just one place in California offering a championship season, and that's Antioch Speedway.  For the past two seasons, the driver who won the track championship also claimed the West Region championship prize money.  This will be the fourth consecutive point season for this division at the three-eighth mile clay oval.  The Late Model lineage in Antioch traces back to Early Model Stock Cars in 1967.  Promoter John M. Soares has worked to reestablish this class, and it's doing better than any of the other full Late Model offerings in the state.

The two drivers you have to beat to get a win these days are Richard Papenhausen and Jeff Decker.  If it's Late Models, you usually find these two drivers in the pits.  Both are two time Antioch champions, and Papenhausen is the reigning track and Region champion.  Decker has notched several more championships between Watsonville and Petaluma in the last 15 or so years.  Both drivers have such a love for racing that you will occasionally see them bring both Late Models and A Modifieds to the track.

You will occasionally see three other champions at the speedway, and not surprisingly, they all have Modifieds as well.  Last season, Bobby Hogge IV, Andy Obertello and Troy Foulger all won Late Model Main Events, and Hogge won two.  In fact, the talented third generation racer Hogge is approaching the top on the All Time Win list at Antioch Speedway.  Hogge and his Late Model championship winning father have won over 100 Main Events just at Antioch, making them the most successful father-son duo in track history.  Obertello boasts an Antioch Late Model championship among his racing accomplishments,  With four consecutive A Modified championships at Antioch in the Bowers Racing Modified, Foulger has also done pretty well for himself.

You aren't going to find many drivers who are more committed to supporting Late Models at Antioch then Dennis Souza.  Through consistency, Souza managed to beat "Rookie Of The Year" Mike Hynes for third in the standings last season.  These two are both anticipated for the opener along with Hynes' teammate, David Newquist.  Newquist let Hynes drive his second car a few times in 2015 while Hynes was preparing his own ride for last season.  Newquist is a two time Top 5 competitor at Antioch.  David took some time off last season after getting married, but he's ready to get back behind the wheel again.

Another racer who has been competing at Antioch for over 15 years is Rob Norris.  Norris won a Modified championship prior to purchasing the Shawn DeForest car for his move into Late Models.  Norris has two Top 10 seasons, but he's primed and ready to battle for a Top 5 position and some wins this season.  As for DeForest, who is a long time Late Model competitor with wins in Late Models and A Modifieds, you're likely to see him behind the wheel of a car this season, possibly on opening day.

When we talk potential winners, we should include Chester Kniss.  Kniss has won Modified and Limited Late Model features in his career and is another driver with multiple Top 10 seasons in Late Models.  Chet is knocking on the door to his first career Late Model win, and it could just happen this season.  Another fast competitor to watch for is Danny Malfatti, who ranked third in points in 2015.  Two time Petaluma Late Model champion Paul Guglielmoni and teammate Terry Kuntz may show up from time to time.  Guglielmoni won one of the most exciting races that the division had during the 2015 season.

Kimo Oreta is a three time Hobby Stock champion with more Antioch wins in that division than anybody.  He was "Rookie Of The Year" with a win in the Limited Late Model finale last year.  Now, he pilots the Sun Drop Racing Team #03 car with his sights set on another "Rookie Of The Year" award.  Oreta was taken under the wing of the late Larry Damitz in recent years as the many time champion saw something special in him.  Oreta will do Damitz proud in this car.

When the green flag flies on the Late Model race this Saturday night at Antioch Speedway, it's sure to be an exciting show.  For more information on this and other speedway happenings, go to

2016 Antioch Speedway
DIRTcar Late Model Top 10
Richard Papenhausen 512
Jeff Decker 440
Dennis Souza 368
Mike Hynes 305
Troy Foulger 262
Andy Obertello 244
Rob Norris 242
Chester Kniss 182
Shawn DeForest 174
Terry Kuntz 170

Antioch Speedway
DIRTcar Late Model Schedule

April 29
May 13
June 24
July 1
July 15
July 22
August 12
September 9
September 16
September 30

Past Late Model Stock Car Champions
1967-Chuck Choate
1968-Wayne Price
1969-Rich Oagle
1970-J.D. Willis
1971-J.D. Willis
1972-Mitch West
1973-Richard Johnson
1974-Don Robbins
1975-Willie Myatt
1976-Chuck Dyer
1977-Richard Johnson
1978-Bob Meeker
1979-Dean Cline
1981-Bruce Curl Sr.
1982-Dave Byrd
1983-Dave Byrd
1984-J.D. Willis
1985-Bobby Hogge III
1986-Ed Sans Jr.
1987-Jim Pettit II
1988-Jim Pettit II
1989-Bobby Hogge III
1990-Jeff Silva
1991-Jim Pettit II
1992-Steve Hendren
1993-Steve Hendren
1994-No Points
1998-Ed Sans Jr.
2007-Jeff Decker
2008-Andy Obertello
2014-Richard Papenhausen
2015-Jeff Decker
2016-Richard Papenhausen

Previous 25 Late Model Feature Winners

October 24, 2016:  Bobby Hogge IV
October 10, 2016:  Richard Papenhausen
September 17, 2016:  Jeff Decker
August 13, 2016:  Richard Papenhausen
July 23, 2016  Andy Obertello
July 9, 2016:  Bobby Hogge IV
June 18, 2016:  Jeff Decker
April 30, 2016:  Clay Daly
April 16, 2016:  Richard Papenhausen
March 26, 2016:  Bobby Hogge IV
September 19, 2015:  Andy Obertello
August 22, 2015:  Jeff Decker
August 8, 2015: Richard Papenhausen
July 25, 2015:  Richard Papenhausen
July 11 2015:  Troy Foulger
June 27, 2015:  Bobby Hogge IV
June 20, 2015:  Richard Papenhausen
June 13, 2015:  Richard Papenhausen
May 11, 2015:  Richard Papenhausen
April 25, 2015:  Troy Foulger
April 11, 2015:  Paul Guglielmoni
March 21, 2015:  Richard Papenhausen
March 14, 2015:  Jeff Decker
January 2, 2015:  Richard Papenhausen
August 16, 2014:  Troy Foulger
July 26, 2014:  Bobby Hogge IV
July 19, 2014:  Bobby Hogge IV
June 14, 2014:  A.J. Kirkpatrick
May 10, 2014:  Richard Papenhausen
April 26, 2014: Jeff Decker
April 12, 2014:  Jeff Decker

Orland Raceway Opens For 2017 Season On Saturday

Orland, CA...Orland Raceway is returning for a new season of racing under the promotion of Rich Hood.  A long time Pure Stock competitor at the track, Hood stepped forward in 2016 to save the track after the previous management walked away.  Rich went local with his schedule, meaning the staple classes, Pure Stocks, Mini Stocks, Mini Trucks, Micro Sprints and the returning Wingless Gas Sprints were all scheduled for a 14 race season this year.  The one-fifth mile dirt oval is primed and ready for the season opener this Saturday night.  The five core divisions are all scheduled for this race.

There's lots of excitement in the air surrounding the Pure Stock division.  Over the past few seasons, this division has done the best with car count and has been very competitive.  Steve Martin is the reigning champion and a champion previous to that.  He can expect some tough competition from Jeremy Langenderfer and Shannon Collins, who finished second and third in the standings last season.  These Top 3 competitors will have a new threat to deal with in past Mini Truck champion Keith Ross.  Ross has a Pure Stock this season and has already been racing at other tracks.  Cody Bundy, Earl Adams and Amanda Koop are just a few of the other Pure Stock competitors to keep an eye on this season.

The longest continually active Mini Truck division in California is at Orland.  The heritage of this division stretches back to the 1990's.  Dan Webster has been a perennial title contender for the past several seasons, but he took it up a notch in winning last season's championship ahead of the consistent William Fogle.  Fogle has a feature win in his sites this season.  Another driver to watch is past champion Ross Vige, who won the championship at Hayfork Speedway last season.  Long time Orland competitor "Rollin" Olin Crane, Nate Skaggs and Brett Allinger are just some of the stars of the Mini Truck class.

In the Mini Stocks, it seems as if Tom Davis is the big star of the show, and he scored most of the feature wins last season.  He may be the driver to beat this year, but it was the consistent John Kirkpatrick who won his second championship last season.  Kirkpatrick has been racing at Orland longer than just about everybody else on the roster.  Another past champion, Robert Hunt, finished second in points last year, and he also managed to win a feature.  Another driver with wins last year was Donovan Chilton.  He may mix it up with Davis for wins this season.  Steve Speers, Barbara Crain and Seth Libbee are other drivers making this an exciting division to watch.

For a little over 15 years, the Wingless Sprint class has been a part of an exciting program of racing at Orland.  This goes back to the early days of Josh Jacobo winning multiple championships.  Tony Richards is another champion of the class.  The most recent champion was Bill Hopper, who managed to hold off Richards in 2015.  Some of the drivers to watch for include Ryan Owens, Josh Tucker, Greg Higgenbotham, Gerald Webber, Kenny Webber, Jeremy Wilson, Jacobo and Richards

Not to be forgotten in the mix are the 600cc and 250cc engine Micro Sprint classes, which were first introduced to the regular roster by promoter Mike McCann in 2013.  When you're talking 600 Micros at Orland, you have to mention the two biggest stars, Jeromie Chrismon and Skyler Richter. Both drivers, along with third ranked Tony Alosi, were feature winners last year, and Chrismon's championship margin over Richter was big due to Richter missing races. Fourth ranked Kyra Michelet was also a feature winner last year, and other drivers to watch for in 600's this season include Rick Gutzke, Dean Slinkard and Rick Alonso.

The 250 racers tried something different one night as they had a wingless race, won by Robert Baker. One of the big names on the roster is Jackie Whitson Jr., who won multiple Main Events but missed several races to finish fifth in the standings. Andrew Love was also a feature winner during the 2016 season and won his championship comfortably ahead of Dave McKinnon. McKinnon just barely held off Ronnie Heyer by 3 points for second, while Jess Garland was 12 points back in fourth.

The season kicks off this Saturday night with Pure Socks, Mini Trucks, Mini Stocks, 250 Micros, 600 Micros and the return of the Wingless Gas Sprints.  It all adds up to lots of excitement for Orland racing fans.  Gates open at 5PM with the first race starting at 7PM.  General Admission is #$8, Children 7-12 are $5 and Children 6 and under are free.  For further information, go to

2017 Schedule Notes

Orland runs pretty much every other week, but they do follow up the opener with a May 6th West Coast Enduro event.

One of the things the track is trying is running the 250 Micro Sprint division wingless for the first six races before running winged from July 29th on.

The return of the popular Kids Bike Race is set for June 3rd.

There are double points races set for July 1st and September 16th to shake things up.

September 16th is also billed as O'Reilly Auto Parts Fan Appreciation Night, which included a meet and greet with the racers before the races last season.

The Glenn County Fair Race on May 19th will be an action packed event with all of the for classes except Wingless Gas Sprints included and a Powder Puff RV Derby.  Management is considering a Figure 8 during the season but hasn't set the date yet.

The Schmitke Memorial Race For A Cure is back this year on August 12th.  It's an event to raise money to fight Cancer and honor a beloved member of the Orland community.  All of the track's regular classes, plus the California Hardtop Association, will be in action that night.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wild Night At Antioch Speedway, Corn, Elliott, Etchison Win At Merced, Plus Marysville

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The DCRR Racing Radio Show
Saturday Night Edition April 22

Friday Night Edition April 21

Wild Night Of Racing At Antioch Speedway

Kyle Offill #2k won his first career Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event in dominating fashion.  Photo by Paul Gould.

Antioch, CA...April 22...The first race of the All Star Series season at Antioch Speedway offered some wild moments Saturday night as some drivers struggled to make it through Turns 3 and 4 without spinning.  When it was all said and done, the feature wins went to Kyle Offill (Winged 360 Sprint Cars), Mike Salazar (A Modifieds), Trevor Clymens (B Modifieds), Michael Cooper (Hobby Stocks), Kevin Miraglio (Dwarf Cars) and Kimo Oreta (Bay Area Hardtops).

Kyle Offill won the 25 lap Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event in impressive fashion.  As one of the Top 3 racers with the BCRA Miget Lites last season, Kyle has moved up to the Winged Sprint Cars this year, and he did it in style.  After winning his heat race, Offill led all the way and was never really threatened in the Main Event.  Grants Pass, Oregon's Aaron Miller was holding off Marissa Polizzi throughout the first half of the race before he spun in Turns 3 and 4.  On the restart, second generation racer Burt Foland Jr. charged by Polizzi for second.  Offill was the happy winner ahead of Foland, Bryan Grier, Polizzi and Miller.

Mike Salazar #29 won the A Modified Main Event despite needing to be towed off the track at the end with a broken rear end.  Photo by Paul Gould. 

Mike Salazar was just excited about being at the opener, but the long time A Modified racer won a wild 20 lap feature.  Salazar and five time champion Scott Busby won their heat races, setting up a race long duel for the lead.  John MacDougall was holding the third spot before the tricky track conditions saw him spin.  Salazar led Busby on the restart.  As the race headed for the checkered flag, Busby and Salazar got together in Turns 3 and 4, and the race ended one lap early on a checkered and yellow flag combo.  The yellow was out for another car, and Salazar was awarded the victory as the leader when the yellow flag came out.  Busby finished second ahead of Bobby Motts Jr., Sean O'Gara and Lloyd Cline.

Trevor Clymens #2c came from the back of the pack to win the B Modified Main Event.  Photo by Paul Gould.

Reigning B Modified champion Trevor Clymens won a drama filled 20 lap Main Event.  Heat race winner Mark Garner led five laps before contact with another car left him with a broken rear end.  Clymens had to come from the back due to an early spin as heat race winner Guy Ahlwardt assumed the lead over K.C. Keller.  The rookie Ahlwardt spun in Turns 3 and 4, putting Keller into the lead over Clymens.  However, Clymens pressured Keller until making the pass for the lead with two laps to go.  Clymens won the race ahead of Keller, Ahlwardt, Duff Cooksey and Chuck Golden.

Michael Cooper #57 won a close battle for the victory in the Hobby Stock Main Event.  Photo by Paul Gould.

Michael Cooper impressed with his 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event victory.  The second half of the race saw Cooper leading New Year's Bash winner Chris Long and 2010 champion Chris Sorensen in a close battle.  Sorensen managed to get by Long for second.  However, he was unable to make the next pass.  Cooper scored the well earned victory ahead of Sorensen, Long, past Antioch Mini Stock champion Brent Curran and rookie Chris Bennett.  The class ran three six lap heat races, and wins were recorded by Cameron Swank, Joey Ridgeway and Long. 

Reiging Dwarf Car champion Kevin Miraglio #40 won a photo finish for the Dwarf Car Main Event win.  Photo by Paul Gould.

Kevin Miraglio thrilled the crowd with his photo finish victory in the 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event.  The reigning champion won his heat race and picked up where he left off by leading the Main Event early.  When Miraglio spun a car he was about to lap, he was penalized to the back of the pack by track officials.  Mike Corsaro was hoping to celebrate his birthday in style.  However, Miraglio made a charge back into second.  The two drivers battled to the checkered flag in a near dead heat.  Scorers said it was Miraglio by a nose, which ruined Corsaro's birthday celebration.  Heat race winner Chuck Connover finished third ahead of David Rosa and Charlie Correia.

Kimo Oreta drove the Larry Damitz #100 car to victory in the ten lap Bay Area Hardtop Main Event.  Due to another Hardtop race that was booked on top of this one last week, car count was down.  Heat winner Dave Mackey battled with Oreta until suffering a mechanical failure with three laps to go.

Racing resumes Saturday night with a packed All Star Series lineup of DIRTcar Late Models, A Modifieds, Wingless Spec Sprints, B Modifieds and Hobby Stocks.  For further information, go to

Unofficial Race Results
A Modifieds
Heat 1-Mike Salazar, Bobby Motts Jr., Sean O'Gara.  Heat 2-Scott Busby, Eric Berendsen, Lloyd Cline.  Main Event-Salazar, Busby, Motts, Sean O'Gara, Cline.

B Modifieds
Heat 1-Guy Ahlwardt, Chuck Golden, Trevor Clymens.  Heat 2-Mark Garner, Doff Cooksey, K.C. Keller.  Main Event-Clymens, Keller, Ahlwardt, Cooksey, Golden.

Hobby Stocks
Heat 1-Cameron Swank, Brent Curran, Billy Garner.  Heat 2-Joey Ridgeway, Anthony Vigna, Chris Bennett.  Heat 3-Chris Long, Jordan Swank, Lori Brown.  Main Event-Michael Cooper, Chris Sorensen, Long, Curran, Bennett.

Winged 360 Sprints
Heat-Kyle Offill, Aaron Miller, Jenna Frazier.  Main Event-Offill, Burt Foland Jr., Bryan Grier, Marissa Polizzi, Miller.

Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Kevin Miraglio, David Corsaro, Charlie Correia.  Heat 2-Chuck Connover, Chris Becker, Josh Miller.  Main Event-Miraglio, Corsaro, Connover, David Rosa, Correia.

Bay Area Hardtops
Heat-Dave Mackey, Kimo Oreta.  Main Event-Oreta, Mackey.

Elliott, Etchison, Corn Share Merced Speedway Spotlight

Garrett Corn #29 rebounded from a bad opening night with a Hobby Stock feature win.  Photo By Corn Racing

Merced, CA....April 22...The Bay Cities Racing Association Midgets headlined the show Saturday night at Merced Speedway, and Cory Eliott won a good battle for the feature victory.  Third generation racer T.J. Etchison won the IMCA Sport Modified Main Event, and Garrett Corn collected the win in the Hobby Stock Main Event.

Cory Elliott won the 30 lap BCRA Midgets Main Event, but it didn't come easy.  Alex Schutte set the pace at the initial green flag ahead of 2015 BCRA Midgets champion Frank Guerini and Michael Faccinto.  Ron Dalby moved into third on lap two and  took second from Guerini on the fifth lap.  Elliott settled into third on lap 10, and a thrilling three car battle for the lead began.  The yellow flag flew on lap 17, and Dalby and Elliott slipped past Schutte for first and second on the restart.  Three laps later, Elliott found an opening and took the lead from Dalby.  Guerini took third from Schutte on lap 25 and gained second a lap later.  Elliott pulled to about a half-straightaway lead at the checkered flag as Guerini was a solid second.  Dalby settled for third ahead of Samantha Prince, Faccinto, Schutte, Terry Nichols, Tyler Dolacki, Shannon McQueen and Dan Parker.  Price, Schutte and past champion Matt Streeter won ten lap heat races.

T.J. Etchison battled Chris Falkenberg for the 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified feature victory.  Falkenberg took the Main Event lead from Tanner Thomas on a lap two restart, and Etchison settled into second on a lap three restart.  Falkenberg led until Etchison raced by on the 12th lap.  Igor Gradzuk held third, but the pressure was on as Fred Ryland moved into fourth.  Etchison managed to hold off Falkenberg for the impressive victory, while Ryland made a late pass on Gradzuk for third.  Gradzuk faded as Jared Tickel finished fourth ahead of Jeremy Hoff, Chase Thomas, Tim Elias, Patti Ryland, Chuck Weir and Paul Espino.   Gradzuk, P. Ryland and Tickel won nine lap heat races.

Garrett Corn rebounded from a terrible opening night to win the 20 lap Hobby Stock feature.  Shannon Nelson and Corn won nine lap heat races to earn front row starting spots for the Main Event.  Nelson raced into the lead on the opening lap, but Corn took the lead on a lap two restart.  Austin Van Hoff was third ahead of 2015 champion Kevin Joaquin.  Two time champion Bruce "Bubba" Nelson moved into fourth on lap four, but reigning champion Michael Shearer charged into third on lap five.  Corn was driving a great race as he led S. Nelson, but Shearer would drop S. Nelson back to third.  There was no stopping Corn as he sped home to the victory ahead of M. Shearer and S. Nelson.  Marc Key made a late move for a fourth place finish as Kodie Dean finished fifth ahead of Van Hoff, Kristie Shearer, Darren Miguel, Robbie Loquaci and Mike Stockton. 

Corn, M. Shearer, S. Nelson and Key have locked in their starting spots for the Ted Stofle Classic on May 6th.  The Top 4 finishers of this Saturday's show will also qualify for the big race.  Saturday's program will also include IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks and Mini Late Models, making it a full night of racing that you won't want to miss.  For further in formation, go to

Race Results
Hobby Stocks
Heat 1-Shannon Nelson, Austin Van Hoff, Mike Stockton.  Heat 2-Garrett Corn, Kevin Joaquin, Darren Miguel.  Main Event-Corn, Michael Shearer, S. Nelson, Marc Key, Kodie Dean, Van Hoff, Kristie Shearer, Miguel, Robbie Loquaci, Mike Sockton.

BCRA Midgets
Heat 1-Samantha Price, Floyd Alvis, J.R. Williams.  Heat 2-Alex Schutte, Frank Guerini, Cory Elliott.  Heat 3-Matt Streeter, Rob Dalby, Dan Parker.  Main Event-Elliott, Guerini, Dalby, Prince, Michael Faccinto, Schutte, Terry Nichols, Tyler Dolacki, Shannon McQueen, Parker.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Igor Gradzuk, Chris Falkenberg, Dwayne Short.  Heat 2-Patti Ryland, T.J. Etchison, Jeremy Hoff.  Heat 3-Jared Tickel, Fred Ryland, Tanner Thomas.  Main Event-Etchison, Falkenberg, F. Ryland, Tickel, Hoff, Chase Thomas, Tim Elias, P. Ryland, Weir, Paul Espino.

Monahan, Shelby, Olschowka Score Marysville Raceway Wins

Marysville, CA...April 22...Mike Monahan won the 25 lap Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Marysville Raceway.  The long time Sprint Car racer started up front and led from the outset ahead of Michael Ing and Jeremy Hawes.  Even with a few yellow flag slowdowns during the race, the lead trio never relinquished their positions.  Monahan was a happy winner ahead of Ing, who was settling for his second straight runnerup finish.  Hawes was a solid third ahead of Peter Paulson, previous winner Colby Wiesz, Heath Hall, Brad Bumgarner, Tyler Seavey, Adam Brenton and Raquel Hall.  Bobby Butler, Bumgarner and Ing were the heat race winners.

Buddy "The Budster" Olschowka wrapped up a busy night of racing by winning the 20 lap NCDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  Olschowka had his work cut out for him after a bad heat race finish left him in the B Main.  However, he made the transfer and steadily worked his way to the front of the Main Event.  Scott Dahlgren led the opening lap before being passed by Friday night Watsonville SBDCA Dwarf Car winner Shawn Jones.  Jones fell out following a lap five yellow flag, and Mike Reeder grabbed the lead.  However, Olschowka had found his way into second by lap 11.  Olschowka hounded Reeder until making a late pass for the lead and hard earned victory.  Reeder settled for second ahead of Dahlgren, Ryan Winter, Jack Haverty, Michael Grenert, Justin Winter, Toby Brown, Jeff Fitch and Ben Wiesz.  Johnny Reeves held off Olschowka and Aaron Rupley to win the ten lap B Main, and Reeder, Danny Wagner and Colby Weisz were heat winners.

Phillip Shelby won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event to close an exciting evening of racing.  Shelby was also the previous feature winner, and he led this Main Event from the start ahead of Tyler Rodgers and Les Friend.  Despite a few yellow flag periods, Shelby held off every challenge on the restarts.  Shelby raced to the checkered flag, just ahead of Rodgers.  Friend was a strong third after winning his heat race.  Damian Merritt finished fourth, followed by heat race winner Shane DeVolder, Willie Horn Jr., 2015 champion Howard Law, Thomas Reynolds, Mike Smith and Jeff Bye Jr.

Terry Schank Jr. paid Marysville a visit and won the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  Turnout was a bit light, and Thomas Leiby's scratch left the Main Event with just five starters.  However, the lead trio put on a good battle for the fans in the non stop event.  Schank led the opening lap before heat race winner Gary Paulson raced by for the lead.  Early season feature winner Cody Spencer took third from Paul Vandenberg on lap six.  The lead three drivers ran closely, and Schank managed to get past Paulson to regain the lead on lap 12 as Spencer followed closely into second.  Schank never could shake Spencer off his tail, but he scored the win by a slim margin.  Paulson settled for third ahead of Bruce Morrow and Vandenberg.

Edam Ermolenko won the ten lap Winged Economy Sprint Car Main Event.  Ermolenko also won the heat race.   Ermolenko led from the start of the feature with Jaylon Deas piloting the Misty Castleberry car in second and Cameron Haney jr. in third.  A yellow flag flew on lap seven for Jeff Rommell.  The order didn't change for the remaining three laps as Ermolenko won ahaed of Deas, Haney and Rommell.  Chad Thompson flipped earlier in the evening and was a Main Event scratch.

Race Results
Winged 360 Sprints
Heat 1-Bobby Butler, Peter Paulson, Mike Monahan.  Heat 2-Brad Bumgarner, Colby Wiesz, Heath Hall.  Heat 3-Michael Ing, Jimmy Stewart, Jeremy Hawes.  Main Event-Monahan, Ing, Hawes, Paulson, Wiesz, Hall, Bumgarner, Tyler Seavey, Adam Brenton, Raquel Hall.

Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1-Gary Paulson, Cody Spencer, Terry Schank Jr.  Main Event-Schank, Spencer, Paulson, Bruce Morrow, Paul Vandenberg, Thomas Leiby (DNS).

Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Mike Reeder, Ben Wiesz, Jack Haverty.  Heat 2-Danny Wagner, Shawn Jones, Ryan Winter.  Heat 3-Colby Wiesz, Scott Dahlgren, Justin Winter.  B Main-Johnny Reeves, Buddy Olschowka, Aaron Rupley, Josh Wiesz, Ed Heeney.  Main Event-Olschowka, Reeder, Dahlgren, R. Winter, Jack Haverty, Michael Grenert, Justin Winter, Toby Brown, Jeff Fitch, Ben Wiesz.

Winged Economy Sprints
Heat-Adam Ermolenko, Jaylon Deas, Cameron Haney Jr.  Main Event-Ermolenko, Deas, Haney, Jim Rommell, Chad Thompson (DNS).

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Shane DeVolder, Tyler Rodgers, Damian Merritt.  Heat 2-Les Friend, Jeff Bye Jr., Howard Law.  Main Event-Phillip Shelby, Rodgers, Friend, Damian Merritt, DeVolder, Willie Horn Jr., Law, Thomas Reynolds, Mike Smith, Jeff Bye Jr..

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hogge Wins At Watsonville, Forsberg Wins At Chico, Abreu Wins At Tulare

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The DCRR Racing Radio Show

DCRR Racing Radio Show: Episode 108 by GenWhat

Stories all based on the unofficial live scoring loops, subject to computer error and post race DQ's...

Hogge, Hagio, Kyle, Jones Open
Ocean Speedway Season With Victories

Watsonville, CA...April 21...Reigning champion Bobby Hogge IV won the season opening 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway.  Hogge also won his heat race.  It was Merced Speedway champion Randy Brown setting the early Main  Event pace ahead of Andy Obertello and rookie Danny Wagner.  Hogge was up to fourth on lap four and took third from Wagner on lap six.  Hogge slipped past Obertello for second on lap nine and was right on Brown's rear bumper.  Hogge put the moves on Brown for the lead on lap 11.  Brown and Obertello tangled for a lap 12 caution flag.  Hogge led Wagner and Joe Antonetti on the restart.  Robert Marsh and Cody Burke made it a close three car battle with Wagner for second, but Wagner's race up front ended on lap 21.  Hogge led the rest of the way for the victory, and Burke was a strong second ahead of heat winner Alex Wilson and Antonetti.  Anthony Copeland finished fifth as Raymond Keldsen Jr., John DiGiovanni, Wagner, Marsh and Nick DeCarlo rounded out the Top 10.

Matt Hagio drove to victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  The talented second generation racer is the 2015 division champion.  Hagio won his heat race, then he followed Igor Gradzuk for five laps in the Main Event before making his move into the lead.  Hagio pulled to about a two second lead in the non stop event and cruised to victory.  Gradzuk settled for second.  Mike Kofnovek was third for seven laps before being shuffled out of the Top 5 by Shane DeVolder, reigning champion Jim DiGiovanni and Mark Hartan, who finished third through fifth.  Duane Beiser made a last lap pass on Kofnovek for sixth as Jonathan Mulder, Billy Robertson and Charlie Hunter completed the Top 10.

Matt Kile battled for the 20 lap American Stock Main Event victory.  Nick Triolo won a heat race and set the early pace ahead of reigning champion Robert Gallaher and heat winner Bobby Huckaby.  Kile took third on lap two, and the lead three racers ran close in what would be a non stop event.  Kile took second from Gallaher on lap five and briefly grabbed the lead from Triolo on lap 10.  However, Trioio regained the top spot on lap 11 as Gallaher fell back from the lead battle.  Kile continued to pressure Triolo hard for the lead as Huckaby was back in third.  Kile made his winning pass on lap 14 and pulled away just a bit to the checkered flag.  Triolo settled for second ahead of Huckaby, Gallaher, Jerry Skelton, Devon Sanders, J.C. Elrod, Wally Kennedy and Katie Briggs.

Shawn Jones picked up the win in the 20 lap SBDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  The 2011 champion followed Cameron Diatte and Marty Wesiler early on, but he passed Weisler for second on lap three.  The yellow flag slowed the pace after 3 laps.  Jones put the pressure on Diatte on the restart and made a quick move into the lead.  Ryan Winters pressured Weisler for second before finally making the pass on lap nine.  Nor Cal Dwarf Car star Winters stayed with Jones, but Jones would not be denied the victory.  Diatte settled for third ahead of Weisler, Scott Dahlgren, David Taylor, Kyle Jones, Bill Belfield, Chris Dorto and D.J. Lebow.

Race Results
 IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-   Heat 2-Matt Hagio, Igor Gradzuk, Jim Digiovanni.  Main Event-Hagio, Gradzuk, Shane DeVolder, DiGiovanni, Mark Hartan, Duane Beiser, Mike Kofnovek, Jonathan Mulder, Billy Robertson, Charlie Hunter.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Bobby Hogge IV, Nick DeCarlo, Andy Obertello.  Heat 2-Alex Wilson, Cody Burke, Randy Brown.  Main Event-Hogge, Burke, Wilson, Joe Antonetti,  Anthony Copeland, Raymond Keldsen Jr., John DiGiovanni, Wagner, Marsh, DeCarlo.

SBDCA Dwarf Car
Heat 1-Cameron Diatte, Marty Weisler, Shawn Jones.  Heat 2-Mark Biscardi, Matt Sargent, Scott Dahlgren.  Main Event-Jones, Ryan Winters, Diatte, Weisler, Dahlgren, David Taylor, Kyle Jones, Bill Belfield, Chris Dorto, D.J. Lebow.
American Stock
Heat 1-Bobby Huckaby, Matt Kile, J.C. Elrod.  Heat 2-Nick Triolo, Robert Gallaher, Nick Silva.  Main Event-Kile, Triolo, Huckaby, Gallaher, Jerry Skelton, Devon Sanders, Elrod, Wally Kennedy, Katie Briggs.

Forsberg, McCllain, Marino, Allen Score
Silver Dollar Speedway Wins

 Chico, CA...April 1...Andy Foreberg was a surprise entrant Friday night at Chico Silver Dollar Speedway.  The nine time Civil War Series champion decided to race with the 410 Sprint Cars, and he scored the victory on the 25 lap Main Event.  Heat race winner Michael Ing set the early pace in the Main Event ahead of Brad Bumgarner and Forsberg.  Forsberg settled into second on lap two as Red Bluff 500 Open Kart champion Chase Majdic was third.  Forsberg was sizing up Ing for the pass, and he put the moves on him to take the lead on lap 12.  Madjic followed Ing until making his move into second on lap 15.  Madjic stayed a close second, but Forsberg drove a great race for the victory.  Ing settled for third ahead of Bumgarner, heat race winner Tanner Carrick, Adam Brenton, Jim Richardson, Bradon Enos, Brandon Powell and Ryan Souza.

Casey McClain made a late race pass on Jeremy Wilson to win the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  Don Emery set the early Main Event pace ahead of Wilson and McClain.  Wilson and McClain both charged past Emery for the 1-2 spots on lap five.  Brent Steck took third on lap six.  As Wilson and McClain battled for the lead, Tony Richards found his way into third by lap 11.  McClain was about to make his move as they headed towards the white flag when a spin brought out a late yellow flag.  McClain took the lead on the restart and led the final two laps for a hard fought victory.  Richards made a last lap pass on Wilson for second.  However, Richards was disqualified in post race tech, elevating Wilson back to second ahead of Terry Schank Jr., Emery, Chris Swim, Brett Youngman, Angelique Bell, Steck, Rick Swigart and Jeff Crossman.  Schank and reigning champion Bell won heat races.

Past champion Phil Marino won a spirited duel with Matt Micheli for the victory in the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event. Marino had earlier won the heat race, and he chased early leader Corey Hall in the Main Event.  Marino, Micheli and Brett Lawrence shuffled Hall out of the Top 3 on lap six.  Hall returned to third on lap ten as Micheli was pressuring Marino hard for the lead.  On lap 15, Michelii found his way past Marino.  Marino stayed right with him, but Micheli's lead was short lived as he faded with a flat tire on lap 18.  Marino brought it home to victory with Hall second and Lawrence a solid third.  Mike Slingtom finished fourth as Gary Newman, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Matt Micheli and Devin Koranda completed the finishing order.

Kyle Allen swept Hobby Stock action with heat race and 20 lap Main Event victories.  Three time reigning champion Brian Compton had been on a hot streak with two wins at Marysville this year, and he set the early Main Event pace ahead of Allen and James West.  Allen shadowed Compton's every move until making his winning pass on lap 13.  Compton stayed with him the rest of the way, but Allen drove a flawless race for the victory.  Compton settled for second ahead of West, past Orland Mini Truck champion Keith Ross, Shannon Collins, Jeremy Langenderfer, Mike Chase and Darren Ballentine.

Reigning champion Wyatt Brown won the 15 lap Winged Economy Sprint Main Event.  Brown led the entire distance through two yellow flag periods.  Scott Gannett was an early second, but he lost the spot to Mike Ficklin on a lap six restart.  However, Gannett regained second just before a lap 9 yellow flag.  Brown led the restart and won by a straightaway ahead of Gannett, Ficklin, Mike Sayre, Cameron Haney Jr. and Jeff Rommell.  Gannett was disqualified in post race tech, shuffling the finishing order..

Race Results 
410 Sprints
Heat 1-Tanner Carrick, Andy Forsberg, Jim Richardson.  Heat 2-Michael Ing, Chase Majdik, Ryan Souza.  Main Event-Forsberg, Majdic, Ing, Bumgarner, Tanner Carrick, Adam Brenton, Jim Richardson, Bradon Enos, Brandon Powell, Ryan Souza.
Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1-Terry Schank Jr., Tony Richards, Brent Steck.  Heat 2-Angelique Bell, Casey McClain, Chris Swim.  Main Event-McClain, Jeremy Wilson, Schank, Don Emery, Swim, Brett Youngman, Bell, Steck, Rick Swigart, Jeff Crossman, Richards (DQ)

Winged Economy Sprints
Heat-Wyatt Brown, Scott Gannett, Mike Ficklin.  Main Event-Brown, Ficklin, Mike Sayre, Cameron Haney Jr., Jeff Rommell, Gannett (DQ).
Hobby Stock
Heat-Kyle Allen, Brian Compton, James West.  Main Event-Allen, Compton, West, Keith Ross, Shannon Collins, Jeremy Langenderfer, Mike Chase, Darren Balletine.
Street Stock
Heat-Phil Marino, Corey Hall, Brett Lawrence.  Main Event-Marino, Hall, Lawrence, Mike Slingtom, Gary Newman, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Matt Micheli, Devin Koranda.

Abreu Out-duels Becker 
For Sprint Car Challenge Win At Tulare
Tulare, CA...April 21...Rico Abreu thrilled the Tulare Thunderbowl crowd with his late pass on Sean Becker for the 35 lap Sprint Car Main Event victory Friday night.  It was the third round of the Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Series, Presented by Abreu Vineyards.  Abreu steadily worked his way to the front as he made his first appearance in the Top 5 on lap 12.  He settled into second behind Becker on lap 26 and stalked him until making his winning pass on lap 31.

2016 Chico Sprint Car champion Becker led the 22 car field to the Main Event green flag ahead of Justin Sanders and Steven Tiner.  Ryan Bernal grabbed third on lap two.  Jason Meyers dropped Tiner back to fifth on lap six.  Becker was setting a good pace, two seconds ahead of Sanders.  Meyers made a move back into third on lap 11 and led 2016 King Of The West Series champion Kyle Hirst past Sanders for second and third on lap 12.  Abreu was fifth at that point and took over fourth on lap 15.  The yellow flag flew on lap 19.  Becker continued to lead the restart, but Hirst and Abreu were now second and third.  The final caution flag flew on lap 25.  Abreu raced past Hirst and into second as Becker continued to lead the way.   Becker had his most serious pressure of the race as Abreu shadowed his every move.  On lap 31, Abreu made his winning pass for the lead.  However, he wasn't in the winner's circle just yet.  Becker stayed close behind, waiting for a mistake that never happened. Abreu scored the well earned victory ahead of Becker, Hirst, Cory Eliason, Bernal, Giovanni Scelzi, Shane Golobic, Mason Moore, Carson Madedo and Tony Gualda.

The 50 competitors ran five ten lap qualifying heat races.  Gualda won the first heat ahead of Taylor Molsam.  Colby Copeland cruised to a win in the second heat ahead of Cory Eliason.  Willie Croft won the third heat ahead of Tiner.  It was Abreu getting the win in the fourth heat over Sanders, and Hirst won the final heat ahead of Meyers.  The first 12 lap C Main went too Jared Peterson after a last lap pass on Michael Faccinto.  Michael's brother Mitchell Faccinto won the other 12 lap C Main ahead of Matt Peterson.  Scelzi was the 15 lap B Main winner ahead of Maccedo, Moore, Andy Gregg and Michael Kofoid.

Zane Blanchard won the 20 lap IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car Main Event.  The 2016 point runnerup won his heat race earlier and was third behind Mike Schott and Jared Faria at the start of the feature.  A red flag flew after two laps.  After a lengthy delay, Schott led the restart, but he was soon shuffled back by Blanchard, 2015 champion Jesse Mack and Albert Pombo.  A lap seven caution flag flew.  Blanchard continued to lead Mack and Tanner Boul.  Boul moved past Mack for second on lap nine, but he would bring out a lap 18 yellow flag to end his race.  Blanchard scored the victory ahead of Mack, George Tristao, Schott, Nathan Rolfe, Pombo, Jacob Tuttle, Scott Meisner, Doug Gandy and Jared Faria.  Reigning champion Blake Robertson and Matt DeMartini were the other heat race winners as 21 cars were on hand for this race.
Race Results
Sprint Car Challenge Series
Heat 1-Tony Gualda, Taylor Molsam, Kurt Nelson.  Heat 2-Colby Copeland, Cory Eliason, Sean Becker.  Heat 3-Willie Croft, Steven Tiner, Ryan Bernal.  Heat 4-Rico Abreu, Justin Sanders, D.J. Netto.  Heat 5-Kyle Hirst, Jason Meyers, Shane Golobic.  C Main 1-Jared Peterson, Michael Faccinto, Herman Klein.  C Main 2-Mitchell Faccinto, Matt Peterson, Billy Butler.  B Main-Giovanni Scelzi, Carson Macedo, Mason Moore, Andy Gregg, Michael Kofoid.  Main Event-Abreu, Becker, Hirst, Eliason, Bernal, Scelzi, Golobic, Moore, Macedo, Tony Gualda.

RaceSaver Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Blake Robertson, Jessie Mack, Chris Faria.  Heat 2-Zane Blanchard, Mike Schott, Albert Pombo.  Heat 3-Matt DeMartini, Jacob Tuttle, Eric Correia.  Main Event-Blanchard, Mack, George Tristao, Schott, Nathan Rolfe, Pombo, Tuttle, Scott Meisner, Doug Gandy, Jared Faria.