Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hogge Wins At Watsonville, Forsberg Wins At Chico, Abreu Wins At Tulare

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Hogge, Hagio, Kyle, Jones Open
Ocean Speedway Season With Victories

Watsonville, CA...April 21...Reigning champion Bobby Hogge IV won the season opening 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway.  Hogge also won his heat race.  It was Merced Speedway champion Randy Brown setting the early Main  Event pace ahead of Andy Obertello and rookie Danny Wagner.  Hogge was up to fourth on lap four and took third from Wagner on lap six.  Hogge slipped past Obertello for second on lap nine and was right on Brown's rear bumper.  Hogge put the moves on Brown for the lead on lap 11.  Brown and Obertello tangled for a lap 12 caution flag.  Hogge led Wagner and Joe Antonetti on the restart.  Robert Marsh and Cody Burke made it a close three car battle with Wagner for second, but Wagner's race up front ended on lap 21.  Hogge led the rest of the way for the victory, and Burke was a strong second ahead of heat winner Alex Wilson and Antonetti.  Anthony Copeland finished fifth as Raymond Keldsen Jr., John DiGiovanni, Wagner, Marsh and Nick DeCarlo rounded out the Top 10.

Matt Hagio drove to victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  The talented second generation racer is the 2015 division champion.  Hagio won his heat race, then he followed Igor Gradzuk for five laps in the Main Event before making his move into the lead.  Hagio pulled to about a two second lead in the non stop event and cruised to victory.  Gradzuk settled for second.  Mike Kofnovek was third for seven laps before being shuffled out of the Top 5 by Shane DeVolder, reigning champion Jim DiGiovanni and Mark Hartan, who finished third through fifth.  Duane Beiser made a last lap pass on Kofnovek for sixth as Jonathan Mulder, Billy Robertson and Charlie Hunter completed the Top 10.

Matt Kile battled for the 20 lap American Stock Main Event victory.  Nick Triolo won a heat race and set the early pace ahead of reigning champion Robert Gallaher and heat winner Bobby Huckaby.  Kile took third on lap two, and the lead three racers ran close in what would be a non stop event.  Kile took second from Gallaher on lap five and briefly grabbed the lead from Triolo on lap 10.  However, Trioio regained the top spot on lap 11 as Gallaher fell back from the lead battle.  Kile continued to pressure Triolo hard for the lead as Huckaby was back in third.  Kile made his winning pass on lap 14 and pulled away just a bit to the checkered flag.  Triolo settled for second ahead of Huckaby, Gallaher, Jerry Skelton, Devon Sanders, J.C. Elrod, Wally Kennedy and Katie Briggs.

Shawn Jones picked up the win in the 20 lap SBDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  The 2011 champion followed Cameron Diatte and Marty Wesiler early on, but he passed Weisler for second on lap three.  The yellow flag slowed the pace after 3 laps.  Jones put the pressure on Diatte on the restart and made a quick move into the lead.  Ryan Winters pressured Weisler for second before finally making the pass on lap nine.  Nor Cal Dwarf Car star Winters stayed with Jones, but Jones would not be denied the victory.  Diatte settled for third ahead of Weisler, Scott Dahlgren, David Taylor, Kyle Jones, Bill Belfield, Chris Dorto and D.J. Lebow.

Race Results
 IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-   Heat 2-Matt Hagio, Igor Gradzuk, Jim Digiovanni.  Main Event-Hagio, Gradzuk, Shane DeVolder, DiGiovanni, Mark Hartan, Duane Beiser, Mike Kofnovek, Jonathan Mulder, Billy Robertson, Charlie Hunter.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Bobby Hogge IV, Nick DeCarlo, Andy Obertello.  Heat 2-Alex Wilson, Cody Burke, Randy Brown.  Main Event-Hogge, Burke, Wilson, Joe Antonetti,  Anthony Copeland, Raymond Keldsen Jr., John DiGiovanni, Wagner, Marsh, DeCarlo.

SBDCA Dwarf Car
Heat 1-Cameron Diatte, Marty Weisler, Shawn Jones.  Heat 2-Mark Biscardi, Matt Sargent, Scott Dahlgren.  Main Event-Jones, Ryan Winters, Diatte, Weisler, Dahlgren, David Taylor, Kyle Jones, Bill Belfield, Chris Dorto, D.J. Lebow.
American Stock
Heat 1-Bobby Huckaby, Matt Kile, J.C. Elrod.  Heat 2-Nick Triolo, Robert Gallaher, Nick Silva.  Main Event-Kile, Triolo, Huckaby, Gallaher, Jerry Skelton, Devon Sanders, Elrod, Wally Kennedy, Katie Briggs.

Forsberg, McCllain, Marino, Allen Score
Silver Dollar Speedway Wins

 Chico, CA...April 1...Andy Foreberg was a surprise entrant Friday night at Chico Silver Dollar Speedway.  The nine time Civil War Series champion decided to race with the 410 Sprint Cars, and he scored the victory on the 25 lap Main Event.  Heat race winner Michael Ing set the early pace in the Main Event ahead of Brad Bumgarner and Forsberg.  Forsberg settled into second on lap two as Red Bluff 500 Open Kart champion Chase Majdic was third.  Forsberg was sizing up Ing for the pass, and he put the moves on him to take the lead on lap 12.  Madjic followed Ing until making his move into second on lap 15.  Madjic stayed a close second, but Forsberg drove a great race for the victory.  Ing settled for third ahead of Bumgarner, heat race winner Tanner Carrick, Adam Brenton, Jim Richardson, Bradon Enos, Brandon Powell and Ryan Souza.

Casey McClain made a late race pass on Jeremy Wilson to win the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  Don Emery set the early Main Event pace ahead of Wilson and McClain.  Wilson and McClain both charged past Emery for the 1-2 spots on lap five.  Brent Steck took third on lap six.  As Wilson and McClain battled for the lead, Tony Richards found his way into third by lap 11.  McClain was about to make his move as they headed towards the white flag when a spin brought out a late yellow flag.  McClain took the lead on the restart and led the final two laps for a hard fought victory.  Richards made a last lap pass on Wilson for second.  However, Richards was disqualified in post race tech, elevating Wilson back to second ahead of Terry Schank Jr., Emery, Chris Swim, Brett Youngman, Angelique Bell, Steck, Rick Swigart and Jeff Crossman.  Schank and reigning champion Bell won heat races.

Past champion Phil Marino won a spirited duel with Matt Micheli for the victory in the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event. Marino had earlier won the heat race, and he chased early leader Corey Hall in the Main Event.  Marino, Micheli and Brett Lawrence shuffled Hall out of the Top 3 on lap six.  Hall returned to third on lap ten as Micheli was pressuring Marino hard for the lead.  On lap 15, Michelii found his way past Marino.  Marino stayed right with him, but Micheli's lead was short lived as he faded with a flat tire on lap 18.  Marino brought it home to victory with Hall second and Lawrence a solid third.  Mike Slingtom finished fourth as Gary Newman, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Matt Micheli and Devin Koranda completed the finishing order.

Kyle Allen swept Hobby Stock action with heat race and 20 lap Main Event victories.  Three time reigning champion Brian Compton had been on a hot streak with two wins at Marysville this year, and he set the early Main Event pace ahead of Allen and James West.  Allen shadowed Compton's every move until making his winning pass on lap 13.  Compton stayed with him the rest of the way, but Allen drove a flawless race for the victory.  Compton settled for second ahead of West, past Orland Mini Truck champion Keith Ross, Shannon Collins, Jeremy Langenderfer, Mike Chase and Darren Ballentine.

Reigning champion Wyatt Brown won the 15 lap Winged Economy Sprint Main Event.  Brown led the entire distance through two yellow flag periods.  Scott Gannett was an early second, but he lost the spot to Mike Ficklin on a lap six restart.  However, Gannett regained second just before a lap 9 yellow flag.  Brown led the restart and won by a straightaway ahead of Gannett, Ficklin, Mike Sayre, Cameron Haney Jr. and Jeff Rommell.  Gannett was disqualified in post race tech, shuffling the finishing order..

Race Results 
410 Sprints
Heat 1-Tanner Carrick, Andy Forsberg, Jim Richardson.  Heat 2-Michael Ing, Chase Majdik, Ryan Souza.  Main Event-Forsberg, Majdic, Ing, Bumgarner, Tanner Carrick, Adam Brenton, Jim Richardson, Bradon Enos, Brandon Powell, Ryan Souza.
Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1-Terry Schank Jr., Tony Richards, Brent Steck.  Heat 2-Angelique Bell, Casey McClain, Chris Swim.  Main Event-McClain, Jeremy Wilson, Schank, Don Emery, Swim, Brett Youngman, Bell, Steck, Rick Swigart, Jeff Crossman, Richards (DQ)

Winged Economy Sprints
Heat-Wyatt Brown, Scott Gannett, Mike Ficklin.  Main Event-Brown, Ficklin, Mike Sayre, Cameron Haney Jr., Jeff Rommell, Gannett (DQ).
Hobby Stock
Heat-Kyle Allen, Brian Compton, James West.  Main Event-Allen, Compton, West, Keith Ross, Shannon Collins, Jeremy Langenderfer, Mike Chase, Darren Balletine.
Street Stock
Heat-Phil Marino, Corey Hall, Brett Lawrence.  Main Event-Marino, Hall, Lawrence, Mike Slingtom, Gary Newman, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Matt Micheli, Devin Koranda.

Abreu Out-duels Becker 
For Sprint Car Challenge Win At Tulare
Tulare, CA...April 21...Rico Abreu thrilled the Tulare Thunderbowl crowd with his late pass on Sean Becker for the 35 lap Sprint Car Main Event victory Friday night.  It was the third round of the Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Series, Presented by Abreu Vineyards.  Abreu steadily worked his way to the front as he made his first appearance in the Top 5 on lap 12.  He settled into second behind Becker on lap 26 and stalked him until making his winning pass on lap 31.

2016 Chico Sprint Car champion Becker led the 22 car field to the Main Event green flag ahead of Justin Sanders and Steven Tiner.  Ryan Bernal grabbed third on lap two.  Jason Meyers dropped Tiner back to fifth on lap six.  Becker was setting a good pace, two seconds ahead of Sanders.  Meyers made a move back into third on lap 11 and led 2016 King Of The West Series champion Kyle Hirst past Sanders for second and third on lap 12.  Abreu was fifth at that point and took over fourth on lap 15.  The yellow flag flew on lap 19.  Becker continued to lead the restart, but Hirst and Abreu were now second and third.  The final caution flag flew on lap 25.  Abreu raced past Hirst and into second as Becker continued to lead the way.   Becker had his most serious pressure of the race as Abreu shadowed his every move.  On lap 31, Abreu made his winning pass for the lead.  However, he wasn't in the winner's circle just yet.  Becker stayed close behind, waiting for a mistake that never happened. Abreu scored the well earned victory ahead of Becker, Hirst, Cory Eliason, Bernal, Giovanni Scelzi, Shane Golobic, Mason Moore, Carson Madedo and Tony Gualda.

The 50 competitors ran five ten lap qualifying heat races.  Gualda won the first heat ahead of Taylor Molsam.  Colby Copeland cruised to a win in the second heat ahead of Cory Eliason.  Willie Croft won the third heat ahead of Tiner.  It was Abreu getting the win in the fourth heat over Sanders, and Hirst won the final heat ahead of Meyers.  The first 12 lap C Main went too Jared Peterson after a last lap pass on Michael Faccinto.  Michael's brother Mitchell Faccinto won the other 12 lap C Main ahead of Matt Peterson.  Scelzi was the 15 lap B Main winner ahead of Maccedo, Moore, Andy Gregg and Michael Kofoid.

Zane Blanchard won the 20 lap IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car Main Event.  The 2016 point runnerup won his heat race earlier and was third behind Mike Schott and Jared Faria at the start of the feature.  A red flag flew after two laps.  After a lengthy delay, Schott led the restart, but he was soon shuffled back by Blanchard, 2015 champion Jesse Mack and Albert Pombo.  A lap seven caution flag flew.  Blanchard continued to lead Mack and Tanner Boul.  Boul moved past Mack for second on lap nine, but he would bring out a lap 18 yellow flag to end his race.  Blanchard scored the victory ahead of Mack, George Tristao, Schott, Nathan Rolfe, Pombo, Jacob Tuttle, Scott Meisner, Doug Gandy and Jared Faria.  Reigning champion Blake Robertson and Matt DeMartini were the other heat race winners as 21 cars were on hand for this race.
Race Results
Sprint Car Challenge Series
Heat 1-Tony Gualda, Taylor Molsam, Kurt Nelson.  Heat 2-Colby Copeland, Cory Eliason, Sean Becker.  Heat 3-Willie Croft, Steven Tiner, Ryan Bernal.  Heat 4-Rico Abreu, Justin Sanders, D.J. Netto.  Heat 5-Kyle Hirst, Jason Meyers, Shane Golobic.  C Main 1-Jared Peterson, Michael Faccinto, Herman Klein.  C Main 2-Mitchell Faccinto, Matt Peterson, Billy Butler.  B Main-Giovanni Scelzi, Carson Macedo, Mason Moore, Andy Gregg, Michael Kofoid.  Main Event-Abreu, Becker, Hirst, Eliason, Bernal, Scelzi, Golobic, Moore, Macedo, Tony Gualda.

RaceSaver Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Blake Robertson, Jessie Mack, Chris Faria.  Heat 2-Zane Blanchard, Mike Schott, Albert Pombo.  Heat 3-Matt DeMartini, Jacob Tuttle, Eric Correia.  Main Event-Blanchard, Mack, George Tristao, Schott, Nathan Rolfe, Pombo, Tuttle, Scott Meisner, Doug Gandy, Jared Faria.