Saturday, April 29, 2017

Eliason, DeCarlo Win At Watsonville, Forsberg, Cooper Win At Chico

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Note: stories are based on live scoring and  are unofficial, subject to computer error and official's decisions.
Eliason, DeCarlo, Frost Share Ocean Speedway Spotlight

Watsonville, CA...April 28...Cory Eliason won a good three car battle for the victory in the 30 lap Taco Bravo Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway.  Trophy Dash winner Geoff Ensign set the early pace ahead of Shane Golobic and Kurt Nelson.  Eliason moved into third on lap ten, and a lap 3 yellow flag slowed the pace.  Ensign continued to lead the way when the green flag waved, but Golobic and Eliason made it a close three car battle up front.  Eliason gained second on  lap 20 and proceeded to battle side by side with Ensign for the lead.  On lap 25, Eliason beat Ensign back to the line for first.  Golobic took second briefly on lap 27, but Ensign regained the spot a lap later.  Eliason won a hard fought battle for the victory with Ensign settling for second.  Justin Sanders made a late move for third as Golobic, Nelson, Mathew Moles, Cole Macedo Jerry Bonnema, Dustin Golobic and Jeremy Chisum completed the Top 10 at the checkered flag.  Sanders, Bonnema and Macedo were heat race winners.

Nick DeCarlo scored an impressive victory in the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event.  DeCarlo led the first three laps through three yellow flags.  DeCarlo led Cody Burke and Alex Wilson on lap four restart.  Reigning champion Bobby Hogge IV took third from Wilson on lap seven.  A lap 18 yellow flag gave Burke and Hogge a shot at DeCarlo, but two time Petaluma champion DeCarlo stayed cool and scored the victory.  Burke held off Hogge for second as A. Wilson and brother Kyle Wilson  rounded out the top five.  Danny Wagner was sixth, followed by Bill Egleston, Joe Antonetti, Raymond Keldsen Jr. and Tim Yaeger.  Hogge and Burke won eight lap heat races.

Adrian Frost won a good battle for the IMCA Sport Modified Main Event victory.  Heat race winner Shane DeVolder set the early pace ahead of Frost and Mark Hartman.  The first yellow flag flew on lap seven, and DeVolder led Frost on the restart with Matt Hagio grabbing third.  Hagio slipped past Frost for second on lap 10, and a lap 12 caution flag bunched them up again.  Hagio found himself in the lead on the restart as a lap 13 caution flag flew for DeVolder.  Frost surprised Hagio  by taking the lead on the restart.  Once Frost gained the lead, the two time Mini Stock champion drove a flawless race and scored the well earned victory ahead of Hagio.  Matt Sotomayor was a solid third ahead of DeVolder, Bobby Huckaby, Bill Robertson, Hartman, Duane Beiser, John Ferro and Charlie Hunter.  Hagio won the other eight lap heat race.

Bobby Huckaby won the 20 lap American Stock Main Event.  J.C. Elrod set the early pace over Katie Briggs.  Huckaby took second from Briggs on lap two, and Devon Sanders crashed for a lap three red flag.  Elrod continued to lead Huckaby and Nick Silva on the restart.  Huckaby put the moves on Elrod for the lead on lap eight.  Silva pressured Elrod for second until making the pass on lap 12.  Mired at the back for the first half of the race, reigning champion Rob Gallaher moved into fifth on lap 14.  Gallaher took fourth from Tony Oliveira on lap 15 and was third a lap later.  Huckaby drove a great race and brought it home to victory ahead of Silva, Gallaher, Terry Campion, John Ferrell, Elrod, Briggs, Oliveira and Sanders.  Silva and Campion won eight lap heat races.

Shawn Jones won the 20 lap SBDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  Ryan Diatte led early over Marty Weisler and Ryan Winter.  A lap six caution flag slowed the pace.  R. Diatte continued to lead Weisler on the restart as S. Jones gained third.  S. Jones was in second two laps later as Weisler held third.  A lap 12 yellow flag bunched the field again.  R. Diatte continued to lead S. Jones on the restart.  S. Jones was pressuring him hard until making his winning pass on lap 16.  S. Jones maintained a good pace and collected the victory.  R. Diatte settled for second ahead of Winter, Weisler, Cameron Diatte, Gene Pires, Kyle Jones, Scott Dahlgren, Bill Belfield and Doug Penny.   Winter and S. Jones were the eight lap heat race winners.

Kelly Campanile won both the Mini Stock heat race and 20 lap Main Event.  The talented second generation racer dominated the race.  Campanile led from the start ahead of reigning champion D.J. Keldsen and Paul Laoretti.  The top three never changed as Campanile steadily pulled away.  By lap 14, Campanile lapped sixth place Bill Beardsley, and she lapped fifth place Nicole Beardsley two laps later.  Campanile won by a half lap ahead of D.J. Keldsen with Laoretti third.  Cody Keldsen was fourth ahead of Nicole Beardsley. B. Beardsley, Kate Beardsley and Brian Bigiogni.

Race Results
Taco Bravo Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Justin Sanders, Cory Eliason, Brad Furr.  Heat 2-Jerry Bonnema, Kurt Nelson, Shane Golobic.  Heat 3-Cole Macedo, Dustin Golobic, Mathew Moles.  Dash-Geoff Ensign, S. Golobic, Eliason.  Main Event-Eliason, Ensign, Sanders, S. Golobic, Nelson, Moles, Macedo, Bonnema, Golobic, Jeremy Chisum.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Bobby Hogge IV, Nick DeCarlo, Raymond Keldsen Jr.  Heat 2-Cody Burke, Danny Wagner, Joe Antonetti.  Main Event-DeCarlo, Burke, Hogge, Alex Wilson, Kyle Wilson, Wagner, Bill Egelston, Antonetti, Keldsen, Tim Yaeger.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Matt Hagio, Andriane Frost, Mark Hartman.  Heat 2-Shane DeVolder, Matt Sotomayor, Duane Beiser.  Main Event-Frost, Hagio, Sotomayor, DeVolder, Bobby Huckaby, Bill Robertson, Hartman, Beiser, John Ferro, Charlie Hunter.

SBDCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Ryan Winter, Kyle Jones, Mark Biscardi.  Heat 2-Shawn Jones, Gene Pires, Marty Weisler.  Main Event-S. Jones, Ryan Diatte, Winter, Weisler, Cameron Diatte, Pires, K. Jones, Scott Dahlgren, Bill Belfield, Doug Penny.

American Stocks
Heat 1-Nick Silva, Tony Oliveira, Bobby Huckaby.  Heat 2-Terry Campion, John Ferrell, Devon Sanders.  Main Event-Huckaby, Silva, Rob Gallaher, Campion, Ferrell, J.C. Elrod, Katie Briggs, Oliveira, Sanders.
Mini Stocks
Heat-Kelly Campanile, D.J. Keldsen, Paul Laoretti.  Main Event-Campanile, D.J. Keldsen, Laoretti, Cody Keldsen, Nicole Beardsley, Bill Beardsley, Kate Beadsley, Brian Bigiogni, Ray Bunn (DNS).

Forsberg, Cooper, Schank, Marino Win 
At Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA...April 28...Andy Forsberg won his second straight 30 lap 410 Sprint Car Main Event at Silver Dollar Speedway Friday night.  The nine time Civil War Series champion set the early Main Event pace ahead of D.J. Netto and Chase Majdic.  Netto surprised Foreberg with a pass for the lead on a lap three restart, but a lap five restart gave Forsberg his opportunity to return the favor.  Forsberg took the lead from Netto on the lap six restart.  Reigning champion Sean Becker slipped into fifth on lap 10.  Becker took third from Michael Ing on a lap 16 restart.  Forsberg led through each of the restarts and ran a smooth race for the well earned victory.  Netto settled for second ahead of Becker, reigning King Of The West Series champion, Kyle Hirst, Dominic Scelzi, Kalib Henry, Majdic, Brad Bumgarner, Michael Kofoid and Braedon Enos.  Henry and Forsberg were eight lap heat race winners.

Reigning IMCA Sport Modified State champion Brian Cooper captured the 20 lap Main Event victory.  David Pierce set the early Main Event pace.  Phillip Shelby grabbed second on lap three and took the lead from Pierce a lap later.  Cooper was second on lap five before a yellow flag flew.  Shelby led B. Cooper on the restart, but Cooper took the point on lap seven.  Mark Abouzeid was up to third, and the race had two yellow flag slowdowns by the midway point.  Cooper led Shelby and Abouzeid on a lap 16 restart.  B. Cooper went on to victory, just ahead of Shelby.  Abouzeid finished third, followed by Tyler Rodgers, Justin Foux, Sean Halterman, Zach Potts, Clinton Earl, Pierce and Todd Cooper.  Rodgers and T. Cooper were eight lap heat race winners.

Past champion Terry Schank Jr. won both the eight lap heat race and 20 lap Main Event for the Wingless Spec Sprints.  Schank led from the start ahead of Tony Richards and double division racer Michael Kofoid.  Even a yellow flag five laps from the finish could not deter Schank.  On the restart, Schank continued to hold command, and he brought it home to victory ahead of Richards.  Casey McClain took third from Kofoid on the lap 16 restart and finished there.  Kofoid settled for fourth ahead of Jeremy Wilson, Craig Swim, Don Emery, reigning champion Angelique Bell and David Johnson.  Schank also won the heat race.

Past champion Phil Marino won the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event.  Marino led from the start with Corey Hall an early second.  Petaluma star Mitch Machado moved into second on lap two.  Todd Hemman took third from Hall on lap eight, but his run in the top three ended on lap 14 as Hall was back in third ahead of Gary Newman and Danny Dozier.  Marino led the lap 15 restart and was not to be denied as he won ahead of Machado, Hall, Newman, Dozier, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Hemman, Brent Lawrence and Mike Slingtom.  Lawrence won the eight lap heat race.

James West appeared to be the surprise winner of the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event, only to lose that win in post race tech to Shannon Collins.  Reigning three time champion Brian Compton was the early leader ahead of Nick Vidovich.  Heat winner Kyle Allen took second from Vidovich on lap six with West following into third.  Allen surprised Compton by grabbing the lead on a lap nine restart, but Compton moved by on lap ten.  A lap 16 yellow flag shook things up as Compton and Allen tangled in their battle for the lead.  West gained the lead ahead of Collins and Vidovich.  West led the rest of the way to take the checkered flag, but his post race disqualification gave the win to Collins ahead of Vidovich, Allen, Compton, Darren Ballentine and Colin Ferguson.

Race Results
410 Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Kalib Henry,  D.J. Netto, Chase Majdik.  Heat 2-Andy Forsberg, Michael Ing, Michael Kofoid.  Main Event-Forsberg, Netto, Sean Becker, Kyle Hirst, Dominic Scelzi, Henry, Majdic, Brad Bumgarner, Kofoid, Braedon Enos.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Tyler Rodgers, Brian Cooper, Phillip Shelby.  Heat 2-Todd Cooper, Clinton Earl, Justin Foux.  Main Event-B. Cooper, Shelby, Mark Abouzeid, Rodgers, Foux, Sean Halterman, Zach Potts, Earl, Pierce, Todd Cooper.

Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1-Terry Schank Jr., Tony Richards, Michael Kofoid.  Main Event-Schank, Richards, Casey McClain, Kofoid, Jeremy Wilson, Craig Swim, Don Emery, Angelique Bell, David Johnson.

Street Stocks
Heat 1-Brent Lawrence, Danny Dozier, Gary Newman.  Heat 2-Mitch Machado, Corey Hall, Phil Marino.  Main Event-Marino, Machado, Hall, Newman, Dozier, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Todd Hemman, Lawrence, Mike Slingron.

Hobby Stocks
Heat 1-Kyle Allen, Brian Compton, Nick Vidovich.  Main Event-Shannon Collins, Vidovich, Allen, Compton, Darren Ballentine, Colin Ferguson, James West (DQ).