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Antioch Speedway, Merced Speedway, Placerville Speedway, Marysville Raceway Results Articles

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"The Hit Man" Jeff Decker #84 opened the DIRTcar Late Model season with an impressive victory.  Decker is a two time Antioch champion.  Photo By Paul Gould Photography

2014 Watsonville champion Bryan Grier #35 won the Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event at Antioch Speedway.  Photo By Paul Gould Photography

Kellen Chadwick put Brian Pearce's #15 A Modified into the winner's circle Saturday night.  Photo By Paul Gould Photography

Todd Gomez #38a is back after a couple of years off and showed that he can still get it done with his B Modified feature win.  Photo By Paul Gould Photography

Brent Curran #32 isn't looking like a rookie after his first Hobby Stock Main Event triumph.  Photo By Paul Gould Photography

Decker Battles DeForest For Antioch Late Model Victory

Antioch, CA...April 29...Some exciting finishes and the return of the Late Models highlighted the racing program at Antioch Speedway Saturday night.  Main Event wins in the five division All Star Series program went to Jeff Decker (DIRTcar Late Models), Bryan Grier (Wingless Spec Sprints), Kellen Chadwick (A Modifieds), Todd Gomez (B Modifieds) and Brent Curran (Hobby Stocks).

2015 champion Jeff Decker won the 20 lap DIRTcar Late Model Main Event.  Early on, it looked like reigning champion Richard Papenhausen was the man to beat.  Papenhausen won his eight lap heat race and was clocking times in the 13 second bracket on the fast three-eighth mile clay oval.  Papenhausen led the way early over Decker, but things changed on a lap eight restart.  Decker raced by for the lead.  Papenhausen got a flat and hit the Turn 2 wall for a lap 10 caution flag. From that point on, Decker held off the persistent efforts of heat race winner Shawn DeForest for a hard earned victory.  Chester Kniss had his best Late Model finish in third, followed by rookie Kimo Oreta and Mike Hynes.

Bryan Grier won the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  Grier is the 2014 Watsonville Spec Sprint champion, and he is competing in both the winged and non winged divisions this season.  Brandon Burd spun early in the race and collected heat race winner Tyler Henriquez and James East for a yellow flag.  It seems like every time Alan Miranda approaches a victory, bad luck strikes.  Miranda was leading Grier when he suffered a mechanical failure with four laps remaining and headed to the pits.  Grier took the lead from there and drove on to victory ahead of NFL Alumnus Jeremy Newberry, Roy Fisher, Rick Panfili and Brian Grosenheider.  Grier also won his eight lap heat race.

Kellen Chadwick scored the win in the 20 lap A Modified Main Event.  Chadwick got the opportunity to drive the new Brian Pearce car and made the most of it with his eight lap heat race and feature wins.  Chadwick is a past Antioch Speedway champion and won the prestigious Wild West Speedweek series championship last year.  Chadwick withstood a lap 18 restart challenge from title hopeful Bobby Motts Jr. and brought it home to victory.  Reigning champion Carl Berendsen II finished third ahead of his brother, Eric Berendsen.  Gary Hetrick was fifth.

Past Street Stock champion Todd Gomez scored the victory in the 20 lap B Modified feature.  The race had heavy attrition early on when Anthony Giuliani hit the Turn 1 wall, collecting Doff Cooksey, Tim Hammett and Mark Garner.  Gomez drove a good race and stayed out of trouble for the well earned victory.  Megan Ponciano was second ahead of K.C. Keller, Randy Brown and Mike Mates.  Giuliani and Brown were eight lap heat race winners.

Rookie Brent Curran won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  The 2014 Four Banger champion won his eight lap heat race and was running strong in the Main Event, but he had a little luck on his side this time.  Curran battled fiercely with Cameron Swank for the lead with Chris Long close behind.  Swank nudged ahead and might have won the race as he took the white flag in first.  However, Swank got sideways in Turns 1 and 2 and fell back several positions.  Curran raced by for the lead and win.  Long finished second ahead of Michael Cooper, Swank and Joey Ridgeway.  Lori Brown and Gene Haney won the other heat races.

All Star Series racing resumes next week with Winged 360 Sprint Cars back in action.  A Modifieds race for $750 to win, and Wingless Spec Sprints, Limited Late Models, B Modifieds and Hobby Stocks are also on the card.  For further information, go to

Unofficial Race Results
DIRTcar Late Models
Heat Winners-Richard Papenhausen, Shawn DeForest.  Main Event-Jeff Decker, DeForest, Chester Kniss, Kimo Oreta, Mike Hynes.

Hobby Stocks
Heat Winners-Brent Curran, Lori Brown, Gene Haney.  Main Event-Curran, Chris Long, Michael Cooper, Cameron Swank, Joey Ridgeway.

Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat Winners-Bryan Grier, Tyler Henriquez.  Main Event-Grier, Jeremy Newberry, Roy Fisher, Rick Panfili, Brian Grosenheider.

A Modifieds
Heat Winners-Kellen Chadwick, Carl Berendsen II.  Main Event-Chadwick, Bobby Motts Jr., C. Berendsen, Eric Berendsen, Gary Hetrick.

B Modifieds
Heat Winners-Anthony Giuliani, Randy Brown.  Main Event-Todd Gomez, Megan Ponciano, K.C. Keller, R. Brown, Mike Mates.

Dotson, Diaz, Dean, Corder Win Merced Speedway Features

Merced, CA...April 29...Ethan Dotson mounted an impressive charge to take the victory in the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Merced Speedway.  Late Model veteran Derek Nance led five laps ahead of Darrell Hughes II before a yellow flag slowed the pace.  Hughes grabbed the lead on the restart, and Bill Egleston and reigning champion Randy Brown shuffled Nance out of the Top 3 on lap eight.  Brown took the lead from Hughes on a lap nine restart as Dotson made his first appearance in the Top 5.  Dotson took fourth from Nance on lap 12, and Dotson shot by Hughes for second on lap 17.  A lap 18 yellow flag provided Dotson his opportunity.  On the restart, Dotson charged by Brown to take the lead.  Dotson led the rest of the way to grab the victory.  Brown settled for second ahead of Hughes, Egleston, Chris Shannon, Bruce "Bubba" Nelson, Nance, Mike Villanueva, Bryan Clark and Joel Myers.  Nance, Hughes and D.J. Shannon won nine lap heat races.

Rick Diaz returned after a week off and won his second 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  Chuck Weir started up front and led early ahead of past champion Matt Sotomayor.  Diaz was in third and took second from Sotomayor on lap six.  Diaz raced past Weir for the lead on lap seven as Chris Falkenberg settled into third.  Fred Ryland led Falkenberg around Weir for second and third on lap nine.  Despite the 2015 State champion Ryland in close pursuit, Diaz ran a smooth race and earned the victory.  Falkenberg was a solid third ahead of Jeremy Hoff, Weir, Sotomayor, Tim Elias, Mark Odgers, Chase Thomas and Josh Hensley.  Falkenberg and C. Thomas were nine lap heat race winners.

Kodie Dean collected his second 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event victory and secured a starting spot in next week's Ted Stofle Classic.  Dean led the race from the start ahead of Donnie Shearer.  The lead duo ran close as Shannon Nelson was an early third.  Nelson fell out of the top 5 on lap 11 as Mike Stockton was now third.  Despite D. Shearer running close behind, Dean made no mistakes and posted a well earned victory.  D. Shearer, Robbie Loquaci and Stockton earned Ted Stofle Classic starts with their Top 4 finishes.  Michael Shearer finished fifth ahead of Austin Van Hoff, Garrett Corn, George Silva, Kristie Shearer and Nelson.  D. Shearer and Dean won nine lap heat races.

Reigning champion Chris Corder finally won his first 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event of the season.  Fellow heat race winner Lucy Falkenberg joined Corder on the front row of the Main Event, but the battle would be between C. Corder, Jennifer Corder and two time winner D.J. Keldsen.  As they raced down the backstretch midway through the feature, Keldsen and J. Corder got together and Keldsen went rolling.  The race was over for both of them.  C. Corder resumed command from there and went on to a much needed victory.  Falkenberg was a career best second ahead of newcomer Shawn DePriest, Meghan Myers, Destiny Carter, Keldsen, J. Corder, David Richards, Robert Frank and Tyler Jackson.

Tim Vaught won the first ever 12 lap Mini Late Model Main Event at Merced Speedway.  Vaught won the heat race and led every lap to win the Main Event.  Tim Crews ran second until losing the position to Riley Jeppesen on lap nine.  Crews finished third ahead of Ian Shearer.

Next week will be the annual Ted Stofle Classic for Hobby Stocks, IMCA Sport Modifieds and IMCA Modifieds.  This is a very special race that you won't want to miss.  For further information, go to

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Derek Nance, Bruce Nelson, Bill Egleston.  Heat 2-Darrell Hughes II, Randy Brown, Ethan Dotson.  Heat 3-D.J. Shannon, Chris Shannon, Robby Sawyer.  Main Event-Dotson, Brown, Hughes, Egleston, C. Shannon, Nelson, Nance, Mike Villanueva, Bryan Clark, Joel Myers.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Chris Falkenberg, Matt Sotomayor, Fred Ryland.  Heat 2-Chase Thomas, Jeremy Hoff, Josh Hensley.  Main Event-Rick Diaz, Ryland, Falkenberg, Hoff, Chuck Weir, Sotomayor, Tim Elias, Mark Odgers, Thomas, Hensley.

Hobby Stocks
Heat 1-Donnie Shearer, Kristie Shearer, Robbie Loquaci.  Heat 2-Kodie Dean, Austin Van Hoff, Shannon Nelson.  Main Event-Dean, D. Shearer, Loquaci, Mike Stockton, Michael Shearer, Van Hoff, Garret Corn, George Silva, K. Shearer, Nelson.

Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Chris Corder, D.J. Keldsen, Shawn DePriest.  Heat 2-Lucy Falkenberg, David Richards, Jennifer Corder.  Main Event-C. Corder, Falkenberg, DePriest, Meghan Myers, Destiny Carter, Keldsen, J. Corder, Richards, Robert Frank, Tyler Jackson,

Mini Late Models
Heat-Tim Vaught, Tim Crews, Riley Jeppesen.  Main Event-Vaught, Jeppesen, Crews, Ian Shearer.

Butler, Cooper Score Marysville Raceway Victories

Marysville, CA...April 29...Bobby Butler won the 25 lap Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Marysville Raceway.  Butler jumped into the lead at the start of the Main Event as Jeremy Hawes settled into second over Heath Hall.  Heat race winner Emily Williams was fourth behind Raquel Hall, but Williams made a pass for fourth on lap 11.  A lap 12 cautuion flag slowed the pace, and Butler mainatained a rapid pace out front when the green flag waved.  Tyler Seavy settled into fifth and passed Williams for fourth on a lap 18 restart.  At the same moment, H. Hall grabbed second from Hawes.  Butler set a rapid pace out front and took the checkered flag a straightaway ahead of H. Hall.  Hawes settled for third ahead of Seavey, Peter Paulson, previous feature winner Mike Monohan, Jimmy Steward, Dylan Odgdon, Williams and Dustin Freitas.  Monohan won the other eight lap heat race. 

Reigning IMCA Sport Modified champion Brain Cooper won the 20 lap Main Event.  Recent Susanville winner Evan Scroggins set the early Main Event pace ahead of Willie Horn and Thomas Reynolds.  Cooper struck to third on lap two and put the moves on Horn for second on lap three.  Cooper grabbed the lead from Scroggins on lap four.  Multiple yellow flags slowed the action over the next half dozen laps, and Horn gained second on lap eight.  Title hopeful Phillip Shelby's race ended on a lap nine caution flag.  Cooper continued to set the pace with Mike Merritt settling into second.  Cooper drove a great race and earned the victory ahead of Merritt, Horn, Mike Smith, Mike Helwig, Greg Barnes, Reynolds, Scroggins, Shelby and Raymond Benkwski.  Shelby and Horn won eight lap heat races.

Matt Magenheimer won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  Kyle Cheney led the early laps of the feature ahead of Magenheimer and Cy Cooper.  Cooper briefly took second from Magenheimer on lap five, but Magenheimer raced by Cheney in a good battle to take the lead on lap eight.  Mel Byers settled into third and grabbed second from Cheney on lap 11.  Magenheimer led the rest of the way and went on to score the win ahead of Bryers, Cheney, Cooper, Danny Carpenter and Anthony Doubledee.  Magenheimer also won the heat race. 

Mike Walko won the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event.  The feature had two yellow flag slowdowns, and though reigning champion James Castleberry ran closely behind him, Walko stayed smooth and collected a satisfying victory.  Brad Magenheimer finished third ahead of Rod Oliver.  Casteberry won the eight lap heat race.

Race Results
360 Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Emily Williams, Bobby Butler, Jeremy Hawes.  Heat 2-Mike Monohan, Tyler Seavy, Raquel Hall.  Main Event-Butler, Heath Hall, Hawes, Seavey, Peter Paulson, Monohan, Jimmy Steward, Dylan Odgdon, Williams, Dustin Freitas.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Phillip Shelby, Thomas Reynolds, Greg Barnes.  Heat 2-Willie Horn, Evan Scroggins, Brian Cooper.  Main Event-Cooper, Mike Merritt, Horn, Mike Smith, Mike Helwig, Barnes, Reynolds, Scroggins, Shelby, Raymond Benkowski.

Hobby Stocks
Heat 1-Matt Magenheimer, Kyle Cheney, Mel Beyers.  Main Event-Magenheimer. Byers, Cheney, Cy Cooper, Danny Carpenter, Anthony Doubledee.

Street Stocks
Heat-Brad Magenheimer, James Casteberry, Mike Walko.  Main Event-Walko, Castleberry, Magenheimer, Rod Oliver.

Hall, Micheli, Winter Win Placerville Speedway Features

Placerville, CA...April 29...Scott Hall won a special 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event Saturday night at Placerville Speedway.  Cody Spencer set the pace in the early laps of the Main Event.  Tim Sherman Jr. was an early second, but he lost the position to three time Hunt Series champion Terry Schank Jr. on lap three.  A lap four restart gave Schank the opportunity he needed to slip into the lead with Sherman following in second.  However, Hall grabbed the second position on lap five as Spencer recovered in third.  Hall put the moves on Schank for the lead on the sixth tour, and Spencer was back in second on lap 10.  Hall drove a flawless race down the stretch and earned the victory ahead of Spencer, Paul Vandenberg, Brent Steck, Trey Walters, Bruce Morrow, Ryon Siverling, J.D. Alderman, Schank and Sherman.  Hall and Spencer each won eight lap heat races.

Another great turnout of NCDCA Dwarf Cars saw Ryan "Ice Chip" Winter drive to victory in their 20 lap Main Event.  Michael "Spanky" Grenert raced into the early lead in the feature, followed closely by Danny Wagner.  Winter moved into third on a lap two restart, and Wagner grabbed the lead on a lap four restart, followed closely by Friday night Watsonville winner Shawn Jones.  However, Winters slipped past Jones for the second position a lap later.  On the sixth lap, Winters charged by Wagner to grab the lead.  Jones grabbed second from Wagner on lap ten.  Even with Jones giving chase, past NorCal Dwarf Car champion Winters was not to be denied the victory.  Wagner settled for third, followed by Scott Dahlgren, Kevin Bender, Johnny Reeves, Brian Quilty, Mike Reeder, Justin Winter and Alan Heeney.  Eight lap heat race wins when to R. Winter, Bender and Mike Reeder.

Limited Late Model competitor Ray Trimble jumped into a Pure Stock and won their 20 lap Main Event.  Trimble set the early Main Event pace in front of Jay Bryant.  Trimble led through an early yellow flag, and past champion Scott Grunert grabbed second on lap six.  Reigning champion Nick Baldwin was third on a lap 12 restart.  Two more yellows waived during the final 10 laps, but each time Trimble moved ahead on the restart.  Trimble was the happy winner ahead of Grunert, Baldwin, Dan Jinkerson, Jason Palmer, Bryant, Rick Grunert, Sam Bernstein, Jeff Sly and Travis Emery.  S. Grunert and Baldwin were heat race winners.

Second generation racer Matt Michelli dominated the 20 lap Limited Late Model feature.  Michelli set the early Main Event pace ahead of heat race winner Mike Lightfoot and Ray Trimble.  The lead trio remained the same until lap 12, when Trimble passed Lightfoot for second.  Michelli checked out on the rest of the pack during the final eight tours and took the checkered flag a half-lap ahead of Trimble.  M. Lightfoot settled for third ahead of Tyler Lightfoot, Tom Tillford, ageless veteran Ken Michelli and Ryan McDaniel, who simply took a green flag to start the race and pulled off.

Race Results
Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1- Scott Hall, Terry Schank Jr., Brent Steck.  Heat 2-Cody Spencer, Trey Walters, Tim Sherman Jr.  Trophy Dash-Schank, Spencer, Hall.  Main Event-Hall, Spencer, Paul Vandenberg, Steck, Walters, Bruce Morrow, Ryon Siverling, J.D. Alderman, Schank, Sherman.

Limited Late Model
Heat-Mike Lightfoot, Matt Michelli, Ryan McDaniel.  Main Event-M. Michelli, Ray Trimble, M. Lightfoot, Tyler Lightfoot, Tom Tillford, Ken Michelli, McDaniel

NCDCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Ryan Winter, Shawn Jones, Michael Grenert.  Heat 2-Kevin Bender, Danny Wagner, Scott Dahlgren.  Heat 3-Mike Reeder, Johnny Reeves, Colby Wiesz.  Main Event-R. Winter, Jones, Wagner, Dahlgren, Bender, Reeves, Brian Quilty, Reeder, Justin Winter, Alan Heeney.

Pure Stocks
Heat 1-Scott Grunert, Ray Trimble, Jay Bryant.  Heat 2-Nick Baldwin, Chris Von Roekel, Sam Bernstein.  Main Event-Trimble, S. Grunert, Nick Baldwin, Dan Jinkerson, Jason Palmer, Bryant, Rick Grunert, Bernstein, Jeff Sly, Travis Emery.