Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hogge Wins Larry Damitz Memorial At Antioch, Joaquin Wins At Merced, More

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Hogge Battles Papenhausen For Victory At Antioch Speedway

Antioch, CA...May 13...Bobby Hogge IV outdueled Richard Papenhausen for a $3,000 victory in the 25 lap DIRTcar Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  The big money event was the featured attraction for the Larry Damitz Memorial.  Before the Main Events, they ran a special Memorial Lap with the Limited Late Model, Late Model and Hardtop that Larry drove last year at the head of the pack.

Reigning track champion Richard Papenhausen set the early pace ahead of Hogge.  The race suffered through a string of early yellow flags before it really got going.  It was a lap six restart when Hogge surprised Papenhausen by racing into the lead on the inside line.  A few laps later, Hogge had a scary moment in Turn 1 as he approached traffic.  Despite contact, he kept going.  Hogge seemed to make all the right moves in traffic when Papenhausen closed the gap.  The yellow and checkered flags ended the race a lap early with debris on the track.  Hogge was the happy winner ahead of Papenhausen, Jeff Decker, Andy Obertello and Randy Shafer.

Rookie Kyle Offill won his second 20 lap All Star Series Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event.  Offill won his heat race, but he had to battle back to the front after he tangled with Aaron Miller while attempting an inside pass on the back stretch on lap five.  Jacob Tuttle led the way from the start as Offill made his way back to second.  Offill made his winning move in the final turn as he sped past Tuttle for his second victory.  Tuttle settled for second, while heat race winner Steve Jaquith just beat Marissa Polizzi back to the line for third.  Jenna Frazier finished fifth.

Kellen Chadwick won the 20 lap A Modified Main Event.  Chadwick picked up a victory earlier this season in the Brian Pearce car, but he was back in his own car this time.  Chadwick had his hands full with Bobby Hogge IV shadowing him on the inside for most of the race.  The leaders had a scary moment in traffic, and contact saw Terry Kaiser spin coming out of Turn 4 as the faster cars tried to get by.  Chadwick continued to lead on the restart, and he held off Hogge for a hard fought victory.  Nick DeCarlo battled reigning champion Carl Berendsen II for the third place finish as Anthony Slaney finished fifth.

Mark Garner picked up the win in the 20 lap Limited Late Model Main Event.  Garner had to battle 2013 champion Jim Freethy early on before taking the lead.  Kimo Oreta moved the Sun Drop Racing #15 car into second.  However, Garner had the big trophy that was sponsored by Pete Paulsen in his sights as he brought it home to victory.  Oreta settled for second ahead of Freethy, Mike Gustafson and Lori Brown.  Garner and Oreta also won their heat races.

Adam Teves made his first Dwarf Car start at Antioch in nearly two years and left with the victory in the 20 lap Main Event.  Teammates Charlie Correia and Mike Corsaro battled for the lead early on.  Corsaro got the lead, only to surrender it to reining champion Kevin Miraglio.  Miraglio took a tumble in his heat race, but quick repairs enabled him to make the Main Event start.  As Corsaro faded, Miraglio led the way, but Teves was quickly approaching.  Working lap 14, Teves made his move around Miraglio for the lead.  Once in front, there was no stopping Teves as he sped home to victory.  Miraglio suffered a mechanical failure late and fell out as Chuck Connover was second once again.  Toby Brown impressed with a third place finish as rookie Devan Kammermann and Brian Gray rounded out the Top 5.

All Star Series racing action continues next week during the Contra Costa County Fair.  On Friday night, Hobby Stocks and Dwarf Cars share the billing.  Saturday night will see the Wingless Spec Sprints and B Modifieds both in action.  For further information, go to www.antiochspeedway.com.

Unofficial Race Results
DIRTcar Late Models
Heat Winners-Richard Papenhausen, Shawn DeForest, Paul Guglielmoni.  $200 Dash For Cash-Joey Tanner.  Main Event-Bobby Hogge IV, Richard Papenhausen, Jeff Decker, Andy Obertello, Randy Shafer.

Winged 360 Sprint Cars
Heat Winners-Scott Jaquith, Kyle Offill.  Main Event-Kyle Offill, Jacob Tuttle, Steve Jaquith, Marissa Polizzi, Jenna Frazier.

A Modifieds
Heat Winners-Bobby Montalvo, Kellen Chadwick, Bobby Hogge IV.  Main Event-Kellen Chadwick, Bobby Hogge IV, Nick DeCarlo, Carl Berendsen II, Anthony Slaney.

Limited Late Models
Heat Winners-Mark Garner, Kimo Oreta.  Main Event-Mark Garner, Oreta, Jim Freethy, Mike Gustafson, Lori Brown.

Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners-Adam Teves, Mike Corsaro.  Main Event-Adam Teves, Chuck Connnover, Toby Brown, Devan Kammermann and Brian Gray

Joaquin, Caracillo, Corder Win 
Merced Speedway Main Events

Merced, CA...May 13...Kevin Joaquin held off the challenges of James Stockton to win the 25 lap Hobby Stock Main Event Saturday night at Merced Speedway.  Joaquin is the 2015 champion and 2016 point runnerup, but he's been off to a rough start this year.  Joaquin raced into the lead at the start ahead of Kristie Shearer.  Two time champion Bruce "Bubba" Nelson took second from K. Shearer on lap eight, but he made a pit stop during a lap 12 caution period.  Joaquin led James Stockton and two time winners Kodie Dean and Garrett Corn on the restart.  During the final laps, you could throw a blanket over the lead four cars as B. Nelson found his way back up to fifth.  Corn took third from Dean on lap 24.  However, Joaquin held off the advances of J. Stockton for an impressive victory.  Corn finished a strong third ahead of Dean, B. Nelson, Thomas McAbee, Dexter Long, Josh Hensley, Austin Van Hoff and Robert Jackson. 

Charlie Caracillo scored a flag to flag victory in the 25 lap BCRA Midget Lites Main Event.  A multi time San Jose Speedway Sprint Car champion, Caracillo raced into the early Main Event lead ahead of Kayla Green.  Reigning champion Craig Dillard grabbed third on lap nine and passed Green for second a lap later.  A lap 12 yellow flag bunched the field.  However, Caracillo continued to set a rapid pace up front and would take the checkered flag ahead of Dillard.  Dakota Albright settled into third on lap 20 and finished there ahead of Jimmy Riddell, Jeff Dyer, Aiden Lange, Danika Jo Parer, Green, Tom Downing and Bobby Michnowicz.  Dyer and Albright were eight lap heat race winners.

Reigning Mini Stock champion Chris Corder won his second straight 12 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Chris and his sister Jennifer Corder were the two six lap heat race winners.  Unfortunately for Jennifer, her Main Event ended early.  C. Corder took command of the race and sped to the victory.  Shawn DePriest was a career best second ahead of Tyler Jackson.  Destiny Carter had her best finish of the year in fourth as newcomer Helena Guzman, J. Corder and Jeremy Perry rounded out the finishing order.

Tom Paterson won the 20 lap USAC Midget2 Main Event.  The dirt series point leader has had two seconds so far, but he impressed with his first win of the season.  Paterson raced into the lead at the start ahead of Annie Breidinger and Adam Lemke.  Lemke slipped past Breidinger for second on lap four with Antonia Boscacci taking third from Breidinger on lap ten.  Even a lap 18 yellow flag could not stop Paterson from a well earned victory.  Lemke settled for second ahead of Boscacci, Breidinger, Blake Brannon and Jesse Love IV.

Riley Jeppesen won the California Sharp Mini Late Model Main Event.  It capped a double win evening for the young second generation racer as he also won the six lap heat race.  Tim Crews set the pace at the start of the Main Event ahead of Tim Vaught.  A lap six caution flag flew for Ian Shearer.  Jeppesen charged into the lead on the restart with Vaught still holding onto second.  Despite the pressure of two time winner Vaught behind him, Jeppesen kept his cool and earned his first victory.  Crews settled for third as Shearer rounded out the finishing order.

Race Results
Hobby Stocks
Heat 1-Bruce Nelson, Robbie Loquaci, Shannon Nelson.  Heat 2-Austin Van Hoff, James Stockton, Kristie Shearer.  Heat 3-Garrett Corn, Mike Stockton, Kevin Joaquin.  Main Event-Kevin Joaquin, James Stockton, Garrett Corn, Kodie Dean, Bruce Nelson, Thomas McAbee, Dexter Long, Josh Hensley, Austin Van Hoff, Robert Jackson.

BCRA Midget Lites
Heat 1-Jeff Dyer, Charlie Caracillo, Jimmy Riddell.  Heat 2-Dakota Albright, Aiden Lange, Craig Dillard.  Main Event-Charlie Caracillo, Craig Dillard, Dakota Albright, Jimmy Riddell, Jeff Dyer, Aiden Lange, Danika Jo Parer, Kayla Green, Tom Downing, Bobby Michnowicz.

Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Jennifer Corder, Shawn DePriest, Destiny Carter.  Heat 2-Chris Corder, Tyler Jackson, Jeremy Perry.  Main Event-Chris Corder, Shawn DePriest, Tyler Jackson, Destiny Carter, Helena Guzman, Jennifer Corder, Jeremy Perry, Pisha Harvey (DNS).

USAC Midget2
Heat-Adam Lemke, Tom Patterson, Antonia Boscacci.  Main Event-Tom Paterson, Adam Lemke, Antonia Boscacci, Annie Breidinger, Blake Brannon, Jesse Love IV.

Mini Late Models
Heat-Riley Jeppesen, Tim Vaught, Tim Crews.  Main Event-Riley Jeppesen, Tim Vaught, Tim Crews, Ian Shearer.

Copeland, Simpson, Dutra, Shaw Win 
Petaluma Speedway Features

Petaluma, CA...May 13...Colby Copeland won the 25 lap PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Petaluma Speedway.  This was the second race of the four race Shoot Out Series, and it paid Copeland $2,000.  Copeland wheeled the Donny Van Lare Sprinter into the lead from the start ahead of Geoff Ensign.  Copeland took the checkered flag ahead of Ensign and Klint Simpson.  Ensign set the fast time of 13.065, while Lucus Ashe, Cody Lamar and reigning champion Bradley Terrell were the eight lap heat race winners.

Klint Simpson made his move late to grab a $1,000 payday in the PitStopUSA.com Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  Second generation racer Matthew Haulot set the early pace ahead of three time Hunt Series champion Terry Schank Jr.  Simpson was riding along in fourth on lap ten and took third from Shayna Sylvia on lap 12.  A lap 16 pass gained Simpson second from Schank, and he quickly moved in for the challenge.  Simpson made his winning move around Haulot for the lead on lap 22.  From there, Simpson sped home to an impressive victory.  Schank raced by Haulot for second on lap 24 to finish there.  Haulot settled for a respectable third ahead of Shayna Sylvia, Chris Kerr, Sparky Howard, William Fatu, Bob Davis, Edin McCormick and Ryon Siverling.

Dave Mosier won the 20 lap General Hydroponics Dwarf Car Main Event.  The multi time division champion had the lead from the start of the race.  Reigning champion Chad Matthias was second ahead of Scooter Gomes until a lap 14 caution saw an end of the run for Matthias.  Mosier led Gomes on the restart, and they ran 1-2 to the checkered flag.  Zach Albers was a solid third ahead of Marcus Hardina, Brandon Gentry, Travis Dutra, Miranda Chappa, Carroll Mendenhall, Barry Waddell and John Peters.  Gentry and Mosier were eight lap heat race winners.

Koen Shaw posted the victory in the 20 lap Santa Rosa Auto Body 600 Mini Sprint Main Event.  Shaw set the pace at the start ahead of Nick Robfogel.  Tony Soper made a brief challenge before slipping back a few spots on a lap five restart.  Shaw drove a great race and brought it home a happy winner ahead of Robfogel, Jim Beck and David Engstrom.  Soper was a solid fifth ahead of George Nielson, Dolan McIntosh, Justin Addiego, Jenna Perkins and Scott McIntosh.  Beck and Engstrom were eight lap heat race winners.

Race Results
PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprints
Fast Time-Geoff Ensign 13.065.  Heat 1-Lucas Ashe, Colby Copeland, Klint Simpson.  Heat 2-Cody Lamar, Tony Gualda, Dustin Golobic.  Heat 3-Bradley Terrell, Jason McIntosh, David Lindt II.  Main Event-Colby Copeland, Geoff Ensign, Klint Simpson.

PitStopUSA.com Wingless Spec Sprints
Fast Time-Klint Simpson 15.212.  Heat 1-Terry Schank Jr., Klint Simpson, Sparky Howard.  Heat 2-Matthew Haulot, Shayna Sylia, Chris Kerr.  Main Event-Klint Simpson, Terry Schank Jr., Matthew Haulot, Shayna Sylvia, Chris Kerr, Sparky Howard, William Fatu, Bob Davis, Edin McCormick, Ryon Siverling.

General Hydroponics Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brandon Gentry, Mark Hanson, Scooter Gomes.  Heat 2-Dave Mosier, Chad Mathias, Miranda Chappa.  Main Event-Dave Mosier, Scooter Gomes, Zach Albers, Marcus Hardina, Brandon Gentry, Travis Dutra, Miranda Chappa, Carroll Mendenhall, Barry Waddell, John Peters.

Santa Rosa Auto Body 600 Mini Sprints
Heat 1-Jim Beck, Koen Shaw, Nathan Schank.  Heat 2-David Engstrom, Nick Robfogel, Paul Alonso.  Main Event-Koen Shaw, Nick Robfogel, Jim Beck, David Engstrom, Tony Soper, George Nielson, Dolan McIntosh, Justin Addiego, Jenna Perkins, Scott McIntosh.

Hawes, Shelby, Olschowka Marysville Raceway 
Feature Winners

Marysville, CA...May 13...Jeremy Hawes won the 25 lap Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Marysville Raceway.  Hawes led Billy Wallace early before three time champion Colby Wiesz took over second on lap ten.  Wiesz pressured Hawes hard during the final laps of the race.  However, Hawes was up to the challenge as he brought it home to a well earned victory.  Wiesz settled for second ahead of Wallace, Mike Monohan, Dustin Freitas, Tyler Seavey, Korey Lovell, Dyllan Ogden, Pat Harvey Jr. and Jimmy Steward.

Phillip Shelby won the 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event in impressive fashion.  The West Coast Sport Modified Tour support boosted the field to over 30 cars.  Drawing on his years of experience as a past Street Stock champion, Shelby jumped out into the lead at the start and through two quick early yellow flags.  Fred Ryland was an early second ahead of Nick Spainhoward in a battle of past IMCA State champions.  When the race got going again on lap eight, Shelby proceeded to pull away, leaving Ryland and Spainhoward to battle for second.  Spainhoward moved past Ryland for second on lap 16.  A lap 23 caution flag gave Spainhoward one more shot at Shelby.  That didn't matter as Shelby completed his impressive run with a victory, forcing Spainhoward to settle for second.  Ryland finished third, followed by Michael Johnson, State point leader Shane DeVolder, Lee Jensen, Kyle Wood, Jeremy Hoff, Jerry Bartlett and Tyler Rodgers.  Shelby, Johnson, Jordan Hagar and Damian Merritt won eight lap heat races.  Reigning State champion Brian Cooper won the 12 lap B Main ahead of Les Friend and Todd Cooper.

Buddy Olschowka won his second 20 lap NCDCA Dwarf Car Main Event of the year.  Scott Dahlgren set the early pace.  Jack Haverty took second from Brian Quilty on lap three with Olschowka quickly striking to third.  Olschowka grabbed second on lap five.  A lap 11 caution flag ended Dahlgren's run up front.  Olschowka raced into the lead on the restart ahead of Jeremy Blackshere and Danny Wagner.  Olschowka ran a great race down the stretch and scored a well earned victory ahead of Blackshere and Wagner.  Quilty was a solid fourth ahead of Kevin Bender, Mike Reeder, Jeff Fitch, Ben Wiesz, Michael Grenert and Josh Wiesz.

Cody Spencer won the 15 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  Spencer led all the way to win ahead of heat race winner Gary Paulson, Paul Vandenberg and Bruce Morrow.

Rob Waldrop won both the heat race and ten lap Main Event for the California Hardtops.  Waldrop repeated his efforts from a night earler in Chico aboard the Bill McLaughlin car as he held off Winnemucca, Nevada's Rhett Lange, Ken Clifford and Joe Hopp to win the Main Event.

Race Results
Winged 360 Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Colby Wiesz, Emily Williams, Heath Hall.  Heat 2-Tyler Seavey, Dustin Freitas, Jeremy Hawes.  Heat 3-Rowdy McClennon, Bobby Butler, Dyllan Ogdon.  Main Event-Jeremy Hawes, Colby Wiesz, Billy Wallace, Mike Mononhan, Dustin Freitas, Tyler Seavey, Korey Lovell, Dyllan Ogden, Pat Harvey Jr., Jimmy Steward.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Phillip Shelby, Lee Jensen, Nick Spainhoward.  Heat 2-Michael Johnson, Tyler Rodgers, Kyle Wood.  Heat 3-Jordan Hagar, Fred Ryland, Matthew Mayo.  Heat 4-Damian Merritt, Shane DeVolder, Jeremy Hoff.  B Main-Brian Cooper, Les Friend, Todd Cooper, Todd Gomez, Jimmy Ford.  Main Event-Phillip Shelby, Nick Spainhoward, Fred Ryland, Michael Johnson, Shane DeVolder, Lee Jensen, Kyle Wood, Jeremy Hoff, Jerry Bartlett, Tyler Rodgers.

NCDCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Danny Wagner, Johnny Reeves, Brian Quilty.  Heat 2-Mike Reeder, Michael Grenert, Jack Haverty.   Heat 3-Jeremy Blackshere, Buddy Olschowka, Scott Dahlgren.  Main Event-Buddy Olschowka, Jeremy Blackshere, Danny Wagner, Brian Quilty, Kevin Bender, Mike Reeder, Jeff Fitch, Ben Wiesz, Michael Grenert, Josh Wiesz.

Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1-Gary Paulson, Cody Spencer, Paul Vandenberg.  Main Event-Cody Spencer, Gary Paulson, Paul Vandenberg, Bruce Morrow.

California Hardtops
Heat 1-Rob Waldrop, Ken Clifford, Rhett Lange.  Main Event-Rob Waldrop, Rhett Lange, Ken Clifford, Joe Hopp.