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Friday Night Watsonville, Chico And Hanford Articles

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Sanders, Hogge, Hagio Win Ocean Speedway Features

Watsonville, CA...May 12...Justin Sanders scored the victory in the 30 lap Taco Bravo Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway.  Sanders had a front row start and led the entire race with Shane Golobic and Geoff Ensign in close pursuit all the way.  Even a red flag on lap 19 didn't stop Sanders.  He maintained his lead over Golobic on the restart and sped to a well earned victory.  Ensign was a strong third ahead of Jeremy Chisum, Kyler Shaw, Brad Furr, Koen Shaw, Kyle Offill, Danny Malfatti and Josh Chisum.  Ensign, Dustin Golobic and Kurt Nelson won eight lap heat races, and Sanders earned his pole position start with a six lap Trophy Dash win ahead of S. Golobic.

It was another day at the office as Bobby Hogge IV won the 20 lap IMCA Modified Main Event.  Nick DeCarlo set the early pace ahead of Kyle Wilson.  Hogge settled into third on lap two.  K. Wilson took the lead from DeCarlo on lap five, and Hogge was second two laps later.  Hogge wasted no time taking the lead from K. Wilson on lap ten.  A lap 16 restart allowed DeCarlo to take second from K. Wilson as past division champion Jim Pettit II also got by for third.  Hogge had a half straightaway lead over DeCarlo by the time he took the checkered flag.  Pettit had his best finish of the year as he held off K. Wilson for third.  Alex Wilson finished fifth as Danny Wagner, Raymond Keldsen, Robert Marsh and Cody Burke completed the finishing order.

After back to back seconds, Matt Hagio scored the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  Hagio set the early pace ahead of Mark Hartman and Paul Espino.  Espino took second from Hartman on a lap 11 restart as previous two time winner Adriane Frost was fifth.  Frost gained fourth on lap 12 and took third from Hartman a lap later.  A lap 14 caution flag provided Frost the opportunity to slip past Espino for second.  However, this time Hagio would score the win and make Frost settle for second.  Tim Elias made a late pass on Espino to claim third.  Anthony Giuliani finished fifth, followed by Hartman, Charlie Hunter, John Ferro, Duane Bieser and Bud Aiassa.

Reigning champion Rob Gallaher won the 20 lap American Stock Main Event.  Tony Oliveira set the early pace, but a lap 3 restart gave Gallaher the opportunity to make a move from third into the lead.  Oliveira held second until Bobby Huckaby raced by on a lap 10 restart. J.C. Elrod took third from Oliveira on lap 16.  Gallaher held command for the rest of the race and beat Huckaby by a half straightaway.  Elrod was a strong third, followed by Terry Campion, Oliveira, Katie Briggs, Terry Traub, Jake Silva, Wally Kennedy and Joe Willoughby.

Ryan "Ice Chip" Winter won the 20 lap SBDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  The race was destined to go 20 laps without a yellow flag, and Winter led from the start over heat winners Cameron Diatte and Ryan Diatte.  C. Diatte provided constant pressure throughout the race and had a late surge.  However, Winter was not going to let this one go as he scored a well earned victory ahead of C. Diatte, R. Diatte, Shawn Jones, Scott Dalhgren, Mark Biscardi, Bill Belfield, Ryan Amlen, Trafton Chandler and Brady Beck.

Cody Keldsen won his first career 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Austin Williams battled early with heat race winner Eric Moody, who fell out on lap six.  Williams, C. Keldsen and D.J. Keldsen had a good battle going before C. Keldsen gained the lead on lap 10.  D.J. Kelden's race ended for a lap 13 yellow flag.  C. Keldsen led a determined Williams on the restart and held him off for a well earned victory.  Kate Beardsley finished third ahead of Bill Beardsley, D.J. Keldsen, Moody and Nicole Beardsley.

Race Results
Taco Bravo Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Dustin Golobic, Kyler Shaw, Justin Sanders.  Heat 2-Geoff Ensign, Kyle Offill, Shane Golobic.  H 3-Kurt Nelson, Jason Chisum, Jerry Bonnema.  Trophy Dash-Justin Sanders, Dustin Golobic, Kyler Shaw.  Main Event-Justin Sanders, Shane Golobic, Geoff Ensign, Jeremy Chisum, Kyler Shaw, Brad Furr, Koen Shawn, Kyle Offill, Danny Malfatti, Josh Chisum.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat-Nick DeCarlo, Danny Wagner, Kyle Wilson.  Main Event-Bobby Hogge IV, Nick DeCarlo, Jim Pettit II, Kyle Wilson, Alex Wilson, Danny Wagner, Raymond Keldsen, Robert Marsh, Cody Burke.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Anthony Giuliani, Tim Elias, Adriane Frost.  Heat 2-Matt Hagio, Mark Hartman, Paul Espino.  Main Event-Matt Hagio, Adriane Frost, Tim Elias, Paul Espino, Anthony Giuliani, Mark Hartman, Charlie Hunter, John Ferro, Duane Bieser, Bud Aiassa.

American Stocks
Heat 1-Bobby Huckaby, J.C. Elrod, Tony Oliveira.  Heat 2-Rob Gallaher, Jerry Skelton, Joe Willoughby.  Main Event-Rob Gallaher, Bobby Huckaby, J.C. Elrod, Terry Campion, Tony Oliveira, Katie Briggs, Terry Traub, Jake Silva, Wally Kennedy, Joe Willoughby.

SBDCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Cameron Diatte, Ryan Winter, Kyle Jones.  Heat 2-Ryan Diatte, Scott Dahlgren, Michael Grenert.  Main Event-Ryan Winter, Cameron Diatte, Ryan Diatte, Shawn Jones, Scott Dahlgren, Mark Biscardi, Bill Belfield, Ryan Amlen, Trafton Chandler, Brady Beck.

Mini Stocks
Heat-Erik Moody, D.J. Keldsen, Austin Williams.  Main Event-Cody Keldsen, Austin Williams, Kate Beardsley, Bill Beardsley, D.J. Keldsen, Erik Moody, Nicole Beardsley.

Backer, Mayo, Langenderfer Win 
Silver Dollar Speedway Features

Chico, CA...May 12...Reigning champion Sean Becker scored the victory in the 25 lap 410 Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway.  Bud Kaeding set the early pace ahead of Chase Majdic as Becker put the Dan Menne car into third on lap two.  Becker slipped past Majdic for second on lap six as Kalib Henry was third.  Becker took the lead on a lap 20 restart.  Henry was now second ahead of Majdic.  Henry provided some pressure for the lead late, but Becker was not to be denied the victory.  Andy Forsberg gained third on lap 26 and finished there, followed by Majdic, Michael Kofoid, Michael Ing, Justyn Cox, Kaeding, Brad Bumgarner and Braedon Enos.  Bumgarner and Kofoid were eight lap heat race winners.

Matthew Mayo had a little luck on his side in winning his first career 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  The West Coast Sport Modified Tour increased the field to 32 cars for this race.  Phillip Shelby set the early pace ahead of Brian Cooper.  Cooper briefly gained the lead on a lap four restart, only to surrender it back to the flying Shelby a lap later.  2015 Marysville champion Howard Law held second until being passed by 2015 State champion Fred Ryland on lap 10.  Mayo was now third as Shelby led Ryland through several yellow flags.  On a lap 23 restart, Shelby suddenly pulled off the track in Turn 1.  Ryland slowed entering Turn 3 to put Mayo into the lead.  Mayo led Michael Johnson and Lee Jensen the rest of the way for a Bakersfield podium sweep.  Shane DeVolder was fourth, followed by Howard Law, Mark Abouzeid, Tyler Rodgers, Cooper, Kyle Wood and Mike Merritt.  Law, Wood, Todd Gomez and Jensen won eight lap heat races.  Patti Ryland won the 12 lap B Main ahead of Michael Johnson and Jeremy Hoff.

Terry Schank Jr. won both the eight lap heat race and 20 lap Main Event for the Wingless Spec Sprints.  Tony Richards led the first half of the feature before Schank raced by for the lead.  Schank led the rest of the way with Richards not too far back in second.  Casey McClain, Angelique Bell and Craig Swim completed the finishing order.

Rob Waldrop drove the Bill McLughlin car to victory in the 10 lap California Hardtop Main Event.  Waldrop started back in the fourth row with Placerville winner Jason Armstrong starting last.  Ken Clifford finished second to Waldrop in the heat race and led early in the Main Event before Waldrop and J. Armstrong made their way to the front.  Waldrop had a mechanical issue end his night early at Placerville, but the car was running strong as he held off hard charger J. Armstrong for the win.  Clifford was a solid third ahead of Ron Ruiz, Dennis Armstrong, Joe Hopp, Steve Cloyes, Rhett Lange and Dan Whitney.

Jeremy Langenderfer won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  Heat race winner Kyle Allen set the early pace with James West slipping into second on a lap two restart.  Langenderfer made a big move from third to the lead on lap five with West in second.  Langenderfer drove a great race and led the rest of the way to win ahead of West.  Nick Vidovich took third from Allen on lap 18 to finish there.  Allen settled for fourth ahead of Mel Byers, Shannon Collins, Colin Ferguson and Mike Chase.

Race Results
410 Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Brad Bumgarner, Andy Forsberg, Sean Becker.  Heat 2-Michael Kofoid, Bud Kaeding, Chase Majdic.  Main Event-Sean Becker, Kalib Henry, Andy Forsberg, Chase Majdic, Michael Kofoid, Michael Ing, Justyn Cox, Bud Kaeding, Brad Bumgarnner, Braedon Enos.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Howard Law, Brian Cooper, Matthew Mayo.  Heat 2-Kyle Wood, Jerry Bartlett, Fred Ryland.  Heat 3-Todd Gomez, Mike Merritt, Phillip Shelby.  Heat 4-Lee Jensen, Shane DeVolder, Guy Ahlwardt.  B Main-Patti Ryland, Michael Johnson, Jeremy Hoff, Tyler Rodgers, Keith Brown Jr.  Main Event-Matthew Mayo, Michael Johnson, Lee Jensen, Shane DeVolder, Howard Law, Mark Abouzeid, Tyler Rodgers, Brian Cooper, Kyle Wood, Mike Merritt.

Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat 1-Terry Schank Jr., Casey McClain, Tony Richards.  Main Event-Terry Schank Jr., Tony Richards, Kalib Henry, Angelique Bell, Craig Swim.

California Hardtops
Heat-Rob Waldrop, Ken Clifford, Dennis Armstrong.  Main Event-Rob Waldrop, Jason Armstrong, Ken Clifford, Ron Ruiz, Dennis Armstrong, Joe Hopp, Steve Cloyes, Rhett Lange, Dan Whitney.

Hobby Stocks
Heat-Kyle Allen, Nick Vidovich, James West.  Main Event-Jeremy Langenderfer, James West, Nick Vidovich, Kyle Allen, Mel Byers, Shannon Collins, Colin Ferguson, Mike Chase.

Faccinto, Patee Win Keller Speedway Features

Hanford, CA...May 12...Mitchell Faccinto won the 30 lap King Of Kings Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Keller Auto Speedway.  Faccinto won the six lap Trophy Dash to have the pole for the Main Event, and he led from the outset ahead of reigning King Of The West Series champion Kyle Hirst and Craig Stidham.  A few yellow flag slowdowns only delayed the inevitable as Faccinto scored the victory ahead of Hurst and Stidham.  D.J. Netto was a solid fourth ahead of Cole Macedo, Jace Vanderweed, Cory Eliason, Steven Kent, Mathew Moles and Anthony Simone.  Ten lap heat race wins went to Netto, Stidham and Vanderweerd.

Troy Patee won the 20 lap IMCA Stock Car Main Event.  Brock Hamilton set the early Main Event pace ahead of Josh Nichols.  Patee gained second on lap four, and point leader Alan Mendes raced past Nichols for third on lap 12.  It was a lap 15 restart that opened the door for Patee and Mendes to race into first and second.  Patee kept the point battle close with Mendes as he held him off for the victory.  Steve Streeter finished third ahead of James Elliott, Brock Hamilton, Renn Bane, Nichols, Matthew Brumley and Pat Biggs.  Hamilton and Elliott won eight lap heat races.

Billy Wilker beat a short field of IMCA Modifieds for a heat race and 15 lap Main Event win.  Wilker led the Main Event from the start with Michael Scruggs not far behind in second.  However, Scruggs retired from the race, and Wilker cruised to victory ahead of Streeter and Scruggs.

Race Results
King Of Kings Sprint Cars
Heat 1-D.J. Netto, Dominic Scelzi, Giovanni Scelzi.  Heat 2-Craig Stidham, Mitchell Faccinto, Landon Hurst.  Heat 3-Jace Vanderweerd, Kyle Hirst, Cory Eliason.  Trophy Dash-Mitchell Faccinto, Craig Stidham, Jace Vanderweerd.  Main Event-Mitchell Faccinto, Kyle Hirst, Craig Stidham, D.J. Netto, Cole Macedo, Jace Vanderweerd, Cory Eliason, Steven Kent, Mathew Moles, Anthony Simone.

IMCA Stock Cars
Heat 1-Brock Hamilton, Troy Patee, Renn Bane.  Heat 2-James Elliott, Matthew Brumley, Pat Biggs.  Main Event-Troy Patee, Alan Mendes, Steve Streeter, James Elliott, Brock Hamilton, Renn Bane, Josh Nichols, Matthew Brumley, Pat Biggs.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Billy Wilker, Steve Streeter, Michael Scruggs.  Main Event-Billy Wilker, Steve Streeter, Michael Scruggs.