Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kokomo Speedway Pictures

I took notes, but I haven't really had the time to get into any of that with the other things happening here. However, I really did want to put something up about these tracks. I'll start with Kokomo Speedway for now. Don and I went on Sunday, the final night of Indiana Midget Week. They had a full field of Midgets and Wingless Sprint Cars, along with two local Stock Car classes, just enough to run 1 main event each. It was a good show. Hope to go over some notes later.

The stands are packed. You know what was really cool? These people stayed for EVERY race. It was past midnight when we left, and people had to work the next day. Nice to be among such die hard racing fans!

Below is the track. I'm no Joe Martinez, but I think the pictures give you a little idea of what they have there. The neat thing about Indiana is that you can find a race there every day of the weekend, and sometimes during the week, if you want it. California could learn a thing or two about how to appreciate the great sport of auto racing. By the way, there were California racers there!

Here's the track from Turns 3-4 to Turns 1&2.

As I said, I took notes and plenty of other picture. I'll try to get around to them when I have more time.