Friday, January 11, 2008

A Few Quick Notes

I believe people in Merced will be seeing schedules soon, if not already. I looked at the Merced Speedway page a few days ago, and Chowchilla dates are listed there as well. A few notes:

1-IMCA sanctioning for Mods at both tracks. Could be a boost for car count, but as I said before, it may be a little late in the game for this. Let the car count speak for itself.

2-Pretty much what I expected, a Merced schedule at both tracks, and likely CCMR rules as well. How this might effect Street Stock or Pure Stock car count remains to be seen. What sort of allowances will be made for Chowchilla regulars that may need to change according to the rule changes remains to be seen. I would anticipate a grace period, but we'll let track management make the announcements.

3-It looks like NCMA has booked dates at one or both tracks. Congrats. to NCMA. These guys always seem to be able to get race dates just when you think there may be trouble. I say the more carbureted Sprint divisions in California, the better.

4-I hope a certain purple #20 car will be allowed to compete at Chowchilla if the driver so chooses. Knowing the situation, I doubt it, but I hope I'm wrong. Tom Sagmiller will always be a part of Chowchilla Speedway, no matter what.

That being said, I wish both tracks luck, and I wish the best for all of the racers. Had things turned out differently, I would gladly have stayed and worked at BOTH tracks in 2003. I wash my hands of the whole grudge business. I have my opinion and always will, but who cares? I know I tried to help make a difference. It wouldn't surprise me if we haven't heard the last of things on this matter, and I say, so be it. I guess it just has to be what it has to be.

Let the racing begin

I didn't count the dates listed on the Petaluma Speedway page, but Jim Soares has booked Spec Sprints. Looks like they have a point race of their own there. Way to go Jim, and keep up the good work. You've done awesome there. Ten years since Don O'Keefe Jr. and I put this deal together for the first Spec Sprint season at Antioch, and look at this class go!!!

Ocean (Watsonville) Speedway has added Wingless Spec Sprints to their schedule as well. Lots of options for the drivers to choose where to race. You gotta love it. I wish Watsonville luck.

The Turner's have turned Orland Raceway back over to the fairgrounds. I'm sorry to see them go as they did a great job with that little track and had some good shows over the years. It's not the best place to run a racetrack, in the shadow of Chico, but they guided the track through one of it's most successful periods. Plus, they had Spec Sprints there as well. Thank you Paul & Carol and good luck in whatever you do next.

Also, it looks like Bob & Nadine Strauss have stepped down as promoters of Lakeport. I gotta tell you that Nadine is one of the best promoters in California and was so rewarded by RPM for her outstanding efforts. I'm sad to see them leave at a time when we need good promoters here in the state, but they have earned the break. Thank you Nadine and good luck in whatever you do next.