Friday, October 31, 2008

A Few Results From Antioch

With Antioch Speedway's website being run by a new webmaster, results aren't as easy to come by. I tracked down some of the more recent results and thought I'd post them here just in case anybody was interested. Looks like the season may have ended with some good car counts.

Following are the final results for races held at Antioch Speedway on Oct. 11.

DIRT MODIFIED: Heat winners — Brian Pierce, Scott Busby, Duane Clevland, Kellen Chadwick. (B Main First Flight) Richard Papenhausen, Ty Duggins, Jimmy Coppin. B Main (Second flight) — Nick Caughman, Travis Perry. Main event — Ryan McDaniel. Kenny Neu, Nick DeCarlo, Pierce, Jerry Movrich.

SUPER STOCKS: Heat winners — Jeff Oschowka, Jermey Petrell. Doug Haigo. Main event — Olashowka, Mitch Enos, Ricky Thatcher, Eric Berendsen, John Haney.

PURE STOCKS: Heat winners — Fred Ryland. Billy Barnes. Dave Lincoln. Main event — Megan Ponciano. Ryland, Joshaua Davis. Dan McCown, Brian Beard.

Following are the results from the Sept. 27 races at Antioch Speedway.

  • DIRT MODIFIEDS: Heat winners — Ryan McDaniel, Richard Pappenhausen, Kenny Neu, Rob Norris. C Main — Keith Brown, Sr, Aaron Crowell, Cody Burke, Chester Kniss, Bill Wallace, Don McClean, Nick DeCarlo (all transfer to B main). B Main — Brown Sr., Randy McDaniel, Mike Learn, DeCarlo, Steve Noack, Kniss (all transfer to A main). A Main — ($3,500 to win)-Bobby Hogge IV, Pappenhausen, Brown, Sr., Michael Paul, DeCarlo, Kniss, Kellen Chadwick, Jr., Noack, Phil Indihar, Ryan McDaniel.

  • SUPER STOCKS: Heat winners — Doug Hagio, Mitch Enos, Jeff Silva, Carl Berenadsen. B Main — Darren Thomas, Jeremy Prince, David Brown, Jon Haney, Mitch Mashed, Bruno Korbraucher (all transfer to A main). A Main — Jeff Olshowka, Doug Hagio, Todd Gomez, Machedo, Enos, Silva, Terry DeCarlo, Matt Petrell, Haney, Michael Newman.

  • PURE STOCKS: Heat winners — Fred Ryland, Megan Ponciano, Nick DeLucca. A Main — Ponciano, Ryland, Cole Oreta, Gene Haney, Brian Beard, Michael Redman, Delucca, Jack Jonker, Dan McCown, Billy Barnes.