Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dwarf Cars Come To Turlock In July

In July, Dwarf Cars are scheduled to run at the Stanislaus County Fair in Turlock. I find this interesting, and I can't help but think about Gary Jacob. You see, Gary lived in Turlock, right around the corner from the fairgrounds. It's ironic that he traveled to so many fairgrounds tracks through the years, but his own fairgropunds didn't have racing, other that the Destruction Derby at fair time.

Eventually, when Dwarf Cars started up in the 90's, he did attend a race at Turlock as scheduling allowed. I'm not sure who it was, but somebody organized the division's appearance for during the fair. I think he only attended one of these races, and I believe I still have the story somewhere in my notes, which I'll post here if I ever find it. So, it's kind of cool to me that there is a race in Gary's home tome. Perhaps somebody can have the announcer make a note of it on the PA System this year.

The race date is set for the fair once again this year. Dwarf Car Racing plus Transforming Robots and Monster Trucks: Sunday, July 18: $8.

Joe Martinez at L&J Photography had this post below on his page about the Dwarf Car visit to Turlock from last year, which included a picture. I believe it's people from the BADCA Dwarf Car group organizing this deal. I think it's pretty cool, so I'll mention it here. A winner wasn't mentioned, but I think the point was about putting on a show for the good people of Turlock. I can't help but think somewhere, Gary was smiling down on this show.

Bay Area Dwarf Cars Take On Turlock !

The Dwarf Car drivers do battle on the small track in Turlock.

While our schedule had an off weekend, ten of us were invited to Turlock to race in an exhibition during the Monster truck show this past Sunday. Nine of us were able to make it. Greg Penny, Dean Pires, Punky Pires, Josh Pires, Gilbert Toste, Ernie Davila, John White, Igor Gandzjuk, & Billy Martinez. Shawn Jones was the tenth invite but due to car damage from the previous race he was unable to race but came out and gave the BAD tech guys a hand flagging the races.

As you can tell from the pictures below it was a tight track and it didn't go with out its fair share of bumping and tangling but all in all it was a BLAST and all the cars rolled back into the haulers in one piece. The big winners of the night were the fans whom got treated to some great wheel to wheel action and were cheering with every rooster tail, spin out, and slide job.