Sunday, May 16, 2010

Foulger Takes The Money In UMP Modifieds At Antioch

Threw another Antioch story together for the heck of it. As I get more details, I may add more information at the bottom of the story.

In a tuneup race for the big money showdown coming to Antioch Speedway in June, promoter John Soares Jr. offered $1,000 to win in the UMP Modified race Saturday night. The money attracted 24 racers to the three-eight mile clay oval. When the checkered flag flew, it was point leader Troy Foulger collecting the victory. In other action, impressive rookie Brad Byers (UMP Hobby Stocks), Travis Dutra (Mini Trucks) and "Peppermint" Patty Ryland (Four Bangers) scored feature victories.

During the week leading up to the race, Soares announced that the UMP Dirt Modified race on June 19th will offer a huge $5,000 to win payday from a purse of$20,000. Pre-Entry Deadline is June 9, 2010. Entries received on or before June 9th, will be $100. After June 9th, entries will be $150. Further information can be obtained by contacting the track though the website.

Some of the top racers in the area were on hand for this event, and the 24 car field required four qualifying heat races to set the grid. Top five point runner Jeff Thomas won his heat race ahead of "The Richmond Rocket" Bobby Motts Jr. Heat 2 went to top five ranked "Stormin" Norman Boeck over former Petaluma champion Michael Paul Sr. Andy Angelo collected a victory in the third heat ahead of point leader Troy Foulger, while Chester Kniss won the fourth heat over second ranked "Quick" Nick DeCarlo.

The stromg car count for this race required the track to run a B Main. Former Petaluma Speedway champion and division original Joe Carr won that race in front of John Eskew. Tuning up for Calistoga's big race on Memorial Day Weekend, Jeremy Petrell earned his feature start by finishing third in the B Main.

The money brought out the competition for this race, and 2009 champion "The Outlaw" Kenny Neu made his presence known at the front in a quest for his second win of the season. However, Foulger was not to be denied as he collected his third win of the season in front of Neu. Coming off of a top three run in Orland last week and a win at Antioch in the previous race, DeCarlo lost very little ground to Foulger in the championship battle with his third place finish. Coming from the back of the pack, Petrell finished a solid fourth as Todd Hermosillo was fifth. Carr, Paul, Angelo, Danny Casho and Thomas made up the remainder of the top ten.

There were 11 Hobby Stocks in action, and former champion Dan McCown won his heat race ahead of incoming second place point runner Chris Sorensen. Sitting third in points entering the night, Eric Schantin was the second heat winner in front of Jim Freethy. The track is allowing the car to earn the points in the championship battle this season, and the Team #33 car of Melissa Hansen and rookie Brad Myers were shown as the leaders coming into the night. With two wins to her credit, two time track champion Hansen was the driver gaining all of the glory for the team so far, but that was about to change.

Myers answered the question of whether he could carry his share of the load with an emphatic YES as he collected his first career feature win. The Team #99 car, driven by Jim Freethy, earned their best finish of the season in second as Paul DeLucca maintained his top five point status with a third place finish. Struggling with bad luck in recent starts, "Smokin" Joe Cancilla rebounded with a fourth place finish as Garrett Mayberry enjoyed his best finish of the season in fifth. Michael Rydman will maintain his top five status in points for another week after finishing sixth ahead of Schantin, McCown, Sorensen and Wes Bentley.

The story in the Mini Trucks division remains the same as the #99 trucks are leading the way in points with late starter Jon Haney steadily working his way towards third in the standings. Haney collected heat race honors ahead of the #99 of Travis Dutra. Dutra would take sole possession of the point lead following his second straight Main Event win, but not by much. Two time winner #99x Tom Brown finished second to stay close in the battle. Haney placed third as "Rockin" Ray Bunn and Dan Wagner completed the top five in the eight truck field.

The Four Bangers matched their season best effort with nine cars on hand for their fourth event of the season. Incoming point leader Dayna Anderson won her heat race ahead of JC Elrod, but that was her high water mark of the night. After missing the action at the previous race, "Peppermint" Patty Ryland picked up right where she left off with a heat win ahead of previous week feature winner Randy Groves.

Driving the #XX car of "Wild" Jim Robbins, Elrod was hoping to improve on his second place heat race run, but 2009 champion Ryland had other ideas. Ryland drove to her second feature win of the season, forcing Elrod to settle for second. Second place point runner Ken Radabaugh grabbed the final podium position as the Concord High School effort of Groves and Robbins rounded out the top five finishers.

Next up at Antioch Speedway next Saturday night is an event featuring Wingless Spec Sprints, Super Stocks, Dwarf Cars and Mini Trucks.

A few details have come in from the Hobby Stock feature.

Rookie Brad Myers had his hands full trying to pull off a win in this race. Brad started the Team #33 car back in 10th in the 11 car field and battled Garrett Mayberry and Joe Cancilla for ninth early on as Paul DeLucca and John Freethy started on front row in front the row of Chris Sorensen and Eric Schantin. DeLucca and Freethy battled side by side for the lead for three laps before DeLucca pulled slightly ahead. A spin in Turns 1 & 2 brought a caution flag after 6 laps, and Schantin raced past Freethy for the second on the restart. Racing into Turn 1 a lap later, Freethy took evasive actions to avoid spinning Schantin and spun himself, collecting Wes Bentley and Mayberry. Freethy restarted in the rear after a pit stop as DeLucca surrendered the lead to Schantin with Myers now in close pursuit A yellow flag flew halfway through the race for a stalled Sorensen. Schantin stayed on the bottom and continued to lead DeLucca and Myers on the restart. As Schantin pulled away in the lead, Myers pressured DeLucca hard for several laps for second until making an inside pass in Turn 2 of the 16th lap to grab the position. Moments later, Schantin got a flat tire, handing the lead to the hard charging Myers. Freethy got around DeLucca and made a last lap challenge for the lead. However, Myers was not to be denied as he held on for the hard fought victory over Freethy and DeLucca. Last starter Cancilla and Mayberry rounded out the top five finishers.

A few details have emerged from the Four Banger feature.

Jim Robbins set the early pace in the Four Banger Main Event ahead of JC Elrod and Ken Radabaugh. Patty Ryland made a back stretch pass on Radabaugh for third on lap two as Robbins and Elrod waged a side by side battle up front. Clayton Groves spun in Turn 4 for yellow flag, and Elrod and Ryland rode the inside groove into first and second on the restart. Justin Silveira made an inside pass entering Turn 3 of the fourth lap to take third from Robbins. Ryland made a strong inside move to try to take the lead from Elrod in Turns 1 & 2 of the sixth lap, but Elrod still held the point by the end of the lap. Meanwhile, Radabaugh managed to make an inside pass in Turn 3 of the sixth lap to take third from Silveira. Ryland was pressuring Elrod hard before making an inside move on the back stretch of the ninth lap for the lead. Frank Rosa made his way past Silveira for fourth on lap nine as Robbins made this a three car battle for position. Robbins and Groves dropped Silveira out of the top six on lap 11 as Ryland was pulling away from Elrod in the battle up front. Groves took fifth from Robbins in Turns 3 & 4 of the 16th lap and pressured Rosa hard for fourth before making the pass on lap 17. Ryland drove to her second win of the season ahead of the impressive Elrod. Radabaugh earned a solid third place finish as Groves and Robbins rounded out the top five in one of the more interesting Four Banger races of the season.

Details have emerged from the Mini Trucks Feature.

An early yellow flag flew in the Mini Truck Main Event with pole sitter Jerry Carpanello retiring front the race. Tom Brown took the lead from Dean Cline on the restart with Ron Mayberry settling into second. A high move in Turn 3 of the fourth lap moved Travis Dutra into second. Jon Haney moved in to challenge Mayberry for third and made a low move in Turn 1 of the sixth lap to claim the position. With Ray Bunn making it a three car battle for third, Mayberry regained the spot a lap later before a caution flag slowed the pace. Brown chose the outside on the restart, but Dutra managed to beat him through Turns 1 & 2 to take the lead as Haney slipped back into third. A late caution flag flew for a Cline spin in Turn 2, but Brown was not to be denied as he went to to score his second straight victory and claim sole possession of first in the point standings. Brown settled for second ahead of Haney, Bunn and Dan Wagner.

Details have emerged from the Dirt Modified B Main.

With 12 drivers already qualified for the $1,000 to win Dirt Modified Main Event, the remaining 12 drivers competed in the B Main to determine the final six starters for the big money race. John Eskew led Tofdd Hermosillo through three early yellow flags in the first three laps. Eskew led Hermosoillo and Jeremy Petrell on the next restart. From the back of the pack after managing to get his car repaired from a heat race crash, Joe Carr had worked his way into sixth by lap five. Debris on the track forced a caution flag after six laps. Eskew chose the outside for the restart, and Danny Casho followed him around Hermosillo and into second. Petrell and Carr also raced past Hermosillo for third and fourth down the front stretch as they completed the lap. Rick Karnes spun in Turn 3 for a lap eight caution flag. Eskew stayed on the outside for the restart and continued to lead as Carr raced past Casho for second. Petrell was quickly back into third, and Carr beat Eskew back to the line to lead at the white flag. Carr went on to a crowd pleasing victory ahead of Eskew and Petrell. Casho slipped back to fourth as Matt Petrell and Hermosillo earned the fifth and sixth transfer positions.

Details have emerged from the Dirt Modified Main Event.

Kellen Chadwick led the pack to the green flag for the Dirt Modified feature as Kenny Neu and Scott Busby battled closely for second. Chadwick was working slower traffic when a lap six caution flag slowed the pace. Chadwick chose the outside on the resatrt and continued to lead Neu, but a multi car crash in Turns 3 & 4 forced a yellow flag a lap latter. Chadwick continued to set the pace on the restart as Busby began pressuring Neu once again. Busby's low move in Turn 4 resulted in the two cars locking together. Neu managed to break away when contact from Bobby Motts Jr. knocked him loose on the front stretch. Chadwick led the restart ahead of Jeff Thomas and Troy Foulger. B Main winner Joe Carr had worked his way into fourth by a lap ten restart. A low move in Turn 4 of the 12th lap gained Foulger second from Thomas. Norm Boeck spun on the front stretch for a lap 13 caution flag. From his outside spot, Chadwick maintained command on the restart as Carr charged into third. Chadwick caught traffic by lap 20 with Foulger not too far behind him before another yellow flag waived. As Chadwick led the way, a Carr spin in Turn 4 of the 21st lap handed Neu third and forced another yellow flag. The standings were further shaken up when Chadwick pitted, putting Foulger into the lead over Neu. Nick DeCarlo raced into third on the restart. With Chadwick out of the picture, Foulger cruised to the $1,000 victory ahead of Neu, DeCarlo, Jeremy Petrell and Todd Hermosillo.