Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Update

Long time no post.  Anybody still reading?  As it turns out, I have something important to say that I will post soon.  Some of you already know what happened.  I've also been sitting on a good number of posts that for one reason or another I never put out there over the years.  I think it's time some of these posts see the light of day.  I am uncertain what I will be doing next, but I have been writing quite a bit lately.

One of the sites I write at allows me the freedom to cover different subjects.  I think I will eventually just start a new blog for that, while still adding racing related content here.  As I said, I've been withholding some stuff that you may find interesting.  Some of it may be controversial.

When I opened this blog, I had no desire to hurt the current effort, and that is still my intent.  Therefore, I wrote some things and pulled them over that concern.  I now feel like it won't hurt anything now to comment on things from back then, and people may have always wanted to know what happened.  Some of it has been with me since I walked away, and it has bothered me.

But, Recollections is in the name of the blog.  I don't purely want to editorialize on things, and that's what many of these post do.  I want to get into some of the fun things I had planned.  I want to talk "All Time Best" of Antioch Speedway, tackle a few obscure stories and get into my Hall Of Fame lists that I was starting to work on when I shut it down.  I've also grabbed some official lists from the abyss that people may have forgotten.

Anyway, that's in the plans.  Most of my writing lately hasn't been racing related.  The book idea is still there, but the motivation to dive in is not.  I did write a couple stories on the other blog that may be of interest.  They are about Danica Patrick at Daytona.  I can't seem to get a link to appear to the stories, but you can find those two titles among the other articles I wrote by clicking   HERE    if you want to.