Monday, April 15, 2013

Motorcyle Racing Confirmed For Chowchilla Speedway in April and May

Sunday afternoon, watering the track at Chowchilla Speedway from Slideways Racing.

While we wait for word on what auto racing may take place at Chowchilla Speedway this season, we can confoirm that track prep has been ongoing daily.  They have completely reworked the race track there.

I can't confirm what will happen on that end or who will be promoting auto racing there.  However, Slidways Racing will be promoting motorcycle racing there on April 27 as part of the King Of The Valley Pro Flat Track Racing Series.  Another date is set for May 10.

When the Chowchilla Fair comes along from May 16-19, there will be tractor pulls and the annual destruction derby.

As some of the pieces of the puzzle come into place, we still await word on where auto racing fits into the 2013 equation or if it will.  The powers that be will have to step forward and let us know.  However, we can at least confirm work is being done at the track and there will be some racing happening this year.  At least that's a start.

Just as I was about to publish this, the Slideways Racing Facebook page had this interesting post:

Slideways Racing 10 car races and three motorcycle/quad races. See above for the schedule. Car race schedule out soon.

So, that is further confirmation that auto racing is being planned for Chowchilla Speedway this season.  For those of you who loved racing or watching the races there, be on the look out for official announcements in the near future.