Friday, November 21, 2014

Clearing Up A Rumor Before It Goes Any Further

It's not true...

Something got put out there in the rumor mill and already made it back to me, and I feel the need to address it.  It happened twice.  Apparently, the word is that I was asked to come back and announce at Antioch Speedway again.  Fortunately, I only saw an e-mail and a message regarding this rumor, and it's not spreading across the net.

First of all, I would like to see some respect shown to John Meyers.  This is a man who has announced at Antioch Speedway longer than any other announcer.  He loves what he does, has fun with it and he's been there when nobody else wanted the job.  His style is his own, and yes, I do respect him. 

I'm not interested in stepping over anybody for that gig.  This happened at Merced with a man who I felt really tried to help them.  I never felt right about that.  That man actually started one of the first race track web pages, updated it regularly with points, stats and his own articles and I don't think he got the respect he deserved.  I LOVED working with the legendary Johnny Sass, but I never felt good about stepping over Jim to join Johnny in the booth.

Secondly, I have not been offered any gig at Antioch Speedway.  This was discussed about five years ago.  We never really got into details enough too get me to step back into that arena, so I respectfully declined.  Caring about Antioch Speedway and California racing as I did and do, I stepped in to ghost write some stuff for them that season.  I actually felt pretty good about my work and felt I made a difference, but it was a lot of work.

Thirdly, I've changed a lot since I walked away.  I'm not sure I could go back again.  I have no doubt I could do the job.  You don't forget how to do this stuff when it was a part of your life for so many years.  I know my ability.  I could do the job, and I could do it well.  But this is all just speculation.  They have their announcer and need to focus on the amazing show they plan for next January.

So, let me clear it up before any rumors get stared.  Oval Motorsports has a lot of good things happening and needs no silly rumors.  I have not been contacted, nor have I contacted Antioch Speedway or any other track concerning announcing, writing or anything else.  There is nothing to report here.  I am planning to get more active with this blog, but that is unrelated to anything.

I wish John Soares Jr. and his staff all the the best.  And that goes for John Meyers as well.  I don't think I could have predicted that he would have gone as far as he has with announcing, but that is because he is dedicated and good at what he does.  Antioch Speedway doesn't need me.  They already have one of the best announcers in the state.