Thursday, December 18, 2014

A DCRR Book Update, Orland & Antioch News & Vintage Audio Call

I just dove deep into a project I hope to complete in the next week or two, so it's been a challenge finding the time to write anywhere else.  This project has been time consuming.  In the midst of that, I have an update on the name of the Orland race track and future plans there, scheduling at Antioch and Merced and a vintage audio broadcast at Merced Speedway.

But first...

I am hooping to put a racing book together and then edit the auto biography of my time in racing.  Yes, there is a book, and it's big.  It started as three smaller books of about 112 pages each.  It was to be the best content from this blog.  A funny thing happened on the way to putting this thing together...

I was grabbing material I had on certain files that ran in old DCRR magazines.  I resurrected the old Antioch Speedway history piece I had written back in 2000.  It's been updated by a few years, but not complete.  I resurrected the Merced history piece that Gary Jacob and I wrote.  Champions lists followed.  Then, it happened...

I thought to myself, where is Petaluma?  Watsonville?  Baylands?  Heck I even added Vallejo Speedway and Delta Speedway Mini Stock articles.  Champions lists too.  More, more, more.  I'm done adding to it.  I will never get done if I don't stop.

This isn't a history book.  If I am able to do so, the racing history book will take a lot of time to do in the way it needs to be done.  This is sort of a precursor to it.  There is history in this book, but not the way I intend the history book to be.  I have a lot more to share in that book, and it will take a lot of time to do it right.

However, this book has that historic element.  Many of my favorite posts from the blog are in this book, so you don't have to click links to find it.  It will be in the book.  Some of those posts haven't even been put up, though I intend to. Also, older season recaps from Antioch, Chowchilla, Merced.  Pit Stops from Petaluma, Watsonville and Altamomt.  An in depth look at the articles I did when John was bidding for Antioch.  I kind of put my butt on the line there. 

I don't know what it all is, but it will be over 400 pages I think.  I'm not looking to price this book at $75 or $100 like some books, not that they don't deserve it.  I want to make money, I'll be honest, but I want the book to be affordable enough for the reader to want to add it to their collection.  That is if anybody cares at this point.  We'll keep you posted on the progress.  I have to get back to it after this post.

We reported earlier that Orland Speedway has new management.  After holding a meeting at a local pizza parlor last week, the drivers now know that Orland will be running the core classes they've always run, including Wingless Spec Sprints, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks and Mini Trucks.  Street Stock drivers may be able to make a case for themselves if they can bring the cars.  This is a smart move for the track as they prepare for a new season in 2015.  We'll see how things develop.

By the way, the tracks new name is Sacramento Valley Speedway, and they have  a new WEBSITE.

Meanwhile, Antioch Speedway has an ambitious plan to open with the big West Coast Nationals on New Years Day and the 2nd of January.  The next two days will belong to Merced Speedway on the 3rd and Oval Motorsports newest acquisition, Chowchilla Speedway, on the fourth.  The question is, will the weather permit this to happen?  

John Soares Jr. will have all of the classes back that competed last season.  This means IMCA Modifieds, Sport Mods, Hobby Stocks, Limited Late Models, Late  Models, Four Bangers, 360 Sprints are all back.  Also, John has two (count 'em) two World Of Outlaws races planned for Antioch and one for Merced.  Oh, and that Wingless Spec Sprint class is back for it's 17th season.

You can see the schedule HERE.

Finally, I dug through the archives and uncovered another audio file to share with you.  This is from Merced Speedway 2001.  I was up in the grandstands with the recorder.  A funny thing happened.  Matt of Matt & Glass heard that call online and said Merced needed me.  He sponsored me for four races so that Chuck & Marylee Griffin could hear me and give me a chance.

Thanks to Matt, I got to announce at a track that I've always loved, even from a far.  I got to work with a legend in Johnny Sass.  It was a lot of fun.  This particular race was interesting.  Johnnie Baptista was on a mission and determined to get that win.  But, did he?  Take a listen.

Merced Speedway IMCA Modified Audio Call by GenWhat