Sunday, May 10, 2015

Papenhausen Wins Third Late Model Feature At Antioch Speedway

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Papenhausen, Ryland, Teves, Oreta Antioch Winners

Leading every lap of the 20 lap DIRTcar Late Model Main Event Saturday night, Richard Papenhausen collected his third feature win of the season Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  However, the defending champion lost the point lead to Jeff Decker, who finished second in the Main Event after winning his heat race.  Holding off a desperation last lap pass attempt by Keith Brown Jr., point leader Fred Ryland won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  Winning an early race duel with his father David, young Adam Teves won his second 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event.  With incoming point leader Danny Wagner losing a muffler on the opening lap and retiring, D. Teves used his second place finish to gain the point lead.  Kimo Oreta won this second 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event to increase his point lead.

The Late Models ran two heat races, and Decker won the first heat race ahead of Chester Kniss.  David Newquist held off a late race charge from Paul Guglielmoni to win the second heat race.  Newquist was to have a front row start for the 12 car Late Model Main Event, but he elected to drop to the back.  Papenhausen raced into the Main Event lead from the drop of the green flag ahead of Kniss and Decker. A low move in Turn 4 of the second lap gained Decker second from Kniss as Cleveland followed closely into third.  Fifth place Anthony Restad moved into fourth when Kniss spun for a lap ten cation flag.  Papenhausen chose the outside for the restart and continued to lead Decker.  Restad briefly took third from Cleveland, but Cleveland was back in third a lap later.  Third ranked Danny Malfatti was riding in fifth, but a late race pass gained the surprising Terry Kuntz fifth.  Papenhausen held a straightaway lead at the checkered flag with Decker a comfortable second ahead of Cleveland, Restad, Kuntz, Guglielmoni, Malfatti and Kniss, the final lead lap finisher.  Rob Norris and Rod Arnold rounded out the Top 10.
The IMCA Sport Mods ran two heat races with K. Brown winning his heat race ahead of Patti Ryland.  F. Ryland won the other heat race ahead of Chuck Golden.  Golden and Ron Brown shared the front row for the Main Event with K. Brown starting fifth and F. Ryland eighth.  Golden raced into the early lead ahead of R. Brown and P. Ryland.  A lap three caution flag flew for K.C. Keller and Megan Ponciano in Turn 3.  Golden chose the outside on the restart, only to watch as R. Brown grabbed the lead.  F. Ryland slipped underneath Golden exiting Turn 4 and had second by the end of the lap.  K. Brown was third a lap later.  A Low pass in Turn 3 of the ninth lap gained F. Ryland the lead, and K. Brown made a turn 2 pass on lap ten to take second from R. Brown.  As K. Brown pursued leader F. Ryand, R. Brown had his hands full trying to hold off P. Ryland's challenge for third.  There was also a close three car battle for fifth, and Paul Mulder made a low pass in Turn 4 of the 16th lap to take fifth from Golden.  Ponciano made that a three car battle.  K. Brown dove hard into Turn 3 on lap 18, there was contact and he slowed to allow F. Ryland to gather it back up.  On the final lap, K. Brown tried the same move and would spin to avoid taking out Ryland.  F. Ryland brought it home to his second straight win ahead of R. Brown and P. Ryland.  K. Brown recovered in fourth ahead of Mulder, Golden and Ponciano, all on the lead lap.

The Dwarf Cars again had the high car count and ran three heat races.  Thomas Leiby won his heat race ahead of Jack Haverty.  It was incoming point leader Danny Wagner winning his heat race ahead of Kevin Miraglio.  A. Teves won the third heat ahead of D. Teves.  Wagner had the front row for the Main Event and figured to be the driver to beat.  However, things changed on the first start attempt.  Haverty made contact with the front wall and cartwheeled for a red flag.  He was not injured, but he was out of the race.  Wagner discovered he lost a muffler and retired from the race.  D. Teves led the next start attempt ahead of Adam Teves and Kevin Miraglio.  Miranda Chappa spun for a lap one caution flag  D. Teves chose the outside for the restart, but A. Teves raced into the lead.  A. Teves found himself on the outside for a lap six restart, and D. Teves raced by in Turns 1 and 2.  However. A. Teves managed to regain the lead by the completion of the lap.  Last week's winner, Mike Corsaro, raced into third on lap nine.  Toby Brown spun in Turn 4 for a lap ten caution flag, and A Teves led D. Teves and Corsaro on the single file restart.   Chappa pitted from fifth during a lap 13 caution period, and Miraglio regained third on lap 16 as Corsaro began to slow a bit.  A. Teves drove another great race and took the checkered flag with his father D. Teves taking the point lead with a second place finish.  Miraglio held off Leiby for third.  A last turn pass gained Charlie Correia fifth from Michael Crommie as Brian Gray and Tim Reeder rounded out the Top 8.

The Hobby Stocks ran two heat races, and a mid race pass on second place finisher Brian Zachary gained Danny Jones the win in their heat race.  Oreta won the other heat race ahead of Steve Rogers.  The Main Event lined straight up from the heat races and figured to be a good battle between Oreta and Jones.  However, Jones spun in Turn 3 to cause a restart.  With Jones restarting in the back, Oreta led the restart ahead of Zachary and Jeremy Jennings.  The battle was for third early on as Jennings had five cars running closely behind him.  A low pass in Turn 4 of the sixth gained Jones fifth, and Top 5 contender Natalie Perry pitted with brake issues.  Jones found himself in third when Jennings and Rogers spun in Turn 4 for a lap nine caution flag.  Oreta chose the outside for the restart and led Zachary and Jones.  Robert Niven and Jordan Swank were now running fourth and fifth.  Zachary saw a likely second place finish end when he slowed on lap 19, moving Jones into second once again.  Oreta scored a much needed second feature win of the season.  Jones was second for the third time this year, while Niven enjoyed a career best third place finish.  Swank was fourth ahead of Jennings and Rodgers.

Racing resumes next week with a five division program that will include, Northern All Stars Winged 360 Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Wingless Spec Sprints, Limited Late Models and Hobby Stocks.  For more information, check out the official Oval Motorsports Website.