Saturday, June 10, 2017

Decker, Prickett Win At Ocean Speedway, Johnson, Shelby Win At Chico, More

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Decker, Prickett, Hagio Win Ocean Speedway Features

Watsonville, CA...June 9...Multi time Late Model champion Jeff Decker won the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway.  Decker and championship contender Nick DeCarlo each won eight lap heat races.  Todd Hermosillo set the early Main Event pace ahead of DeCarlo, but DeCarlo charged into the lead on a lap three restart.  Decker settled into second ahead of Alex Wilson.  Danny Wagner gained third on a lap six restart, and Decker took the lead from DeCarlo a lap later.  Four time Antioch champion Troy Foulger moved the Bill Bowers Modified into third on lap 17 and took second from Decarlo two laps later.  A lap 20 caution flag seemed to set the stage for a Decker-Foulger showdown, but Decker remained in command on the restart as Foulger slipped back a few positions.  DeCarlo briefly regained second, but he lost the spot to point leader Cody Burke.  All Burke could do was chase the flying Decker across the finish line in second.  DeCarlo settled for third behind Decker and C. Burke as A. Wilson, Wagner, Foulger, Tim Yaeger, Jake Dewsburuy, Kyle Wilson and Mike Vukelich completed the Top 10.

David Prickett won the 25 lap BCRA Midget Main Event.  Heat race winner Terry Nichols set the early pace ahead of Prickett and Alex Schutte.  Schutte and heat winner Cory Elliott shuffled Prickett back to fourth on lap nine as the leaders ran close.  A lap 11 caution flag slowed the pace.  The restart would shuffle the order as Prickett led Elliott and fast timer (13.332) Michael Faccinto into the Top 3.  The drivers ran a great race with only the one yellow flag as Prickett brought it home to victory ahead of Elliott by a car length.  Faccinto was a strong third ahead of Bill Lindsey, Shannon McQueen, Danny Carroll, Maria Cofer, Nichols, Terre Rothweiler and BCRA Hall Of Famer Floyd Alvis.

Point leader Matt Hagio rolled to his fourth 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified feature win of the season.  Adrian Frost led early in her bid for a third win, but her race ended on a lap two yellow flag.  Hagio had the lead on the lap three restart ahead of Anthony Giuliani and reigning champion Jim DiGiovanni.  DiGiovanni and Tanner Thomas were second and third when the yellow flag flew for Giuliani on lap eight.  Thomas gained second on the restart, but he made a pit stop during a lap ten caution flag as Hagio led DiGiovanni and Justin McPherson.  Chase Thomas gained third on lap 12 as Giuliani was back up to the Top 5 again.  Hagio built up a straightaway advantage on DiGiovanni down the stretch as Giuliani moved into third.  Hagio was the happy winner ahead of DiGiovanni, Giuliani, C. Thomas, T. Thomas, Mark Hartman, McPherson, Cody Parker, Charlie Hunter and John Ferro.

Nick Silva made a late move to win the 20 lap American Stock Main Event.  In a bid for his second win, Bobby Huckaby raced into the early lead in what would be a non stop event.  Fellow heat race winner Austin Williams was an early second, but past champion Wally Kennedy took over second on lap six, followed closely by Silva.  Silva put the moves on Kennedy for second on lap 10 and steadily reeled in Huckaby.  On lap 17, Silva made his move around Huckaby to gain the lead, and he brought it home to a satisfying victory.  Huckaby settled for second.  Point leader Rob Gallaher made a lap 16 pass on Kennedy to grab a third place finish with Kennedy fourth ahead of Katie Briggs, Williams, Tony Oliveira, Jerry Skelton, J.C. Elrod and Chris McCabe.

Cameron Diatte won the 20 lap SBDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  The 2013 SBDCA champion paced two laps before being passed by 2011 champion Shawn Jones.  The only yellow flag of the race flew on lap four.  On the restart, Diatte raced past Jones and into the lead.  Diatte drove a smooth race, and though he never really pulled away from Jones, he stayed ahead of him for a well earned victory.  Past NCDCA champion Ryan Winter was a race long third as two time SBDCA champion Terre Rothweiler, Mark Bisardi, Scott Dahlgren, Ryan Amlen, Bill Belfield, Doug Penny and Brady Beck rounded out the Top 10.  Diatte and Jones won eight lap heat races.

D.J. Keldsen rebounded from some recent bad luck for his second 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event win.  The 2016 champion, D.J. won the heat race and paced every lap of the Main Event.  Dakota Keldsen was a race long second as newcomer Ryan Muller held off Nicole Beardsley for third.  Bill Beardsley ran fifth ahead of Devin Belton and Kate Beardsley.

Unofficial Race Results
BCRA Midgets
Fast Time-Mitchell Faccinto 13.332.  Heat 1-Cory Elliott, David Prickett, Shannon McQueen.  Heat 2-Terry Nichols, Alex Schutte, Maria Cofer.  Main Event-David Pickett, Cory Elliott, Michael Faccinto, Bill Lindsey, Shannon McQueen, Danny Carroll, Maria Cofer, Terry Nichols, Terre Rothweiler, Floyd Alvis.

IMCA Modified
Heat 1-Jeff Decker, Cody Burke, Nick DeCarlo.  Heat 2-Danny Wagner, Todd Hermosillo, Kyle Wilson.  Main Event-Jeff Decker, Cody Burke, Nick DeCarlo, Alex Wilson, Danny Wagner, Troy Foulger, Tim Yaeger, Jake Dewsburuy, Kyle Wilson, Mike Vukelich.

IMCA Sport Modified
Heat 1-Matt Hagio, Justin McPherson, Anthony Giuliani.  Heat 2-Adrian Frost, Tanner Thomas, Cody Parker.  Main Event-Matt Hagio, Jim DiGiovanni, Anthony Giuliani, Chase Thomas, Tanner Thomas, Mark Hartman, Justin McPherson, Cody Parker, Charlie Hunter, John Ferro.

Hobby Stock
Heat 1-Austin Williams, Jerry Skelton, Tony Oliveira.  Heat 2-Bobby Huckaby, Katie Briggs, Wally Kennedy.  Main Event-Nick Silva, Bobby Huckaby, Rob Gallaher, Wally Kennedy, Katie Briggs, Austin Williams, Tony Oliveira, Jerry Skelton, J.C. Elrod, Chris McCabe.

SBDCA Dwarf Car
Heat  1-Cameron Diatte, Mark Biscardi, Terre Rothweiler.  Heat 2-Shawn Jones, Ryan Winter, Scott Dahlgren.  Main Event-Cameron Diatte, Shawn Jones, Ryan Winter, Terre Rothweiler, Mark Bisardi, Scott Dahlgren, Ryan Amlen, Bill Belfield, Doug Penny, Brady Beck.

Mini Stocks
Heat-D.J. Keldsen, Dakota Keldsen, Bill Beardsley.  Main Event-D.J. Keldsen, Dakota Keldsen, Ryan Muller, Nicole Beardsley, Bill Beardsley, Devin Belton, Kate Beardsley.

Johnson, Shelby Win Impressively At Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA...June 9...Fourth generation racer Chase Johnson won his first 410 Sprint Car 25 lap Main Event at Silver Dollar Speedway Friday night.  Johnson ran in the Top 3 for most of the race and took advantage of an opportunity to score an impressive victory.  Brad Bumgarner was the early Main Event leader ahaed of Chase Majdic and Johnson.  Heat  winner Andy Foreberg led Johnson around Majdic on lap six for second and third.  Forsberg stalked Bumgarner and made his move into the lead on a lap 11 restart.  Johnson followed quickly into second.  Forsberg's run in front ended with a blown motor in a ball of flames.  Fortunately, he was not injured.  Johnson suddenly led on the restart, and he hit the afterburners as his lead steadily increased over the final ten laps.  Bumgarner was back in second on the restart, but Michael Ing steadily worked his way up from fifth.  Ing took third on lap 22 and took second on the last lap.  However, Johnson had built nearly a half lap lead by the time the checkered flag flew.  Ing was a solid second, and Kalib Henry, Majdic and Casey McClain shuffled Bumgarner back to sixth at the finish.  Brent Bjork, Mason Moore and Forsberg completed the finishing order.

Point leader Phillip Shelby ended an impressive double win performance with his 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event victory.  Heat race winner Tyler Rodgers set the early pace ahead of Shelby and Yreka point leader Justin Foux.  Heat winner Mark Abouzeid took over third on lap five as Shelby ran closely behind Rodgers.  Rodgers had led through a few yellow flag periods, but a lap 15 caution flag gave Shelby the opportunity he was looking for.  Shelby raced into the lead on the restart ahead of Abouzeid and Southern Oregon Speedway point leader Jorddon Braaten.  The lead four cars were running closely.  Shelby took the checkered flag ahead of a wild race for second.  Matt Micheli, Rodgers and Foux dropped Braaten back to a fifth place finish.  Abouzeid finished sixth ahead of Jerry Bartlett, Jeremy Phillips, Zach Potts and IMCA State point leader Shane DeVolder. 

Shelby started his impressive night by winning the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event.  The three time Marysville Raceway champion, Shelby raced into the lead at the start of the race and set a fast pace.  Phil Marino was up to second by lap seven.  Despite a pair of yellow flags in the last five laps bunching up the field, Shelby beat Marino to maintain his lead on each restart and held him off for the victory.  Gary Newman battled Kevin Lesch to earn a third place finish, and Fritz Zanker finished fifth, followed by Danny Dozier, Mike Slingtom, Devin Koranda and Richard Workman.

Orland Raceway point leader Jeremy Langenderfer won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  Langenderfer won the eight lap heat race as well.  Kyle Allen was the early Main Event leader ahead of Langenderfer and Collin Ferguson.  Langenderfer took over on lap five with Ferguson now second.  However, Ferguson brought out a lap six caution flag to end his race.  Langenderfer led James West and Mike Chase on the rearrest.  Allen returned to the Top 3 on lap 14 as he passed Chase.  Allen moved past West for second on lap 16.  However, Langenderfer would not be denied as he sped home to victory.  Allen settled for second ahead of West, Chase, Nick Vidovich, Mel Byers, Shannon Collins and Ferguson.

Recent Orland 600 Micro winner Tony Alosi won the 15 lap Main Event.  George Nielson led the first six laps before a yellow flag for Nathan Schank.  Alosi made his move into the lead when racing resumed and added a feature win to his early heat race victory.  Nielson settled for second ahead of Schank.

Race Results
410 Sprint Car
Fast Time-Chase Johnson 11.531.  Heat-Andy Forsberg, Chase Majdic, Michael Ing.  Main Event-Chase Johnson, Michael Ing, Kalib Henry, Chase Majdic, Casey McClain, Brad Bumgarner, Brent Bjork, Mason Moore, Andy Forsberg.

IMCA Sport Modified
Heat 1-Mark Abouzeid, Matt Micheli, Justin Foux.  Heat 2-Tyler Rodgers, Jorddon Braaten, Phillip Shelby.  Main Event- Phillip Shelby, Matt Micheli, Tyler Rodgers, Justin Foux, Jorddon Braaten, Mark Abouzeid, Jerry Bartlett, Jeremy Phillips, Zach Potts, Shane DeVolder.

Street Stock
Heat-Kevin Lesch, Phillip Shelby, Gary Newman.  Main Event-Phillip Shelby, Phil Marino, Gary Newman, Kevin Lesch, Fritz Zanker, Danny Dozier, Mike Slingtom, Devin Koranda, Richard Workman.

Hobby Stock
Heat-Jeremy Langenderfer, Kyle Allen, Collin Ferguson.  Main Event-Jeremy Langenderfer, Kyle Allen, James West, Mike Chase, Nick Vidovich, Mel Byers, Shannon Collins, Collin Ferguson.

600 Micro Sprint
Heat-Tony Alosi, George Nielson, Nathan Schank.  Main Event-Tony Alosi, George Nielson, Nathan Schank.

Netto, Spainhoward, Johnson Score 
Keller Auto Speedway Wins

Hanford, CA...June 9...D.J. Netto capped a clean sweep performance with his 30 lap King Of Kings Sprint Car Main Event victory Friday night at Keller Auto Speedway.  Netto won his heat race and grabbed the Main Event pole with his six lap Trophy Dash victory.  Netto raced into the lead at the start ahead of Mitchell Faccinto and Jace Vanderweerd.  The lead three remained the same on a lap six restart, but fast timer (14.660) Gio Scelzi took third from Vanderweed on lap seven.  A yellow flag on lap eight was followed by a red flag on the restart.  The next restart saw Netto continue to lead as Scelzi and Vanderweerd raced past Faccinto for second and third.  Netto was setting a rapid pace up front and wasn't really being challenged when a final caution flag flew for Scelzi with two laps remaining.  Netto raced back into the lead on the restart and paced the final two laps for the satisfying victory.  Vanderweerd held off reining King Of The West champion Kyle Hirst for second.  Cory Eliason was a solid fourth, followed by Cole Macedo, Steven Tiner, Faccinto, heat winner Mathew Moles, Collin Markle and Travis Coelho.  Craig Stidham was the other ten lap heat race winner.

Past Hanford and State IMCA Sport Modified champion Nick Spainhoward won the 20 lap Main Event.  Spainhoward also won the eight lap heat race, and he ran an early third in the Main Event behind Ryan Bledsaw and Tate Loftis.  A lap nine yellow flag flew for Matt Mayo Jr.  On the restart, Spainhoward charged past Loftis for second and began to put the pressure on Bledsaw for the lead.  Spainhoward made his move into the lead on lap 12.  Loftis slipped past Bledsaw for second on lap 15 and took up pursuit of Spanhoward.  However, Nobody was catching Spainhoward as he scored the victory ahead of Loftis, Bledsaw, Ben Lickey, William Hughes, Mayo and Austin Manzella.

Chad Johnson won his heat race and set a blistering pace in winning the 20 lap IMCA Stock Car Main Event.  Johnson raced into the lead from the start ahead of Renn Bane and Brock Hamilton.  State point leader Troy Patee and heat winner Alan Mendes were second and third on lap four.  The lead trio remained unchanged after a series of yellow flags through lap nine.  On a lap ten restart, Steve Streeter gained third, but he surrendered the spot to Bane late in the race.  Johnson made no mistakes during the final ten circuits and earned the win ahead of Patee, Bane Streeter, Mendes, James Elliott, Pat Biggs, Josh Nichols, Hamilton and Mike Hill.

Race Results
King Of Kings Sprint Cars
Fast Time-Gio Scelzi 14.660.  Heat 1-Craig Stidham, Bud Kaeding, Mitchell Faccinto.  Heat 2-Mathew Moles, Landon Hurst, Carson Macedo.  Heat 3-D.J. Netto, Steven Tiner, Cory Elison.  Trophy Dash-D.J. Netto, Mitchell Faccinto, Jace Vanderweed.  Main Event-D.J. Netto, Jace Vanderweerd, Kyle Hirst, Cory Eliason, Cole Macedo, Steven Tiner, Mitchell Faccinto, Mathew Moles, Collin Markle, Travis Coelho.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Nick Spainhoward, Ryan Bledsaw, Matt Mayo Jr.  Main Event-Nick Spainhoward, Tate Loftis, Ryan Bledsaw, Ben Lickey, William Hughes, Matt Mayo Jr., Austin Manzella.

IMCA Stock Cars
Heat 1-Chad Johnson, Troy Patee, Mike Hill.  Heat 2-Alan Mendes, Renn Bane, Steve Streeter.  Main Event-Chad Johnson, Troy Patee, Renn Bane, Steve Streeter, Alan Mendes, James Elliott, Pat Biggs, Josh Nichols, Brock Hamilton, Mike Hill.