Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It Ends With A Whimper

Who's Hot

All American Speedway on Roseville. The track gets major improvements this year and ends up with TV News coverage on at least a couple local channels. They were covered as the season was ready to open and about two weeks ago when Jessica Helberg was driving a Stock Car there. I believe Jessica is from the same family that raced Sportsman and Stock Cars out at Petaluma. These were nice news pieces, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were others I missed.

Who's Not

Antioch Speedway. Don't get me wrong. The man in charge out there, John Soares Jr., gets high marks for putting on a big money race for Late Models and Dirt Modifieds, basically the sort of show you see at the end of the season. I give him an A for the purse part. Who won? Where's the newspaper coverage? I heard they had a great car count. Gotta give them an F for blowing it in the newspaper coverage department. I'm sure there's an interesting story about why they can't get The Times, Chronicle or Tribune to give them any coverage, but did anybody even try?

You can't just keep telling people to look at the web page all the time. Not everybody surfs the web, believe it or not. Though Antioch Speedway has a nice web page with all the results and info you need, it's not enough. You need some printed stories too.

Okay, I guess I ranted again. Sorry about that. I'll get off my high horse, er chair, er whatever. I've heard it was a great show. Would have been nice to read about it too.