Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Anybody Reading, Anybody care?

Here's the deal. At the bottom of this post on the right is a link that says Comments. Feel free to chime in with a post. All you need to do is register a blogger, but it's free. You can even start your own blog page after that. If you would like, we can make this the official comments thread and link it on the side. What would you like to see in the racing book that I intend to write? Maybe it's something I can make happen.

At this time, I am working on other writing projects. I am creating a game that is unrelated to racing and will be editing a book (again non racing) that I finished a year ago so that I might finally publish it. The racing book will probably not begin before 2008, so there is time for discussion now.

While I have been out of the racing scene for a while, I wouldn't mind getting into a discussion here or there about racing past, present or future. This book will go nowhere without you the reader. Today I have posted a few classic articles from DCRR past and a comment on the lack of coverage for the big show at Antioch.

I'll be interested to see if anybody is reading.