Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Been Lagging A Bit Here

Sorry about the lack of posts here lately. Most of my writing effort has gone into a game I've been working on. That is the project at the forefront for me right now, along with reediting a book I wrote a while back and eventually getting that published. The site I'm leaning towards right now is lulu as they do a nice job from everything I see.

Thank you to those who have responded that they are reading. It's encouraging to know as I put more thought into what the book will be. Actually, I have several ideas floating around, so more than one book is certainly possible.

As many of you know, I kept records and statistics for many years, and one of the things I'd like to include is a champions list and possibly top ten in points for several tracks, including Antioch, Watsonville, Merced and Petaluma.

I want to include Chowchilla in this for a variety of reasons. Some of the more recent information is not as easily available, but I'm sure Tom would make it available if I asked. Tom Sagmiller is a truly amazing individual, and he does things differently than some of the other guys. I could, and probably will, write a lot about Tom, but I'll leave it at this. I've always known him to make every effort to make the racers and fans happy, and he's the only Promoter that I've worked with who in the last few years has shown any concern for me or my family. That right there speaks volumes for who Tom is, and if I lived down there, let's just say I probably would have attended a race in the last few years.

I don't mean anything personal, but I have no desire to attend a race at the track closest to me. I feel I could be helpful there, but I'm not motivated enough to want to go there. I believe they could use the help. I'll leave it at that. I've jumped from the subject.

What I consider the modern carbureted Sprint Car era began in 1987, so we are at the 20th Anniversary of the effort. I believe I could write a book just on that subject alone. Why did I ever got involved with it in the first place? I was asked what I think of the effort now. Well, I'm very proud of it. I'll get more into it later, but it's nice to know the drivers have choices.

The Dirt Modified effort hit Califiornia in 1987, and I'd like to talk about that in the book. Being part of the Al Nordstom team back in those days, I witnessed the struggle to get this class at Antioch first hand. Two of the first car owners in the Antioch area were part of Al's team. Some of this may be a post on the blog, but it will be a long post.

There are so many things to cover that I'm not worried about material. There will be plenty. I'd like to recall certain events that just stick out to me, like David Rosa and Phil Torres going over the fence, Gordon Chappa's NCMA win, some of the NASCAR Regional battles I covered and so many other things. Putting together the Spec Sprint Class with Don O'Keefe Jr. and a bunch of awesome racers who believed in what we were doing. I'd like to share my thoughts on certain track managers and promoters, racers and people who helped make it all happen.

When I finally sit down to do some writing, I'll have no shortage of material.