Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Few Notes

I wanted to drop a post on more current events, though I'm really not as in tune with things as I was a few years ago. First, I found this article in the Contra Costa Times about Cathy McCause. Cathy is a Pure Stock racer at Antioch Speedway who recently quit a six figure job in marketing to pursue a dream of starting a company that sells a clothing and accessories for women racing fans. The company is called Racey Girl, for anybody interested, and I'll include a link here:

The newspaper article was interesting. She gave up a high paying job to do this. It takes courage to do something like that. Having done my racing publication for 18 years, I can tell you that the money isn't always there, but if you love doing it, who cares, right? Anyway, it does mention Antioch Speedway too, which is the most publicity the track has gotten in months. I'll include a link to the story, but read it while you can. I'm sure the link will change within a week or so.

Antioch did get a little ink in this weeks motorsports column, mentioning Kellen Chadwick's Late Model win. Usually, the "pros" get all the ink, and the locals get nothing. I'm, not sure who, if anybody, is sending info to the papers for the track. I noticed Dennis Daniel got a story printed in the latest issue of John Kelly's publication, MotoRacing. Kelly may have the only California based paper these days covering the local tracks. I know the news is a little older when it hits the mail box, but it's still better than nothing.

As for Dennis, I have to give him a lot of credit for hanging in there at the track and keeping an excellent web page with the points and results. If not for him, we'd have no information on the track. I know that there were people trying to stir things up about me when times got bad. With Dennis, I recall him speaking up for me when I got tossed from the pits back in the 90's, and I also recall him saving much of my racing data when I had a hard drive crash at no charge, I might add. The guy does care about the sport, and he's found a way not to burn out on things at Antioch Speedway. Dennis will be one of two officials, to my knowledge, who have been at Antioch through the entire era of John Soares Jr.

The Fairgrounds in Vallejo had a race during the fair, an enduro race. Steve Hazelton was the promoter. Here are a few excerpts from his e-mails about the event.

Results First:

I want to thank all the competitors and crews that participated in our first event. From the beginning we all knew it would be a bull ring, but competitors got more action than they ever could have experienced on a quarter mile. I named the event "Commuters Dream" for a reason.

I did not have enough rules and entry forms for the fans when I went to the bleachers at the break. Every one can relate to being stuck in traffic and being frustrated. These are the participants I am looking for.The arena is safe and fun. It takes a combination of driving skills, car endurance and luck to win. Every one was competing on the same surface.

It got dry quick in the first heat and every one stayed low in the dry dirt. I made sure it was wet on the bottom for the second heat, and the action was great. Nick King did a great job of turning Virgils Volvo around on the back straight near the end of the race.Unlike the Derby last night, all drivers got out of their cars with a smile on their face, asking when the next race is.

First place went to Nick King from Sebastopol, followed by (2) Timber Cookson from Windsor, (3) Dave Vaaler from Vallejo (4) Virgil Breachar from Vallejo (5) Regina Holloch from Sonama.The new season will be posted as soon as I have a contract from the fairgounds which should be in the next two weeks. I am as anxious as the racers to get started on The Commuters Dream Season.In the mean time find me a commute DJ or two that wants to experience the ULTIMATE COMMUTE DREAM.

Some of Steve's Comments about trying To Make The Race Happen:

Saturday, the 14th was our next event, the "Commuters Dream" endurance race. The effort to get cars built for the event was a real struggle. Round table conversations with Joe Barkett, and fair dept heads about future events, was passed on to racers. This information convinced racers to invest in a car for the event, and future events. I worked for a car count to put on a good show for the fair. I rustled up 12 cars, but my target was 20. Now, over 40 local cars are being built by people in, real estate, restaurants, and businesses from A to Z, who have heard about the Commuters Dream, and want to be a part of it, at the fairgrounds.

My responsibility was to put on a show that attracted people to buy tickets on line, and also attract people attending the fair. Bobbie and I dedicated ourselves to putting on a competitive and entertaining events for the people attending the fair.

I invited Kenny Lewis, founder of "STOP THE VIOLENCE TRACK MEET" to attend the event as my guest. I interviewed Kenny at the intermission, and asked why there were not any African American competitors? I asked, don’t Black people drive cars, work on cars, and have a fun time racing cars, as a tongue in cheek question.

Kenny said "Black families and society want to know how to get started in this family fun". My response was, "this is the purpose of Vallejo Speedway 2 at the fairgrounds".

An element of our future program is to focus on Diversity and Gender neutral competition, to present to the community. Kenny said "We need to talk after the fair".

Filipino, Hispanic, Asian, African American, and all communities are invited to attend any future events. Information can be found at;

We want to thank the Solano County Fairgrounds, and the SC Board of Supervisors for the opportunity to again bring motorsports to the fairgrounds, the place Jeff Gordon started years ago. There are so many young kids and teens looking for motorsports activity in Solano County, and Vallejo. We are here to serve the community.

I worked for a car count to put on a good show for the fair. I rustled up 12 cars, but my target was 20. Now, over 40 local cars are being built by people in, real estate, restaurants, and businesses from A to Z, who have heard about the Commuters Dream, and want to be a part of it, at the fairgrounds.

I wish Steve luck on this project. The more race tracks the better.

I should point out that this post had more to it, but I edited my comments. They dealt with the nature of my departure from the sport. I am saving them, perhaps to be posted later. This was not the time. I added Steve's Vallejo information instead.