Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Checking In With An Update And Some Comments

Can't let the 2009 season go without pointing out this is the 50th consecutive season of activity for Antioch Speedway. That means next year with be the 50th Anniversary of that track. Will there be any special plans? Guess we'll find out. Though I'm not optimistic about it, I am hopeful. It's just nice to see the track is still running and doing better in some areas than last year, from what I hear. It would be nicer if they had newspaper coverage here, but...

I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. To say my head has been elsewhere would be an understatement. I haven't given much thought to the book I was planning to write, to be perfectly honest with you. I have finished a non racing related book that I am editing. I have given some thought to pulling out some previously published material for a racing history book of sorts. Some of what I consider to be my best stories, along with Gary Jacob and other writers from past DCRR issues. And some photos, of course. Lots of them.

What would be the point of that? For starters, to get this stuff published and looking more professional than anything I had done previously with The DCRR. The print would be bigger. The look and feel of the book would be like a book you would get at Barnes & Noble. The areas focussed on would include Antioch, Chowchilla, Merced, Watsonville, Petaluma and other tracks. Driver profile stories, the classic 1989 DCRR Series Memorable moments, a look back at Antioch Speedway in the 80's. Never wrote the 1989 installment, but I might just break out an old story from my Antioch '87 magazine about the 1979 season to make it a full ten year series.

Big stories about Antioch and Merced history, some season review stories and other things. At this time, the "angry editor" stuff would NOT be a part of this. The book would be a celebration of racing on a short track level. That's all. How many pages? I figure at least 100 or 200. Is this something that would interest any of you who are lurking? If so, perhaps I can make this happen. The more positive feedback I see, the more inspired I will be to do this, so feel free to post.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Don O'Keefe Jr. not that long ago. It was good to see him again, and he looked great. Seems life in Indiana agress with him. It was nice to catch up with him on things and we of course recalled putting the Spec Sprint class together and the recent publicity we enjoyed in Norm Bogan's excellent story in Flat Out Magazine. It's nice to be remembered and even nicer to know the division is still going strong. Even Antioch has enjoyed some good car counts this season.

Petaluma is doing good things with the division as well. Incidentally, I understand Jim Soares has to renew his contract there. I certainly hope he gets to return. He has really turned the place around. I haven't been to a race in California in over five years, and frequently when I think of going to a race it's Petaluma. I've heard things about that bid. I won't mention here, but if it comes to light in the future, I definitely have an opinion. I support Jim at Petaluma. Yeah Jim, "there's no we" and I'm not looking to come back, but I do respect what you have done there. Pops would be proud of you.

Hopefully, we can keep the negativity at a minimum and move ahead. Some tracks aren't doing well, but others are. The main thng is tracks like Antioch, Watsonville and Petluma have made it throigh some tough times and even Chowchilla is doing okay from what I hear. There will be ups and downs, but there always has been. As long as the ones in charge don't do anything stupid, the drivers will come back and the show will go on.

Anyway, that's all for now. Best wishes to everybody and I hope whatever you're doing you are happy.