Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USAC To Bring NARC Back?

Again, the Motor Sports show with Tony Karis on KNRY 1240 AM is breaking news. Les Kynett of USAC was talking with Tony and Wingless Spec Sprint ace Ryan Bernal about the USAC/CRA races in Petaluma and Watsonville last week. Ryan won his heat at Watsonville and finished fifth at Petaluma in his Spec Sprint with the 2 barrel carb. Ryan is contending tor the Spec Sprint title at Watsonville, and he is looking at his options for 2011. After racing his Spec Sprint Friday at Ocean Speedway, he has a ride in a BCRA Midget on Saturday in Chowchilla,

Les and Tony both spoke highly of young Bernal, who really seems like a good kid with a bright future in racing.

But back to NARC.

The NARC Sprint Car Series ran from 1960 through 2000 before closing shop. There had been talk in immediate the years afterward the group shut down about bringing the 410 Spoint Car series back, but nothing came of it. It appears as if USAC is working on bringing the NARC name back as it is still popular with Sprint Car fans ten years later.

In the last decade, USAC revived CRA, which had been dormant for over a decade, and obviously USAC is looking at all things that can increase their presence in California and make it stronger.

The NARC name will evoke memories of full fields of winged Sprint Cars with A, B and even C Main Events, the highly successful Speedweek series, high flying, side by side battles through traffic. Kaeding, Van Connett, Kent, Green and so many other great racers.

It appears as if USAC has something in the works, and it's shaping up to be a 16 race series, eight on pavement and eight on dirt. 410 sprints will race, possibly with restrictors on 410's to make 360's competitive, though nothing is set. Tommy Hunt is said to be working out all of the details. Plans call for a champion on dirt, a champion on pavement and a combined champion.

Pavement tracks that could included are Shasta, All American Speedway, Stockton, Madera, San Bernadino and Irwindale. What dirt tracks would be involved were not mentioned.

What will come of this series? Keep an eye on USAC for official announcements.

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