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Guglielmoni, Ryland, Zachary Antioch Feature Winners

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No Merced Speedway results as of "press time" so I went with what I had. If I am able to, I will do a Merced story as soon as possible.

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 Guglielmoni Stays Cool Under Pressure For Antioch Win

Leading all 20 laps, Paul Guglielmoni surprised the field when he scored the victory in the 20 lap DIRTcar Late Model Main Event Saturday might at Antioch Speedway.  Guglielmoni's win came just ahead of Decker, who beat Troy Foulger by inches for a second place finish.

The Late Models had two heat races with Decker winning his heat race ahead of Guglielmoni.  Richard Papenhausen won the other heat in front of Chester Kniss.  After scratching from his heat race, Troy Foulger hot lapped his car later and managed to fix it for a last place feature start.  Guglielmoni and Kniss shared the front row for the feature with Decker starting third and Papenhausen eighth.  Guglielmoni led just a lap before a red flag stopped the race when Dennis Souza rolled his car in Turns 1 and 2.  Souza was uninjured but out of the race.  Guglielmoni led Decker and Papenhausen on the restart as Chester Kniss was shuffled back to fourth.  Oregon long tow Chris Linder spun in Turn 4 for a lap six caution flag.  Guglielmoni continued to hold the point from his outside restart position as Decker held second ahead of Papenhausen.  A low move in Turn 4 of the eighth lap gained Foulger fifth from David Newquist.  During a lap 12 caution flag, Kniss retired from fourth, and Gugliemoni again held his lead over Decker and Papenhausen on the restart.  Guglielmoni stayed cool under pressure the rest of the way and was rewarded with a well earned victory.  David Newquist lost a  driveline for a lap 14 caution flag, and Foulger rode the outside around Papenhausen for third on the restart.  Foulger battled Decker and had enough momentum coming out of the final turn to make a run at him.  However, Decker managed to just beat him to the line for second.  Behind the lead trio of Gugliemoni, Decker and Foulger at the checkered flag were Papenausen, Danny Malfati and the lapped Mike Hynes.

Patti Ryland Wins First Sport Mod Feature

After posting her second straight heat race win, Patti Ryland went on to win her first career IMCA Sport Mod 20 lap Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.   Ron Brown withstood a challenge from Keith Brown Jr. for a second place finish. Roy Fisher led from start to finish for his second 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event victory of the season.

The Sport Mods ran two heat races with Chuck Golden holding off K. Brown for a win in his heat race.  P. Ryland won the other heat race ahead of Paul Mulder.  R. Brown and P. Ryland shared the font row for the Main Event with K. Brown starting back in the fourth row.  P. Ryland led from the drop of the green flag with Mulder second ahead of R. Brown.  A high move in Turn 4 of the eighth lap gained R. Brown second from Mulder.  K. Brown made a similar move around Mulder for third two laps later.  K. Brown moved up on R. Brown in a bid to challenge for second as P. Ryland held command.  Last row starter F. Ryland caught Mulder, but he was unable to make a pass.  P. Ryland caught slower traffic, but it didn't stop her from bringing it home to a popular victory.  R. Brown was a strong second ahead of K. Brown, Mulder, F. Ryland, Al Sotomayor, Al Johnson, K.C. Keller, Alan Furuta and Golden.

The Wingless Spec Sprints had two heat races with Jeremy Newberry winning his by a wide margin in front of James East.  Incoming point leader Kyle Bakkie won the other heat ahead of past champion Jimmy Perry III.  Fisher had the pole for the Main Event and raced into the lead at the start ahead of Ryon Siverling and Perry.  With one lap in the books, Bakkie and Alan Miranda got together on the back stretch with Miranda flipping without injury.  Both drivers and East were done at that point, and Fisher led Siverling and Perry on the restart.  Perry stalled with motor problems on the back stretch for a lap 15 caution flag.   Rick Panfili had pitted with a flat during the red flag and was way off the pace on the restart after struggling to get past Chase Wood Jr.  The Perry caution flag enabled him to join the lead pack as Fisher continued to lead Siverling and Marcus Smith.  Siverling took occasional looks inside Fisher, but Fisher was not to be denied the victory.  Siverling was a career best second ahead of Smith, Newberry, Panfili and the lapped Wood. 

Zachary Battles Jennings For Antioch Victory

Regaining the lead from a smoking Jason Jennings, Brian Zachary collected the 20 lap Northern All Stars Hobby Stock Main Event win Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  Jennings managed to finish second before losing a motor, while Nick Baldwin placed third.  16 year old Adam Teves collected his first Dwarf Car feature victory ahead of new point leader Danny Wagner.

Incoming point leader Kimo Oreta won the first Hobby Stock heat race ahead of Baldwin.  The second heat was won by Danny Jones, followed by second generation racer Calvin Louis Jr.  The Main Event was destined to go non stop, which put Oreta way behind as he started tenth on the grid.  Zachary and Jennings shared the front row, and Zachary drove the Jim Freethy owned car into the early lead ahead of Jennings and Michael Cooper  Cooper pushed high in Turn 2 of the fifth lap, allowing rookie Jordan Swank to race by for third.  The lead duo of Zachary and Jennings pulled away as Swank held off a pack of racers.  An outside pass on lap 10 gained Jennings the lead from Zachary, and contact between Jeremy Jennings and Swank in Turn 4 of the 12th lap enabled Baldwin to slip underneath both to gain third.  Jason Jennings maintained the lead despite the beginning of a smoking problem. Jennings was beginning to lose a little power, and a low move in Turn 2 of the 19th lap regained Zachary the lead.  Zachary went on to win the race with Jennings nursing his smoking car to second.  Baldwin was third ahead of Jeremy Jennings, Lewis, Oreta, Jones, Robert Niven, Cooper and Swank.

The Dwarf Cars had enough cars for three heat races, and Jack Haverty won the first heat ahead of A. Teves. Kevin Miraglio won the second heat in front of Mike Corsaro.  David Teves was the third heat race winner over Wagner.  David Rosa was a heat race and Main Event scratch.  David and Adam Teves shared the front row of the Main Event with previous winner Wagner back in tenth.  D. Teves raced into the early lead over Haverty and A. Teves.  D. Teves was running strong out front until spinning in Turn 3 for a lap nine yellow flag.  Haverty also spun, and the two restarted at the back of the pack.  A. Teves led the restart as Thomas Leiby and Corsaro raced into second and third.  Tim Reeder spun for the second and final caution flag on lap 15.  A. Teves had the outside for the restart, and Wagner followed him up high and into second.  Wagner pressured Teves the rest of the way, but the teenager kept his cool and was rewarded with an impressive victory.  Wagner settled for second at the finish ahead of Leiby, Miraglio, Corsaro, Haverty, Jerry Doty, D. Teves, Charlie Correia and Miranda Chappa.