Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Decker, Grier, Clymens Win At Antioch Speedway And More

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Decker, Grier, Clymens Win At Antioch Speedway

Antioch, CA...July 22...Jeff Decker charged to victory in the 20 lap DIRTcar Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  This was the third win in a row and fourth of the season for Decker, who has taken control of the point lead in a bid for his third championship at the track.  As the previous winner, Decker started back in the fifth row, but that didn't present too much of a problem for him as he quickly worked his way to the front of the pack.  As Decker sped to the victory, heat race winner David Newquist earned a season best second ahead of two time Petaluma champion Paul Guglielmoni.  Chester Kniss and Dennis Souza rounded out the Top 5 finishers.

Bryan Grier picked up the win in the 20 lap All Star Series Wingless Spec Sprint feature.  This was the second win of the season for the 2014 Watsonville Spec Sprint champion.  Grier made a three wide move on the opening lap of the race to move past both Brandon Burd and point leader Alan Miranda.  Grier led all the way to win the non stop event.  Previous winner Bob Newberry started back in the fifth row, but he was already third behind Miranda by lap five.  A lap later, Newberry took over second, and he chased Grier the rest of the way for the runnerup finish.  Miranda settled for third ahead of heat race winner Shannon Newton and Burd.

Trevor Clymens returned to the winner's circle in the 20 lap B Modified Main Event.  This was the fourth win of the season for the reigning champion.  At times, Clymens had to fight off Jimmy Ford, who was piloting the Marty Burdine car.  However, Clymens was up to the challenge as he scored a well earned victory.  After spinning early in the race, point leader K.C. Keller was on a mission to get back to the front.  Mark Garner spun from third after a close battle with Ford for second.  The lap 16 restart saw Keller run the high line behind Clymens and into second.  Keller finished second ahead of Ford, Todd Gomez and Doff Cooksey.

Gene Haney won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  The win actually came after a post race technical inspection resulted in the disqualification of apparent Top 2 finishers Michael Cooper and Brent Curran.  Haney was driving a great race as he battled Melissa Myers.  Haney won the battle against the two time Hobby Stock champion for the third place finish.  That became first after post race tech, and Myers ended up second.  Chris Bennett stalled at the end of the back stretch on the last lap, forcing the leaders to take evasive action entering Turn 3.  This opened the door for Jordan Swank to make a last turn pass on Ken Rhodes for what would be a third place finish.  Chris Sorensen finished fifth.

David Teves won the 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event.  This was the fourth time this season that the Teves team has won at Antioch this season as both David and son Adam have two victories.  D. Teves is the 2015 Antioch champion and 2016 SBDCA champion, and he was driving his new car.  He was chased across the line by Petaluma racer Matt Hagerman.  Point leader Mike Corsaro had a solid night in third, followed by David Rosa and Jenna Frazier.

The All Star Series Winged 360 Sprint Cars are back in action this Saturday, along with Wingless Spec Sprints, B Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Hobby Stocks and Dwarf Cars.  For further information, go to www.antiochspeedway.com.

Unofficial Race Results
DIRTcar Late Model
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Paul Guglielmoni, David Newquist.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Jeff Decker, David Newquist, Paul Guglielmoni, Chester Kniss, Dennis Souza, Kimo Oreta, Shawn DeForest, Andrew Hynes, Joey Olschowka.

Wingless Spec Sprint
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Bill Cornwell, Shannon Newton.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Bryan Grier, Bob Newberry, Alan Miranda, Shannon Newton, Brandon Burd, Bill Cornwell, Robert Floyd, Rick Panfili, Roy Fisher, Dennis Furia Jr.

B Modified
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Fred Ryland, Trevor Clymens.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Trevor Clymens, K.C. Keller, Jimmy Ford, Todd Gomez, Doff Cooksey, Mark Garner, Chuck Golden, Kevin Brown, Mike Merritt, Dwayne Short.

Hobby Stock
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Melissa Myers, Chris Sorensen.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Gene Haney, Melissa Myers, Jordan Swank, Ken Rhodes, Chris Sorensen, Billy Garner, Chris Bennett, Tyler Bickford, Rick Foster, George Silva.

Dwarf Car
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Brandon Anderson, David Teves.  Main Event (20 Laps)-David Teves, Matt Hagerman, Mike Corsaro, David Rosa, Jenna Frazier, Mario Marquez, David Michael Rosa, Brian Gray, Chris Becker, Devan Kammermann.

Sanders, Foulger Win Ocean Speedway Main Events

Watsonville, CA...July 21...Justin Sanders scored the victory in the 30 lap Ocean Sprint Car, presented by Taco Bravo, Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway.  This was the fourth win of the season for the 2015 champion, who has moved into third in the current standings.  Dustin Golobic, Jason Chisum and Kyle Offill were eight lap heat race winners, and Sanders earned a start in the six lap Trophy Dash by finishing second to Chisum in his heat race.  Sanders outran D.J. Netto to win the Trophy Dash.

Shane Golobic was the 21st and final driver to go out for time trials, and he turned the quickest lap of 11.748.  Two time reigning champion Brad Furr had an 11.862 to be the second quick qualifier.  The invert came up four to put Netto and incoming point leader Geoff Ensign on the front row.  Fifth quickest qualifier Sanders started fifth, and he battled his way past Ensign and Netto for the lead.  The bigger story was Shane Golobic.  His qualifying lap prevented him from being stuck in last starting in the 21 car field after a bad heat race, but he still had to line up ninth on the grid.  The two time champion S. Golobic picked them off one by one until he made hs way past Netto for second.  However, Sanders prevailed at the checkered flag.  S. Golobic was a strong second, followed by Netto, Furr, Ensign, D. Golobic, Cole Macedo, Marcus Dumensy, Mathew Moles and Offill.

Troy Foulger won the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event.  Foulger drives the Bowers Racing Modified, and he was joined by fellow All Star Modified Series regular Robby Sawyer for this race.  Point leader Cody Burke and Tim Balding won eight lap heat races.  Foulger and Sawyer started back in the fourth row with Andy Obertello in the fifth row.  It was these three drivers putting on a show on their way to the front of the pack.  Foulger prevailed at the checkered flag with Sawyer second ahead of Obertello.  Burke settled for fourth, but he didn't increase his point lead much as Nick DeCarlo was right behind him in fifth.  Raymond Keldsen Jr., Alex Wilson, Freddie Plourde III, Kyle Bryan and Bill Egleston rounded out the Top 10.

Nick Silva picked up the win in the 20 lap American Stock Main Event.  This was the second win of the season for the talented second generation racer.  N. Silva and Devon Sanders earned front row starts for the Main Event after winning their respective eight lap heat races.  Unfortunately for Sanders, his Main Event ended early.  Past champion Wally Kennedy was racing hard for his first win of the season.  However, Silva drove a great race and earned this victory.  Kennedy settled for a season best second, followed by point leader Rob Gallaher, Joe Gallaher, reigning Merced champion Michael Shearer, previous winner Tony Oliveira, Nick Lawrence, current second ranked racer Katie Briggs and Terry Traub.

Point leader Cameron Diatte continued his string of impressive efforts with another 20 lap SBDCA Dwarf Car Main Event win.  Diatte and fellow past champion Gene "Punky" Pires prevailed in their eight lap heat races to grab front row starts for the feature.  The two battled early for the lead with another past champion, Mark Biscardi, joining the battle.  C. Diatte moved ahead and took that lead to the checkered flag with Biscardi a strong second.  Ryan Amlen was a solid third as Pires settled for fourth.  Trafton Chander finished fifth, followed by Dan Zuger, Zach Price, Brady Beck, Ryan Diatte and Chuck Belfield.

Ray Bunn returned and won his first 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event of the season.  Bunn has been racing Mini Stocks since the 1980's at Baylands Raceway, and he started the night off with an eight lap heat race win.  Brady Muller won the other heat race to share the front row of the Main Event with Bunn.  Muller was hot on the trail of his first feature win, but Bunn was just a little too quick as he prevailed at the checkered flag.  Kate Beardsley outran point leader Dakota Keldsen to finish third as Nicole Beardsley, Bill Beardsley, reigning champion D.J. Keldsen, Kathy Misenheimer and Devin Belton rounded out the finishing order.

Kofoid, Haney, Vidovich Win At Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA...July 21...Michael "Buddy" Kofoid won the 25 lap Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway.  Kofoid was coming off of the biggest win of his young career in the Howard Kaeding Classic in Watsonville, where he won $5,000 in the King Of The West Series race.  Kofoid set a good pace down the stretch to grab the win.  Michael Ing battled heat race winner Chase Majdic for a second place finish.  Chico 410 Sprint Car point leader and heat race winner Andy Forsberg settled for fourth, followed by Sean Becker, Brad Bumgarner, Kyle Hirst, Steven Tiner, heat winner Kirt Organ and Jake Haulot.

Cameron Haney won the 20 lap Winged Economy Sprint Main Event.  It was Haney's first win of the season.  Haney battled reigning champion Wyatt Brown all night long.  Brown won a close contest over Haney in their eight lap heat race.  However, Haney pulled away down the stretch to beat Brown in the Main Event.  Point leader Mike Ficklin finished third ahead of Cameron Haney Jr. and Mike Sayre.  Chris Story brought out a yellow flag on lap 10 and retired in sixth as David Johnson's race ended in seventh on the opening lap.

Nick Vidovich won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  Vidovich won the previous Main Event and battled with point leader Kyle Allen all night.  Vidovich won the eight lap heat race just ahead of Allen.  The Main Event had Allen giving Vidovich some good competition, but it was Vidovich taking the checkered flag in first again.  Allen settled for second ahead of Collin Ferguson, James West, title contender Shannon Collins, Jesse Skidmore, Orland point leader Jeremy Langenderfer and Earl Adams.

Phil Marino won the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event.  Marino is leading the points in search of his first championship since 2000, and seasoned veteran Gary Newman is his closest rival.  Newman has been racing Stock Cars since the 1970's.  Marino won the eight lap heat race ahead of Clinton Earl, but Earl suffered mechanical failure in the process to leave just four starters for the Main Event.  Marino won that race by a wide margin with Newman settling for second ahead of Danny Dozier and Richard Workman.

George Nielson won the 20 lap 600 Micro Sprint Main Event.  Nielson and Nick Robfogel are both regulars at Petaluma Speedway, and they provided the show up front all night.  Robfogel managed to hold off Nielson to win the eight lap heat race.  In the Main Event, the two ran close together with Nielson prevailing ahead of Robfogel.  Justin Stetch took a checkered flag in third as Rick Gutzke settled for fourth.

Armstrong Wins Placerville Speedway Hardtop Race

Placerville, CA...July 22... Jason Armstrong won the California Hardtop Main Event Saturday night at Placerville Speedway.  He started at the back of the Main Event and ran behind two side by side battles going on between Jason Clifford and Ken Clifford as well as Ron Ruiz and Dennis Armstrong.  Jason Clifford moved ahead of his father Ken as Ruiz ran a close third.  J. Armstrong passed his father Dennis for fourth.  J. Clifford spun from the lead, handing the lead to K. Clifford.  J. Clifford kept going and didn't wait for a yellow flag.  As K. Clifford and Ruiz were lapping a slower car, Ruiz went high and spun.  On the restart, J. Armstrong took the lead.  J. Clifford moved back to battle and pass K. Clifford for a second place finish.  K. Clifford settled for third.  The Top 3 was the same in the heat race, and all seven drivers, which also included Rhett Lange and Steve Cloyes, took the checkered flag in the Main Event.