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Pit Stops

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 Note this was recorded before Antioch canceled

Pit Stops

Antioch Speedway is dark tonight due to an issue with the water lines at the track.  This has effected the ability to adequately prep the track for the scheduled six division show.  Promoter John M. Soares has canceled the races while repairs are being made to the water line.  Racing returns on August 5th, but the schedule has been adjusted.  Next Saturday night will feature All Star Series Wingless Spec Sprints, DIRTcar Late Models, A Modifieds, B Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Hobby Stocks and Dwarf Cars.  The B Modifieds are racing for $500 to win, while the Hobby Stocks will race for $300 to win.

There are several tracks dark this week, and yet plenty of options.  Marysville Raceway has Sprint Cars and an IMCA West Coast Sport Modified race as part of tonight's card.  Petaluma Speedway has USAC West Coast 360 Sprints and Lumberjacks Restaurant Super Stocks among other classes tonight.  Orland Raceway is offering a regular program.  Coos Bay Speedway has the Tidal Wave 50 Late Model show for $3,000 to win and that's just some of the action happening tonight.

Merced Speedway is also off this week.  This was a scheduled dark night for Summer Break, and they will also be dark on August 5th to allow the local stars to head to Watsonville in support of the 20th Annual Mike Cecil Memorial Race.  Merced comes back on August 12th for Legend's Night.  The Valley Sportsman division, Legends of Kearney Bowl, Hobby Stocks and BCRA Midget Lites are all scheduled.  For further information, go to

Liggett, Hagio, Gallaher Win At Watsonville

The USAC West Coast 360 Sprint Cars were at Watsonville last night (July 28th) to kick off their two race Bay Area weekend.  They are at Petaluma tonight.  Austin Liggett got the job done in the Main Event as he led all 30 laps for the impressive victory.  Jake Swanson was second and Watsonville Taco Bravo Sprint Car point leader Geoff Ensign took off his wing and finished third ahead of two time Watsonville champion Shane Golobic.  Ryan Bernal has become one of the stars of Wingless 360 Sprint Car racing, and he's a past Watsonville Spec Sprint champion.  He finished fifth in Friday's Main Event.  Bernal, Danny Faria Jr. and fourth generation racer Chase Johnson won ten lap heat races.  Swanson bested the 21 car field in qualifying with a 13.144 lap around the Tom Sagmiller prepared clay oval.  Bernal was a close second with a lap of 13.147.

Point leader Matt Hagio left the night with his seventh IMCA Sport Modified Main Event win and a 16 point advantage on Mark Hartman.  Hagio was followed by the Thomas brothers from Merced Speedway.  Chase Thomas was second with Tanner Thomas third.  Hartman and Alex Bieser completed the Top 5.  Hagio also held off T. Thomas to win the eight lap heat race.

Point leader Rob Gallaher won his third American Stock Main Event.  Gallaher had to work for it after he and fellow eight lap heat race winner Tony Oliveira started in the fourth row,  Gallaher worked his way through the pack in the fashion of the reigning champion that he is and scored the victory.  J.C. Elrod was a season best second ahead of Oliveira, reigning Merced Speedway champion Michael Shearer and Katie Briggs.

Central Valley Mini Stock star Logan Doglione returned to Watsonville and won his second 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Veteran Ray Bunn crossed the line in second, only to be disqualified in post race tech.  Kate Beardsley was elevated to second ahead of Ryan Muller, Nicole Beardsley and Joey Burress.  Point leader Dakota Keldesn's night started off well with an eight lap heat race win over K. Beardsley, but he ended up seventh in the Main Event.  He maintains an eight point lead over Bill Beardsley, who was sixth in the feature.  Kelly Campanile returned with her fast Ford Pinto, but she blew a motor in the heat race.

Ocean Speedway in Watsonville hosts the 20th Annual Mike Cecil Memorial race next week, which features an 80 lap Main Event for American Stocks paying $1,000 to win.  The All Star Series IMCA Modifieds and IMCA Sport Modifieds will also compete for $1,000 to win in their respective divisions, and car counts are expected to be big in all classes.  For further information, go to

Hirst, Spainhoward Win At Chico

Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico held their regular program on Friday night.  The 410 Sprint Car field was a bit light, but there was plenty of talent at the head of the pack.  Reigning King Of The West Series champion Kyle Hirst won the 25 lap Main Event ahead of reigning Chico champion Sean Becker and current point leader Andy Forsberg.  Chase Majdic and Colby Wiesz rounded out the Top 5.

Point leader Tony Richards won the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  Richards won the eight lap heat race ahead of Casey McClain and then beat McClain for his second feature win of the season.  Second ranked Craig Swim, Jeff Crossman and David Johnson rounded out the Top 5.

Point leader Mike Ficklin won the Economy Sprint heat race and Main Event with Mike Sayre and reigning champion Wyatt Brown finishing second and third in both races.

Two time SODCA Dwarf Car champion Josh King won the 20 lap NCDCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  Though two of the stars of NCDCA, Shawn Jones and Ryan "Ice Chip" Winter, finished out of the running, King had his hands full fighting off Danny Wagner for the victory.  Jeremy Blackshere was a strong third ahead of Mike Reeder and Kevin Bender.  There were 20 cars, and the three eight lap heat race wins went to Winter, Bender and Scott Dahlgren.

The big car count was produced by the West Coast IMCA Sport Modified Tour as 26 competitors were in action.  Despite the fact that there was a special race happening at Kern County Raceway in Bakersfield, most of the Bakersfield racers who have been supporting this series supported this race.  Nick Spainhoward grabbed another victory in the Main Event, and a close battle for second saw State point leader Shane DeVolder beat Jerry Bartlett back to the line in a photo finish.  Brian Cooper and Fred Ryland rounded out the Top 5.  B. Cooper earned his feature start with a third place B Main finish behind Guy Ahlwardt and Alan Faruta.  Bartlett, Spainhoward and Andrew Peckham were the heat race winners.  The series will crown a champion after tonight's race at Marysville Raceway.
Silver Dollar Speedway returns to action next Friday night with 410 Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hobby Stocks all on the card.  For further information, go to
Reichenbach, Daly And Bradburn Win At Kern County

Kern County Raceway had the first race of the Motor City Throwdown Series for B Modifieds on Friday night.  This is a series that they are doing with neighboring Bakersfield Speedway, which continues tonight.  The flying Clint Reichenbach won the 25 lap Main Event by nearly a straightaway ahead of Austin Keifer.  Heat race winner Garrett Jernagan was a solid third ahead of Billy Simkins and Matthew Mayo.  Austin Ruskauff was the other eight lap heat race winner.

Clay Daly won the 25 lap Pro Stock Main Event.  Justin Crockett won a close battle with Brady Bell to finish second. Heat race winner Doug Thornton and Chris Smith rounded out the Top 5.  Daly won the other eight lap heat race.

The Bakersfield Hardtops continue to deliver respectable numbers as the strongest Hardtop effort currently going on the West Coast.  James Bradburn won his eight lap heat race and won the Main Event by nearly a straightway over 71 year old Bobby Courtney.  Richard Souza won a good battle with Marc McCaslin for third as heat race winner Josh Yadon completed the Top 5.  Last week's Bakersfield Speedway winner Justin Yadon finished sixth.

The future stars of Bakersfield racing competed in the Mini Dwarf classes on the one eighth mile oval inside the big oval.  Jr. Mini Dwarf heat race winners Hank Hall and Stryker Conley finished 1-2 in the 12 lap Main Event.  Logan Miller wasn't too far behind them as the only other lead lap finisher.  Adam Nohl and D.G. George completed the Top 5.

Heat racer winner Tailer Morrison won a photo finish with Trenton Eurto to win the 15 lap Sr. Mini Dwarf Main Event.  Nathan Edwards and Austin Murch also had lead lap finishes as Mallory Meyers was fifth.

Racing returns to the dirt track with another Motor City Throwdown B Modified show on August 18th.  Joining them will be the USAC Speed2 Midgets and the American Stocks.  For further information, go to

Ocean Speedway Race Results July 28, 2017

USAC West Coast 360 Sprint Cars  (30 laps)

1. Austin Liggett
2. Jake Swanson
3. Geoff Ensign
4. Shane Golobic
5. Ryan Bernal
6. Danny Faria Jr.
7. Max Adams
8. Cory Elliott
9. Tristan Guardino
10. Shannon McQueen
11. Steve Hix
12. Brandon Wiley
13. Ryan Timmons
14. Jeremy Chisum
15. Evan Bonnema
16. Hobie Conway
17. Gary Nelson Jr.
18. Austin Ervine
19. Chase Johnson
20. Benjamin Catron
21. Ryan Stolz

IMCA Sport Mods (20 Laps)
Matthew Hagio
Chase Thomas
Tanner Thomas
Mark Hartman
Alex Bieser
Paul Mulder
Charlie Hunter
John Ferro
Bud Aiassa

American Stocks (20 Laps)
Rob Gallaher
JC Elrod
Tony Oliveira
Michael Shearer
Katie Briggs
Devon Sanders
Terry Traub
James Stockton
Nick Lawrence
Vernon Silva
Kristie Shearer
Sam Kennedy
DJ Keldsen DNS
Austin Williams DNS

Four Bangers (15 Laps)
Logan Doglione
Kate Beardsley
Ryan Muller
Nicole Beardsley
Joey Burress
Bill Beardsley
Dakota Keldsen
Kelly Campanile DNS
Ray Bunn DQ

Kern County Raceway Park race Results July 28, 2017

B Modifieds 25 Laps
Clint Reichenbach
Garret Jernagan
Billy Simkins
Matthew Mayo
Jeff Miller
Wayne Coffman
Mike Dean
Austin Manzella
Chris McKellar
Joey Dominguez
Austin Ruskauff
Matt Lewis

Pro Stocks Main 25 Laps
Clay Daly
Justin Crocket
Brady Bell
Doug Thornton
Chris Smith
Robert Meneley
Frank Nyback
Toby Randolph
Chris Clinton
Dave King
Matt Mayo
Billy Simkins DNS
Tim Randolph DNS

Hardtops Main 20 Laps
James Bradburn
Bobby Courtney
Richard Souza
Marc McCaslin
Josh Yadon
Justin Yadon
Tom Dugan
Steve Settlemire
Bronsosn Chavez
Brandon Stanphill
Jason Stanphill
Sean Shea DNS

Sr Mini Dwarf Main 15 Laps
Austin Murch
Zoie Warren
Mason Conway

Jr Mini Dwarf Main 12 Laps
Logan Miller
Adam Nohl
DG George
Tucker Carey
Corben Kuma
Landon King
Seth Hansen
Wyatt Webb
Carson Conway DNS

Silver Dollar Speedway Race Results July 28, 2017

410 Sprints

Kyle Hirst
Sean Becker
Andy Forsberg
Chase Majdic
Colby Wiesz
Tanner Carrick
Michael Ing
Jeremy Wilson

IMCA Sport Modifieds
A Main

Nick Spainhoward
Shane Devolder
Jerry Bartlett
Brian Cooper
Fred Ryland
Michael Johnson
Phillip Shelby
Lee Jensen
Tyler Rodgers
Guy Ahlwardt
Andrew Peckham
Kyle Wood
Howard Law
Jordan Hagar
Damian Merritt
Patti Ryland
Scott Grunert
Alan Furuta
Todd Cooper
Jeremy Phillips
Mike Merritt
Justin Foux

B Main
Guy Ahlwardt
Alan Furuta
Brian Cooper
Justin Foux
Jeremy Phillips
Kyle Wood
Mike Merritt
Jim Waller
Jesse Skidmore

NCDCA Dwarf Cars
Josh King
Danny Wagner
Jeremy Blackshere
Mike Reeder
Kevin Bender
Ben Wiesz
Scott Dahlgren
Dan Geil
Colby Wiesz
Jeff Fitch
Justin Winter
Sam Wren
Derek Droivold
Robert Johnson
Ryan Winter
Shawn Jones
Mike Grenert
Chris Fizer

Wingless Spec Sprints
Tony Richards
Casey McClain
Craig Swim
Jeff Crossman
David Johnson
Roy Fisher

Economy Sprints

Mike Ficklin
Mike Sayre
Wyatt Brown