Monday, August 9, 2010

Emery, Gale and Hammond Share Orland Spotlight

The results are in from Orland Speedway, so I thought I'd throw something together for them. I included my unofficial rankings at the bottom of the story just for fun.

Orland Speedway opened it's gates for a regular program Saturday night on the heels of their successful Enduro race last week, and the Mini Trucks produced another good field. When the checkered flag flew on the Main Events, it was Don Emery (Wingless Spec Sprints), Richard Gale (Mini Trucks) and Eric Hammond (Mini Stocks) picking up the wins. Hobby Stocks were slated to be in action, but results for them were not available.

There were five Wingless Spec Sprints, and John Hopkins impressed by holding off four time champion Josh Jacobo to win the heat race. Don Emery claimed Trophy Dash honors. The third ranked driver in the division in 2007, Don Emery would win the Main Event with Dave Emery Jr. giving the Emery family a 1-2 finish. Hopkins finished third ahead of the steady Pat Bisio and Jacobo.

The Mini Trucks continue to produce the best counts at the track this season with 12 on hand this week. Ross Vige won the first heat race ahead of Jim Davis. The consistent Dan Webster won the second heat in front of Richard Gale. John Blevins was the Trophy Dash winner. A feature winner two races back, Gale added a second winner's trophy to his collection. Webster earned his fourth second place finish of the season ahead of Davis. Back in action after several seasons away, Dan Longoria finished fourth as Blevins completed the top five. Vige was sixth ahead of the #7 and #21 trucks as Wendy Miller and Don Runkle completed the top ten.

There were six Mini Stocks, but Don Runkle blew a motor in hot laps. Ken Johnson won the heat race ahead of Trophy Dash winner Sean Perry. Eric Hammond won his third Main Event of the season, while Barbara Crain improved on her third place finish from last time out by placing second this week. Perry settled for third ahead of Johnson and Bill Nobel.

Next week the Wingless Spec Sprints, Hobby Stocks, Mini Trucks and Mini Stocks will be in action once again.

These are NOT official points for Orland Speedway. To my knowledge, they are not keeping points this season. Using Antioch Speedway's Main Event point system (50, 48 46...), I took the Main Event finishes I had (a few are missing), just to get an idea how drivers might rank this season. Here's a look at the top five, but remember, they are not official.

Wingless Spec Sprints (7 Races) *

69-Josh Jacobo 326
74-Josh Tucker 228
7x-Brian Kerby 224
4xl-Pat Bisio 180
50-Don Emery 142

* At least 1 race missing

Mini Trucks (9 Races)*

62-Dan Webster 408
97-Ross Vige 382
23-Richard Gale 364
00t-Tyler Pebley 268
5-Jim Davis 262

*1 race missing

Mini Stocks (9 Races)*

23-Don Runkle 318
86-Eric Hammond 292
93-Ken Johnson 236
46-Sean Perry 190
82-Chad Arnold 170

* 1 race missing

Hobby Stocks (6 Races)*

12-Rich Hood 230
22-Earl Adams 192
2-Jake Van Tol 142
18-Brian Compton 138
44-Jimmy O'Reilly 136

* At least 1 race missing