Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Four Winners At Orland Speedway

Figured I'd put something up for Orland Speedway. Stats are unofficial and a guess was made on the Mini Stock finish based on pictures at the track's web page, which I will update as I see an official finish. Also, the track has altered the schedule with the Dirt Modifieds now gone. A van race ran in its place at this race and August 28th now shows a Powder Puff Race.

Racing continued Saturday night at Orland Speedway with four divisions of racing on the one-fifth mile dirt oval and a special van race. Picking up victories were Josh Jacobo (Wingless Spec Sprints), Dan Webster (Mini Trucks) Sean Perry (Mini Stocks) and Rich Hood (Hobby Stocks).

There were six Wingless Spec Sprints in action with a driver driving a yellow #69x car collecting the win in the heat race over Josh Jacobo. Dave Emery won the Trophy Dash. The division had three winners on this occasion as four time champion Jacobo bested the unidentified driver in the #69x car. John Hopkins finished third ahead of Emery. Josh Tucker and Brian Kerby both competed, but neither are listed in the finishes.

The Mini Trucks continue to produce the strongest counts at the track with 11 in action Saturday night. Tyler Pebley won the first heat race ahead of Alan Crook in his season debut. One of the track's top competitors this season, Dan Webster won his heat race ahead of Richard Gale. Alan Crook claimed Trophy Dash honors. With two straight second place finishes and a win in the special combined Mini Stock/Mini Truck feature the week before that, Webster has been the hottest driver in the division lately. On this occasion, he collected the feature victory ahead of another of this year's top drivers, Richard Gale. A newcomer in the #49x truck grabbed the third podium position as Bruce Crook and Ross Vige made up the rest of the top five. Steven Woods finished mid pack in the sixth position as Alan Crook, John Blevins, Don McClain and Pebley completed the top ten.

There were five Mini Stocks in action, and Sean Perry won the heat race ahead of Don Runkle, who ran the heat race in the #23 car before turning the wheel over to Barbara Crain. Perry was debuting a new body on his #46 car. Preston Ervin won the Trophy Dash In the Main Event, Ken Johnson ran up front early before Perry and Crain moved in to battle for position. Perry got the lead and Johnson would spin. Perry would go on to win the race ahead of Ervin, Johnson (he is listed second and fourth), Crain and Eric Hammond.

There were five Hobby Stocks, and a new driver in the #07 car won the heat race ahead of Brian Compton. Rich Hood has been the top competitor so far this season, and he continued to run strong with a Trophy Dash win. Hood returned to win another Main Event ahead of Compton, the #07 car and Steve Ema. Earl Adams was in action, but he is not listed in the Main Event finish after a third in the heat race.

The track also had a special van race that including four entries, two of which came from the Pat Bisio and Dan Webster teams. Next week, the Mini Trucks, Mini Stocks, Hobby Stocks and Modified 4 Cylinders are all in action, along with a kids bike race.

These are NOT official points for Orland Speedway. To my knowledge, they are not keeping points this season. Using Antioch Speedway's Main Event point system (50, 48 46...), I took the Main Event finishes I had (a few are missing), just to get an idea how drivers might rank this season. Here's a look at the top five, but remember, they are not official.

Wingless Spec Sprints (8 Races) *

69-Josh Jacobo 376
74-Josh Tucker 228
7x-Brian Kerby 224
4xl-Pat Bisio 180
50-Don Emery 142

* At least 1 race missing

Mini Trucks (10 Races)*

62-Dan Webster 458
97-Ross Vige 424
23-Richard Gale 412
00t-Tyler Pebley 300
5-Jim Davis 262

*1 race missing

Mini Stocks (10 Races)*

86-Eric Hammond 334
23-Don Runkle 318
93-Ken Johnson 282
46-Sean Perry 240
26-Preston Irvin 188

* 1 race missing

Hobby Stocks (7 Races)*
12-Rich Hood 280
22-Earl Adams 192
18-Brian Compton 186
2-Jake Van Tol 142
44-Jimmy O'Reilly 136

* At least 1 race missing