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Full Summer Nationals Report From Antioch Speedway, More News From Orland

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Weekend Review Edition

 Foulger, Busby Grab IMCA Modified Wins In Summer Nationals At Antioch Speedway

Holding off a late threat from Bobby Hogge IV, Troy Foulger won the $2500 first prize in Saturday night's IMCA Modified Main Event.  It was the second day of the Summer Nationals and the third win of the season at Antioch for Foulger aboard the Bowers Racing Modified.  With Hogge making one last lap effort to get by, Foulger's win didn't come easy.  Hogge led the first half of Friday night's IMCA Modified feature.  When he spun out in Turn 2, that handed the lead to point leader Scott Busby.  Busby would win a duel with Ryan McDaniel for a $1500 victory.

The Saturday portion of the IMCA Modified show grew to 31 cars from Friday night's 25, and they ran three heat races.  The Top 3 finishers would make it into the Main Event.  Darrell Hughes II led all the way to win the first heat ahead of State point leader Alex Wilson and Shawn DeForest.  Troy Foulger earned his Main Event start by winning the second heat race ahead of Robert Marsh and Scott Busby.  Kellen Chadwick won the third heat race ahead of Bobby Motts Jr. and Bill Egleston.  The fourth and final heat race saw Bobby Hogge IV gain the lead with a mid race pass on second place finisher Aaron Crowell as Randy McDaniel finished third.

There were two 12 lap B Mains that would transfer three cars each into the big money feature.  Nick Viscusi III impressed by holding off division original Joe Carr and last row starter Nick DeCarlo to win the first B Main.  NASCAR star Kenny Wallace went flag to flag to win the second B Main with Ryan McDaniel following closely in second and Matt Micheli grabbing the final transfer spot into the big show.

The IMCA lineup formula put Foulger on the front row for the IMCA Modified feature as Hogge started in the third row.  Foulger grabbed the lead at the start ahead of Crowell and Randy McDaniel.  Hogge slipped past McDaniel for third on lap three and made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the sixth lap to take second from Crowell.  By that point, Foulger held a straightaway advantage, but Hogge set about erasing that lead in his Victory Circle Modified.  Kellen Chadwick was battling McDaniel for fourth, and Crowell's good run ended when he slowed in Turn 3 and stalled in Turn 4 for a lap 13 caution flag.  This was the only slowdown of the race on John Soares Jr's well prepared track.  Foulger had it working on the outside, so he chose the outside on the restart and continued leading Hogge as McDaniel grabbed third.  Hogge had a fast car, but Foulger was perfect on the high side and hit all of his marks.  Hogge continued trying to make his move on the inside, but the four time champion Foulger was up to the challenge.  Hogge made one last move on the inside in the last turn, but he came up short as Foulger scored an impressive victory.  McDaniel settled for third ahead of Chadwick, Hughes and 17th starter DeCarlo.  Marsh, Motts, Carr and Wallace rounded out the Top 10.

The 25 cars ran four qualifying heat races on Friday night with the Top 3 finishers making the feature.  Shawn DeForest started things off with a win in the first heat, but with Bobby Hogge IV and Scott Busby behind him, it didn't come easy.  Brian Cass dominated the second heat race ahead of Raymond Lindeman and Kyle Wilson.  Kellen Chadwick won the third heat ahead of Kenny Wallace and Randy McDaniel.  Nick DeCarlo won the fourth and final head ahead of Nick Viscusi III and Troy Foulger.

The 15 lap B Main would transfer the Top 6 finishers into the big race, and Ryan McDaniel made a Turn 2 pass on Aaron Crowell to take the lead on lap 11.  A lap later, Crowell got into the wall in Turn 2 to end his race.  McDaniel won the race ahead of Ricky Thatcher, Joe Carr and Carl Berendsen II.  Jeff Thomas spun from fifth in Turn 2 on the last lap as Mike Salazar and Matt Micheli were the final transfers.  Title contender Bobby Motts Jr.  pitted with a flat tire two laps before the finish to miss the feature.

Hogge had the pole for the IMCA Modified Main Event with Busby starting in the fourth row.  With his front row start, it looked as if Hogge might have this one in the bag, and he certainly didn't discourage that line of thinking as he raced into to the early lead ahead of Cass and Kellen Chadwick.  A lap two caution flag flew for Carr.  Hogge chose the inside and continued to lead the restart as Chadwick made a low pass in Turn 4 for second.  A multi car crash in Turn 1 forced a lap five caution flag.  By then, Busby had managed to take third from Cass, and he followed Hogge on the inside for second.  DeForest settled into third, but Ryan McDaniel made a low move in Turn 3 of the tenth lap to take third from DeForest.  Viscusi spun in Turn 2 for a caution flag after ten laps.  Hogge chose the inside on the restart and led one more lap before he surprisingly spun in Turn 2 for a caution flag.  Busby was the new leader ahead of Ryan McDaniel and his father, Randy McDaniel.  Busby picked the inside and led the two McDaniels.  Ryan McDaniel was pressuring Busby hard and made a Turn 2 pass on lap 15 to take the lead.  A lap 16 caution flag flew for a tangle involving Carr and DeForest. McDaniel went with the outside on the restrart, and Busby got a good start to take the lead by the time they hit Turn 1.  From there, Busby stayed smooth and collected the victory ahead of Ryan McDaniel and Randy McDaniel.  Hogge rebounded to briefly take third from Randy McDaniel before settling for fourth ahead of DeCarlo, Cass, Carr, Micheli, Foulger and Thatcher.

After a break for the Fourth Of July, racing returns on July 11th with a program consisting of IMCA Sport Mods, DIRTcar Late Models, Winged 360 Sprint Cars and Hobby Stocks.  For further information, check out the official Oval Motorsports Website.

Thomas, Ryland Win IMCA Sport Mod Features 
In Summer Nationals At Antioch Speedway 

Taking full advantage of his front row start in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event, Merced star Darren Thomas led every lap to win the $750 first prize Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  The division ran both nights of the Summer Nationals, and this was the first win at the track for Thomas since the three time Merced Street Stock champion won a thrilling four car battle some 20 years ago in a Street Stock race.  Thomas nearly had a Friday night 20 lap win as well, but his late spin in Turn 2 gave the $500 victory to IMCA National point leader Fred Ryland. Ryland finished second on Saturday to make it a good weekend as he also leads the Antioch and IMCA State point races.

There were 18 Sport Mods on Saturday, and Thomas won his heat race ahead of Mark Garner.  Brian Cooper won the second heat ahead of Paul Mulder, and Keith Brown Jr. won the third heat ahead of Watsonville point leader Anthony Giuliani.  A well prepared track by promoter John Soares Jr. led to a smooth Main Event that needed just two yellow flags.  Thomas had a front row start as Ryland was back in the fourth row.  Thomas charged out to an early lead ahead of Jorddon Braaten and Giuliani.  The first yellow flew on lap ten, followed by an Al Johnson spin in Turn 2 on the restart.  Thomas continued to lead Braaten on the restart as Ryland settled into third.  A low move in Turn 4 of the 13th lap gained Ryland second, and he set about trying to beat Thomas.  However, Thomas drove a flawless race for the victory.  Ryland settled for second ahead of Cooper, Braaten, Matt Hagio, Paul Mulder, Keith Brown Jr., Giuliani, Jason Ferguson and Jeremy Hoff.

The Friday night portion of the show drew 15 cars, and Keith Brown Jr. made a last lap pass on second place finisher Chuck Golden to win their heat race.  Brian Cooper won the other heat ahead of Fred Ryland.  Ryland started in the third row of the Main Event, and Golden raced into the early lead ahead of K. Brown and Ron Brown.  K. Brown, R. Brown and Jorddon Braaten shuffled Golden out of the Top 3 on lap three, and Ryland moved into third on lap five.  Exiting Turn 2 was a challenge all night for many of the drivers, and contact saw R. Brown get out of shape on the back stretch and hit the back wall to end his race.  K. Brown chose the outside on the restart and continued to lead Ryland and Cooper.  An aggressive battle began up front, and Ryland made a low move in Turn 4 of the 13th lap to gain the lead.  Moments later, Loyd Cline stalled for a caution flag.  The first restart attempt was botched, and track officials called for a row swap, putting Cooper and Darren Thomas on the front row.  Cooper led just one lap before Turn 2 bit him as he spun.  Thomas led Ryland and K. Brown on the next restart.  A low move in Turn 4 of the 17th lap gained Jeremy Hoff third from Braaten, and Turn 2 bit Thomas a lap later as he spun.  This put Ryland in the lead, and he went on to victory ahead of K. Brown, Hoff, Braaten, Thomas, Golden, Jason Ferguson, Josh Hensley, Cooper and Cline.

After a break for the Fourth Of July, racing returns on July 11th with a program consisting of IMCA Sport Mods, DIRTcar Late Models, Winged 360 Sprint Cars and Hobby Stocks.  For further information, check out the official Oval Motorsports Website.

 Hogge Impresses With $2000 Late Model Victory At Antioch Speedway
Making his first DIRTcar Late Model appearance of the season at Antioch Speedway, Bobby Hogge IV impressed by scoring the 20 lap feature win.  The Saturday night event was part of the Summer Nationals and paid $2000 to Hogge.  The increase in purse came as Henner Tank Lines sponsored more money to win, and promoter John Soares Jr. added money throughout the purse to guarantee at least $200 to start.  Hogge won by half a lap in his Victory Circle Late Model.

The Late Models had three heat races, and Troy Foulger won the first one ahead of Ryan McDaniel, who was subbing for injured point leader Richard Papenhausen.  Jeff Decker won his heat race ahead of Paul Guglielmoni and Anthony Restad won the final heat race ahead of Randy Shafer.  NASCAR star Kenny Wallace had a front row start in the Main Event with Hogge starting back in the fifth row.  Wallace led the opening lap before Danny Malfatti and David Newquist tangled in Turn 4 for a caution flag.  Wallace pitted with an oil pump problem, handing the lead to Guglielmoni.  Guglielmoni led Shafer and Terry Kuntz on the restart, but a low move in Turn 3 of the third lap gained Troy Foulger third from Kuntz.  Hogge followed quickly into fourth and made an outside move on the front stretch on lap four to take second from Shafer.  Hogge made an inside pass in Turn 2 of the fifth lap to take the lead from Guglielmoni, and Guglielmoni fell back several positions in Turn 4 as Shafer was now second over Foulger and Restad.  A lap seven yellow flag waved for a Kuntz spin on the front stretch.  Foulger spun in Turn 2 a lap later, and Hogge led the next restart ahead of Shafer and Restad.  As Hogge steadily pulled away, Shafer had his hands full with Restad and McDaniel right behind him.  New point leader Decker was running fifth as Hogge soon hit slower traffic.  Shafer had the prefered high line, and Restad's attempts to get by him proved futile.  Hogge lapped seventh place Newquist late and won by a half lap.  Shafer did a good job of holding onto second as Restad, McDaniel, Decker and Foulger made up the lead lap finishers.  Newquist finished seventh as Guglielmoni, Chester Kniss and Dennis Souza made up the rest of the Top 10.

After a break for the Fourth Of July, racing returns on July 11th with a program consisting of IMCA Sport Mods, DIRTcar Late Models, Winged 360 Sprint Cars and Hobby Stocks.  For further information, check out the official Oval Motorsports Website.

Teves Continues To Roll At Antioch Speedway

Taking the lead from his son Adam as they raced to the white flag, David Teves went on to capture his third straight 20 lap Northern All Stars Dwarf Car Main Event victory Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  Teves managed to increase his point lead even more over Danny Wagner in his bid for his first track championship.  Ageless veteran Larry Damitz rolled to another 20 lap Limited Late Model feature victory.  Chico visitor Todd Cooper went flag to flag to win the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.

The Dwarf Cars had two heat races, and David Teves won his heat race ahead of Pat Urdahl.  Kevin Miraglio won the other heat race ahead of Adam Teves.  As the previous winner, D. Teves had to start back in tenth in the feature, and front row starter Urdahl raced into the early lead ahead of A. Teves and Miraglio.  The yellow flag flew after three laps when Miraglio spun and collected Danny Wagner and D. Teves.  Urdahl chose the outside and continued to lead A. Teves and Thomas Leiby on the restart.  Wagner quickly found his way back to fourth, but a high move in Turn 2 of the eighth lap gained D. Teves that position.  Urdahl was doing an impressive job of leading Teves when a lap 13 caution flag slowed the pace.  Urdahl stayed with the outside on the restart, but A. Teves had the lead by the time they exited Turn 2.  On a lap 14 restart, D. Teves took second from Urdahl.  As the son tried to hold off the father for the lead, Urdahl was engaged in a close battle for third.  D. Teves got a good run on the outside in Turns 3 and 4 and took the lead from A. Teves as they headed for the white flag.  As D. Teves held off A. Teves for the impresssive win, Urdahl was being pressured hard by Miraglio and Miranda Chappa for third.  Urdahl had a brush with the front wall racing to the checkered flag as Miraglio placed third ahead of a career best fourth for Chappa.  Urdahl settled for fifth with Leiby a close sixth.  Tim Reeder was seventh ahead of Wagner, Brian Gray and Jenna Frazier.

Jim Freethy won the Limited Late Model heat race ahead of Larry Damitz.  An eventful first lap saw Damitz avoid a spinning car exiting Turn 2.  Leader Mark Garner spun in Turn 4.  With nowhere to go, Damitz made contact with Garner, causing Garner to do an easy roll in Turn 4.  He was not injured, but his race was over.  Damitz led Paul Hanley and Mike Hynes on the restart.  A low move in Tun 4 of the fourth lap saw Hynes take second from Hanley as Freethy settled into third.  A high move in Turn 4 of the ninth lap gained Freethy second from Hynes.  Damitz had built up a good lead and would win the race impressively ahead of Freethy, Hynes, Mike Gustafson, Hanley, John Evans, Jeff Kendrick and Garner.

The Hobby Stocks had two heat races, and Jeremy Jennings won the first heat ahead of Chris Long.  The second heat race went to Kimo Oreta ahead of Brent Curran.  Dan McCown's season debut ended in a Main Event scratch with Robert Niven also watching the race from the sidelines.  A hurt transmission saw Danny Jones simply take a Main Event green to get his points.  Todd Cooper had a front row start as previous winner Oreta had to start tenth.  Cooper raced into the lead at the green flag ahead of Chris Sorensen and Long.  Jennings brushed the front wall on lap four and limped to the pits as 2014 Mini Stock champion Brent Curran and Christopher Brown made up the Top 5.  The flying Cooper had a big lead and was into traffic before the mid point of the race.  Long made a pass in traffic to take second from Sorensen on lap 12, and Sorensen spun from third in Turn 2 of the 15th lap.  When Jennings spun a lap later in the same turn, it caused a yellow flag.  That would not keep Cooper from winning as he brought it home to an impressive victory.  Long was a season best second.  A smoking Brown faded from third on the last lap with Oreta grabbing that spot ahead of Sorensen and Curran.  Brown settled for sixth as Russell Shearer was the final lead lap finisher.  Frank Furtado, Jordan Swank and Natalie Perry rounded out the Top 10.

After a break for the Fourth Of July, racing returns on July 11th with a program consisting of IMCA Sport Mods, DIRTcar Late Models, Winged 360 Sprint Cars and Hobby Stocks.  For further information, check out the official Oval Motorsports Website.

Four Drivers Share Sacramento Valley Speedway Spotlight

Four drivers collected Main Event wins Saturday night (June 20) at Sacramento Valley Speedway in Orland.  Saturday night’s winners included Tony Richards (Wingless Sprint Cars), Paul Stevens (Hobby Stocks), Nick Vidovich (Mini Stocks) and Keith Ross (Mini Trucks).

A past champion at Orland in the Wingless Sprint Cars, Tony Richards started his night off with a heat race win ahead of Josh Tucker.  Come Main Event time, defending champion Bill Hopper led for several laps before making the one mistake Richards needed to make a pass for his second straight victory.  Hopper again settled for second to maintain his point lead as Tucker was third in front of Ryan Owens.  Hopper now holds a 75 point lead ahead of Richards.

Nick Baldwin came in from the Antioch area and won the Hobby Stock heat race ahead of point leader Steve Martin,  The division had opened with three different feature winners, but it was Paul Stevens collecting his second straight victory to become the first two time winner in this division this season.  Brad Ray grabbed a second place finish ahead of Martin.  Baldwin settled for fourth ahead of title hopeful Shannon Collins.  Martin’s lead over Collins is now 20 points.

Mini Stock veteran “Rollin” Olin Crane started things off by winning the heat race ahead of past champion John Kirkpatrick.  However, the Main Event belonged to point leader Nick Vidovich.  Vidovich has now won three of the four features so far this year as Crane settled for second ahead of Kirkpatrick and Tom Davis.  Despite all of his winning, Vidovich’s lead over Kirkpatrick is a not too comfortable 35 points.

The always exciting Mini Truck division saw Keith Ross win the heat race ahead of a past champion, Dan Webster.  There have been four feature winners in four races so far, and another past champion, Ross, completed his sweep of the night with a feature win to maintain his point lead.  Previous winner Nathan Skaggs settled for second and Tyler Pebley kept the points close with a third.  Webster and James Barnes rounded out the Top 5.  Ross’ point lead over Pebley is now 25 points.

Micro Sprint action saw the heat and feature finishes the same as Jerome Crimson won ahead of Skyler Richter and Jesse Garland.

The regular program returns to Orland on July 11th with Wingless Sprints, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Mini Trucks and Micro Sprints all part of the program.  For further information, check the official Sacramento Valley Speedway Website.