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2015 Antioch, Merced And Chowchilla Speedway Season Reviews

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 Antioch Speedway 2015 Season In Review

There were some really good moments throughout the season last year.  In fact, we can't really get into it as in depth as we would like, because it would cover enough ground to fill a book.  However, we can take a look at it, division by division, and capture some of what made it such a special year.

Busby Joins Five Timer's Club
With IMCA Modified Championship

There is one name that rises above the others in IMCA Modified history at Antioch Speedway.  That is Scott Busby.  Busby won his first Main Event in this division back in the first season in 1990.  He liked it so much that he did it another 61 times in the next 25 seasons.  This included four wins in 2015 for the man who had four championships in this division through the years.  Would this be the year he added another championship trophy to the mantel?

Promoter John M. Soares prides himself on trying different things and making big waves of excitement in racing.  For 2015, he celebrated the addition of Chowchilla Speedway into the Oval Motorsports family by holding a four race, West Coast Nationals, event in the heart of winter from January 1-4.  The first two events were the somewhat successful races at Antioch.

Some heavy hitters were in attendance, including one time champion Kellen Chadwick and four time champion Troy Foulger, who respectively won the first two races.  Foulger's win paid $2500, and suddenly, Foulger, Nick DeCarlo and Busby emerged as the favorites to win the championship.  Foulger opted to run occasionally, while DeCarlo headed to Petaluma to repeat as champion there.

So, Busby was headed for a cake walk, right?  Wrong.  Past Street Stock champion Bobby Motts Jr. emerged as a serious contender to Busby with one win and a third during the first half of the season.  He hit a road block at the Friday portion of the Summer Nationals, won by Busby ($1500), while Motts failed to transfer from the B Main.  He was never able to close in on Busby, who was always just a few positions within Motts in the one point per position IMCA format.

Busby and Motts' numbers suffered because of an IMCA invert formula that generally didn't let them start any closer than the fourth row of the Main Event.  Busby's four wins only included one other Top 3 finish in third as Motts only had the two Top 3 finishes.  Getting back to the big Saturday race in the Summer Nationals, Foulger struck again in the Bowers Racing Modified for another $2500 victory.  That was his second of three wins, and it came after a spirited duel with Bobby Hogge IV.

One thing about Hogge is that you can't keep him down for long.  The three time Antioch Modified champion backed up the strong second to Foulger that night by winning the last two races of the season.  Once again, he pocketed the big money in the Delta Valley Classic.

Carl Berendsen II was following up his championship season in a car he purchased from Aaron Crowell.  He was hoping for his first win and came close twice before being spun out on both occasions.  In addition to being a heat winner, Carl finished as high as one second and one third.  Berendsen ranked third in the standings.  Back, to Crowell, some bad luck in the Summer Nationals put him up front for future Main Event inverts.  He responded with back to back wins, but a bid for three in a row was thwarted by DeCarlo's back of the pack drive to victory.

The teaming of car owner Jim Reid and Shawn DeForest produced a fourth place ranking on the strength of a win and a second.  Alex Wilson won the IMCA State championship and would rank fifth in the Antioch standings with a second and a third.  Not too far behind him with three seconds and a win was his brother Kyle Wilson.

Other notable finishes included a win for Jeff Thomas, one second each for many time Petaluma champion Michael Paul Jr., Brian Cass, Paul Stone and Terry Kaiser and thirds for Sean O'Gara, Oreste Gonella, Nick Viscusi III, Darrell Hughes II, Chester Kniss and Duane Cleveland.  Gonella, another Petaluma champion, did it twice.

Ryland Dominates For IMCA Sport Mod Championship

When you're a Top 5 driver in IMCA Sport Mod National points, you are a force wherever you race.  Fred Ryland has been a winner in every division in which he has competed.  Only one driver came anywhere near him in points last season, Keith Brown Jr., and he fell by the wayside down the stretch.  With eight wins, three seconds and two thirds, Ryland was head and shoulders above the rest as the champion.  Highlights included extra money wins on the Saturday portion of the Summer Nationals and the season finale Delta Valley Classic.

Al Johnson didn't have flashy numbers, but he was there about every week and had multiple heat wins.  Johnson's high water mark was a pair of third pace finishes to end the season.  Closing in fast before settling for third was the division's top rookie and wife of the champion, Patti Ryland.  Patti had a habit of winning heat races, but she also earned one feature win to go with her division leading four seconds and one third.

Chuck Golden and Paul Mulder rounded out the Top 5 in points.  Mulder had been in contention for second before missing some races, but he did grab one victory and three thirds.  Golden earned one season high second place finish.

Merced drivers dropped by for a few victories.  Bruce "Bubba" Nelson won the January opener, while past Antioch champion Jeremy Hoff grabbed the big $1750 win a night later.  In the opening night of the Summer Nationals, Merced ace Darren Thomas grabbed the victory.  Speaking of wins, Watsoville star Anthony Giuliani collected four wins as one of the hottest drivers down the stretch.

Trevor Clymens made his division debut and was a feature winner and a one time second place finisher.  Steering issues resulted in a late spin, or he may have had two wins.  Marysville racer Jason Ferguson was a surprise feature winner during the Summer stretch, while Marysville Mini Stock champion Jimmy Ford returned to his Antioch roots for a second place finish.

Not to be denied, two time Limited Late Model champion and long time Antioch racer Ron Brown drove his beautiful #3 car to three second place finishes.  Keith Brown Jr. had one second place finish and three thirds.  Al Sotomayor and Watsonville champion Matt Hagio each had one second, while season best thirds were earned by Rick Diaz, Megan Ponciano and K.C. Keller.

Oreta Rises Above The Competition 
For Hobby Stock Three Peat

When the season started for the Hobby Stocks, the consistent Kimo Oreta had his sights set on a third straight championship.  He faced two tough challengers in past champion Melissa Myers and the much improved Nick Baldwin.  The controversy over rules greatly effected this battle as these three hard chargers shot out of the gate like a cannon and were all early feature winners.

Myers had three wins early on as the point leader.  After she dropped out of the battle, she returned later for a third place finish.  When she dropped out, Baldwin showed no signs of slacking off.  Baldwin won the second race and was third in three of the first four races.  However, the rules issue reared its ugly head, and Baldwin ended the season in Placerville, where he ranked Top 10 despite a late start with one feature win.

This left Oreta, and the reality is that it would have been difficult to beat him regardless.  He had one of his eight wins during the first seven races to go with the three seconds he had in the first seven races.  Oreta had four seconds and five thirds to give him an amazing 17 top 3 finishes in 23 starts.  That gave him the championship by over 200 points, and he ends his Hobby Stock career as the all time feature win leader in division history.

The battle for second pitted hard luck racer Danny Jones against the brother in law duo of Michael Cooper and Jordan Swank.  With much more experience, Jones racked up a division leading seven second place finishes, but a plethora of problems always struck whenever he got a whiff of victory.  That would drop him to a disappointing fifth in the standings.

Cooper appeared to be the driver to beat in the second place battle when Jones faltered, but work and car problems ended that.  Despite that, he was a heat winner during the season and earned his season high second place finish ahead of Melissa Myers.  Swank was making laps at the back as the Mini Stock graduate gradually learned the ropes, got faster as the season progressed and also became a heat race winner.  Jordan also had a second place finish, and two of his three third place finishes happened in the final four races to propel him to a solid second place ranking.

Meanwhile, the steady Frank Furtado may not have had a Top 3, but he had multiple Top 5 finishes to slip past Cooper at the end of the season for third in the standings.  Cooper had a shot at second in the finale, but his blown motor in preliminary action ended his evening prematurely.  He nonetheless had a career best fourth place ranking ahead of Jones.

Kevin Joaquin would have to be classified at the Oval Motorsports Series champion.  He made three appearances at Antioch down the stretch and won all three races.  Kevin won three races each at all three tracks as well as winning the Merced and Chowchilla titles.  Past champion Chris Sorensen returned and was Top 10 ranked on the strength of two wins and one second.  One of those wins came in a "race of the year" worthy performance ahead of Jim Robbins and Oreta.

Jason Jennings was Top 10 ranked for a while and had one win each in his car and his brother's car before motor problems ended his season early.  Chase Templeton returned in the former Patti Ryland car and grabbed a win, as did past champion Dan McCown and Chico visitors Todd Cooper and Brian Cooper.

Not to be forgotten in the mix was sixth ranked Natalie Perry in her beautiful #40 car.  In addition to grabbing a heat win, she had a few Top 5's, including a season best third place finish.  Other notable finishes included season best second place finishes for Jeremy Jennings, Merced ace George Silva, Placerville visitor Jay Bryant and Chris Long in the former Bob Ackerman car.  Steven Rogers, Calvin Louis Jr., Brent Curran and Robert Niven each had one third place finish as did Long.

At 86 Years Old, Damitz Still The Class Of 
The Limited Late Model Field

When the Limited Late Models ran their first race on January 1st, defending champion Larry Damitz showed no signs of slowing down.  The 86 year old veteran of over 60 years of racing won his first of eight races that night.  In fact, he had three second place finishes and two thirds and only missed a Top 3 finish once in 14 races, due to motor issues that forced him to just take the green that night.

With Damitz winning his fourth championship in the last five seasons, the battle was for second, and it was a three car race between division all time winner Mike Gustafson, Mark Garner and 2014 runner up Mike Hynes.  After runner up finishes in two of the first three races, Hynes struggled a bit, but he had two more seconds later in the season and a big win down the stretch to retain his runner up status.

It was a difficult season for third generation racer Garner, who cherished every moment with his legendary father, Jerry "The Maverick" Garner.  Jerry only had a short time remaining, but Mark collected his two feature wins with his dad watching and led the class in heat race triumphs.  He also had one second and one third, which enabled Mark to earn an Antioch career best third place ranking.  Fourth ranked Gustafson, meanwhile, managed to add three wins to his career totals as well as two seconds.

With all of the wins going to the Top 4 drivers, though Eric Berendsen did cross the line first one night in a slower car, only to be disqualified in tech, there were still a few other notable accomplishments.  Season best second place finishes were collected by Paul Hanley, Lori Brown and the truck of Ryan Cherezian.  2013 champion Jim Freethy topped this group with three seconds to cement fifth in the standings.  John Keith, the steady John Evans and Jay Bryant each had one third.

Perseverance Pays Of For Decker In DIRTcar Late Models

Richard Papenhausen was a dominant force in DIRTcar Late Models.  It seemed a foregone conclusion that the track and Regional titles would be his.  He won an impressive seven Main Events along with two seconds and two thirds.  However, there was one driver shadowing him all season long, and that was Jeff Decker.

Decker actually led the field in seconds with seven, while winning twice and earning one third.  Decker was leading the standings when Papenhausen was involved in a crash on the second to last week.  Track procedures disallowed his return to the race after work was done on his car in the infield as the tow truck left his car there.  The crew threw a wheel and jack over the fence to make it possible for him to pit.  That may not have ultimately mattered, but it would have been closer going into the finale.  Decker ran a great season and earned the championship, while Papenhausen was a disappointed second.

Likewise, rookie Danny Malfatti and David Newquist had a season long battle for third.   With one third place finish, Newquist had the position until Malfatti collected his season best second with one race to go.  Malfatti ended up third with Newquist settling for fourth.  Chester Kniss stepped up his game a bit in his sophomore season, and his season best third place finish helped earned him fifth in points.

Paul Guglielmoni had one of the best wins of the season ahead of Decker, while Foulger grabbed his first two wins in this division to go with two thirds and a $100 Dash For Cash win.  Bobby Hogge IV grabbed the big $2000 win during the Summer Nationals with a dominating effort, while past champion Andy Obertello won a thrilling three car duel with Hogge and Papenhausen to win the finale.

Anthony Restad turned in one of the better Crate Late Model efforts with two seconds and a third in a four race span.  Guglielmoni teammate Randy Shafer had one second and one third, while Duane Cleveland had a pair of thirds.  Guglielmoni also had two thirds.

Teves Father-Son Duo Goes 1-2 in Dwarf Cars

Danny Wagner came into the season as the back to back champion of the Dwarf Car division.  Out of the gate, the man they call "Captain Chaos" won three races and earned three seconds in his first seven races, but he wasn't putting too much distance between he and the father-son duo of David and Adam Teves.

David started the season with a second and three thirds.  When he switched to the new car, David went on a tear that grabbed him the point lead with eight straight Top 3's.  At the height of it all, David grabbed four of his five wins in a row and seemed unbeatable.  He had two seconds and three thirds as he went on to his first championship.

Meanwhile, Adam Teves had his best season yet with two wins of his own to go with two seconds and two thirds.  This gave Adam second in the standings as Wagner skipped some races and ended up third.  Wagner's totals included four wins, four seconds and two thirds.

Mike Corsaro had two wins, including one very dominant performance.  He also had two seconds and three thirds to grab fourth in points ahead of Kevin Miraglio.  Miraglio came on strong late in the season with four thirds in the last seven races as he seems poised for a breakout year in 2016.

Matt Sargent won the Dwarf Car show on the final World Of Outlaws visit of the season.  Jack Haverty also had a win, but a hard crash and a violent tumble made this a season he'd rather forget.  Other notable finishes included a second and a third for Thomas Leiby and one second each for Travis Dutra, Pat Urdahl and Josh Miller.

Arriaga Grabs Winged 360 Sprint Car Crown

The track continued its commitment to building a Winged 360 Sprint Car division, and Art McCarthy and Shawn Arriaga were two drivers to get on board in a big way.  McCarthy won the opener and the closer, and he had two seconds in the first four races to get the early lead.  However, as McCarthy stumbled, Arriaga got consistent.  The third generation racer used two wins and three seconds to win the championship.  His win in the second to last race made the title pretty much his going into the finale.

Another second generation racer, Jake Haulot, made it three drivers with two wins.  Haulot also had a second and a third to have a good hold on third in the standings.  Defending champion Chris Magoon had a second at the opener, but it was all down hill from there. Dan Gonderman had a season best second, and what looked to be a victory in the finale ended as he was taken out in a crash with a slower car on the back stretch.  Gonderman would finish fourth in the standings ahead of Magoon.

Multi time Petaluma champion and third generation racer Alissa Geving had an impressive win early in the season with young Austin Liggett also a winner.  Other season best efforts included seconds for Justin Sanders, Eric Humphries and Robby McMahon and third place finishes for Dustin Golobic, Kurt Nelson and Jeremy Burt.

Bakkie Goes The Distance For Spec Sprint Title

There were five drivers who started the Wingless Spec Sprint season going for points even after the rule changes had effected car count.  Kyle Bakkie and division veteran Rick Panfli were the two who seemed the most committed, but a rookie named Marcus Smith, Alan Miranda and Ryon Siverling were also early contenders.  Roy Fisher grabbed a pair of early wins, but his plans were never to race for points.

Bakkie and Panfili started strong with three straight Top 3 finishes, but Bakkie had enough of an advantage that even a mid season flip that left him struggling for a couple races could not stop him.  Bakkie won an impressive four features and had four seconds and two thirds to bring home a well earned championship.

Panfili's back to back thirds were the best finishes of his 20 year career, but he took it up a notch with two second place finishes and his first heat win.  He held second until the finale, when Smith used his third second place finish to pass him for second in points and win top rookie honors as well.  Smith also had two thirds.  Panfili can still be proud that his second straight third place season was his best effort ever and "Most Improved Driver" worthy.

Miranda, meanwhile, had the heartbreak of the year as he led 19 and a half laps before the second place driver made an aggressive move in the final turn that sent both drivers spinning.  He was also a member of the rollover club.  On the positive side, he had one second and one third place finish.  Despite a late start, past champion Jimmy Perry III had four wins and one third to rank fifth in the standings.

Jeff Lee and two time champion "Bullett" Billy Macedo each had two feature wins, while James East was also a feature winner.  Siverling was in contention early on the strength of his one second place finish.  Jeremy Newberry had a second and a third as his best efforts, while Brian Azevedo, Al Ghiorso and past champion Jim Perry Jr. each had one third.  Division original Keith Shipherd closed the season with a third and a fourth before announcing his retirement.

2015 Merced Speedway Season In Review

This would be the sixth and final season for Merced Speedway under the Oval Motorsports banner.  After a bumpy mid season that saw race days changed from Saturday to Sunday, things ended on a strong note, particularly with the Hobby Stock division.  Oval Motorsport's crowning achievements will always be saving the track from closure in 2010 and much needed track improvements that made the racing surface much safer.

Alex Wilson Hits Stride In 
IMCA Modified Championship Season

It was a three car battle for the IMCA Modified championship throughout the first half of the season between IMCA State champion Alex Wilson, Bill Egleston and the surprising John MacDougall.  MacDougall made the decision to race for the championship after winning the second race of the season, and he would lead the battle for several weeks as he collected a second and a third along the way.  Past champion Egleston was in the hunt with two seconds and a third early on.

Alex Wilson may have been the one racing for points, but it was his brother Kyle Wilson making the most noise with his wins early on.  Then, MacDougall crashed at Petaluma and bent his frame in the process, ending a season in which he was leading the points at Merced.  Egleston never really hit stride, but Alex Wilson put things together in a big way as the season wore on.   With four wins, three seconds and two thirds, Alex pulled away to a well deserved championship.

As Egleston missed some races, second generation racer Ricky Thatcher found himself in second.  Thatcher was a heat race winner and had two third place finishes, but it was late starter Kyle Wilson closing in fast.  As Kyle won three races to go with two seconds and three thirds, the season would end with K. Wilson and Thatcher tied for second.  Egleston and two time champion Bob Williamson rounded out the Top 5 in points.  Williamson had one second place finish as his best effort.

Ryan Porter turned in perhaps the win of the season with a victory ahead of the always fast Bobby Hogge IV.  Porter had two wins and three seconds for a solid Top 10 season.  Les Fiend was a surprise winner, and 2014 champion Paul Stone had two wins, one driving for Jack Mounce.   Karl Rose and Troy Foulger were also feature winners.  It was Duane Cleveland opening the season with a $2500 win in the West Coast Nationals and Hogge closing it with a $2000 win in the Delta Valley Classic.

Season best second place finishes were turned in by Kellen Chadwick, Randy Brown, Mike Villanueva and Ethan Dotson.  Tom Berry, Joel Myers, Michael Shearer, Dereck Colvin, past Hanford champion Jimmy Reeves and past Merced champion Ramie Stone each had one third place finish.

Rookie Season For Henlsey Nets Him IMCA Sport Mod Title

There was a bit of unrest in the air at Merced Speedway going into the season, and nowhere was that more evident than the IMCA Sport Mod division.  Racers were not happy that Doug Williams was no longer the track's GM as he had treated them well.  Therefore, some of the biggest names in the class did not race for points and car count took a hit.

Josh Hensley came into the season with an old car and the hopes of winning top rookie honors.  Midway through the season, he switched cars and won two races to go with one second and two thirds.  Josh made every race and earned a much deserved championship.

State champion Fred Ryland opened the season with a $1750 win in the West Coast Nationals in January.  That was his first of a division leading seven wins to go with two seconds.  Ryland might have ended up second in the standings, but he opted to race elsewhere a few times instead of Merced.

The battle for second ended up being a good one between Dwayne Short and Mark Odgers.  Odgers decided later in the game to go for second, and he had to cut Short's lead of over 30 points.  After the finale, Odgers managed to overtake Short for runner up honors.  Odgers had one win, four seconds and two thirds, while Short had two thirds.

Two time winner Gary Tucker managed to pass Ryland for fourth in points while Bruce "Bubba" Nelson grabbed sixth with three wins of his own.  2014 champion Rick Diaz was a four time winner, while Nick Spainhoward, Jeremy Hoff, Garrett Jernagen and Chris Falkenberg also had feature wins.

Other notable finishes included two second place finishes for past champion Shawn Bryant and two for Keith Brown Jr.  D.C. Brown and Jarred Tickel each had one.  A long list of drivers with third place finishes included past champion Neill Barcellos, Josh Gish, Mark Squadrito, John Fore Jr., Matt Hagio, Tim Cecil, Jason Nation and Kelly Wilkinson.  Gish actually had two seconds.  Two young second generation racers, Chase Thomas and Nick Tucker, both made their division debuts and had Top 5 finishes during the season.

Joaquin Stakes Claim On Hobby Stock Championship

There were just two drivers who appeared to be competing for a title, and one of them was three time winner Kristie Shearer.  Shearer also had three seconds and a third, but it was another three time winner running even stronger as Shearer faded.  That would be third year competitor Kevin Joaquin

Kevin was generally one of the cleaner racers out there.  He might get caught up in a wreck here or there, but he was back running strong the next week.  With three feature wins to go with another division leading seven second place finishes and two thirds, Joaquin won the championship by a wide margin.

The other big story of the Hobby Stocks was an incredible 16 different winners in 23 races.  The race that everybody wanted to win, the 89 lap Ted Stofle Classic, went to Michael Shearer ahead of his wife Kristie and Syd Finn.

Joining K. Shearer and Joaquin as repeat winners were two time winners Austin Van Hoff, past champion Ryan Hart and 15 year old Cody Parker.  With two wins, one second and three thirds, Van Hoff would finish third in the standings.  Rookie Dexter Long made a steady charge after a rough start to finish fourth in points ahead of K. Shearer as Long had one season high second place finish.  Not to be forgotten in her rookie season was second ranked racer Jennifer Corder.  Corder had four third place finishes during the season.

Other drivers on the winner's list included Joe Willoughby, Mini Stock ace Darren Miguel in the Josh Hensley car, Shannon Nelson, Gary Hildebrand, Marc Key, Kodie Dean and Chris Mayer.  Ty Shelton had two seconds in the first three races, and William Kennedy, Jill Merlin, Travis Avilla, George Silva, Robbie Loquaci and Andrew Krumm each had one second place finish.

Syd Finn's season best third place finish came in the Stofle Classic, which he led for several laps.  Other thirds were earned by Jake Jones, Chris Brown, Dwayne Short, Josh Hensley, Jeff Lacy and Phil Vaughn.

Miguel Outduels Corder For Mini Stock Honors

The closest battle at the track was between defending champion Chris Corder and the dominant Darren Miguel for the Mini Stock title.  Corder had a good start, and the low car count worked in his favor when Miguel went on a roll with six of his wins in a seven race span.  Eventually, Miguel overtook Corder as he continued to run strong with 11 wins, two seconds and one third.

After Miguel passed Corder in the standings, Corder bought the car of past champion Alex Odishoo, inheriting that car's problem of a persistent engine miss that would start about five laps from the finish.  Corder dialed things in and would win before switching cars again before the end of the season.  Corder didn't start winning until six races remained and would win four of those races to go with nine seconds and three thirds.  Despite a strong finish, Corder fell two points short of the new champion, Miguel.

Dennis Copus had his sights set on third in points until the track switched to Sundays and he had to work.  However, he made appearances in the last two races to claim third in points ahead of rookie Natalie Waldrop and Kelly Campanile.  Copus had one season best second place finish, while Waldrop had two thirds and Campanile had two seconds and a third to go with multiple heat race wins.

Kevin Lockerby struggled to get his car, nicknamed Sandy, up to speed, but he was in the hunt early on before missing some races.  Lockerby had one win and two thirds.  Dan McCabe and Robert Alger each had one win.  McCabe, a past Mini Stock champion, also had two seconds.  Other notable finishes included one second each for George "Speedy" Davis and Mike Germait and third place finishes for Mat Schlessinger, Mike Congdon, Alex Odishoo, Joy Alger, James Stockton and Jason Womack.  Germait and J. Alger each had two third place finishes, but a blown motor dropped Alger from the third place point battle midway through the season.

Garner's Limited Late Model Title Was All For A Reason

Though Mark Garner's legendary father, Jerry "The Maverick" Garner, was the 1969 State Stock Car champion, he never won a track championship.  Mark set his sights on winning the Merced championship for his ailing father.  Four of his six wins came in the first five races as well as his one second.  With several heat wins to boot, there was never a doubt that Garner would win it all.

Scott Van Gelder was shooting for second in points and had a second and a third place finish.  Unfortunately, he was injured in a heat race crash with rival Buddy Thatcher and would fall to fourth in the standings.  Thatcher used two seconds and two thirds to claim second in points.  Two time champion Roy Hart Jr. had two wins and one second to earn third in the standings.

Mike Hynes made a lone appearance and would win that race.  Other notables included a career best second and a third for fifth ranked Peggy Sue Jarred and seconds for Paul Hanley and Jeff Kendrick.  John Evans had a pair of third place finishes.

Drake Drives To Dwarf Car Title

Oval Motorsports decided during the season to try to establish a Dwarf Car division, and Mike Drake threw his hat into the ring immediately.  A rookie with the NCDCA, Drake won three times, finished second twice and third once in the seven races.  He easily won the title ahead of Chuck Weir and rookie Buddy Kniss.  Weir had two second place finishes, while Kniss had one third.

With $1000 on the line in a special fair race, Dwarf Car ace Shawn Jones collected a win ahead of Danny Wagner and Adam Teves.  Past NCDCA champion Ryan Winter and Mike Corsaro were also feature winners.  Corsaro holds the distinction of winning Dwarf Car features at all three Oval Motorsports tracks as he won the lone Chowchilla race.  Corsaro crossed the line first in the first Merced race, only to be disqualified for not going to tech.  Buddy Olschowka had a second place finish, while Chris Kenner, Brian Gray and Lyonel Francis each had one third.

Lung The Unofficial Sportsman Champion

Disappointed with car count, Oval Motorsports pulled the Sportsman point race during the season and did not honor a champion for the eight race series, making this the first year since the class restarted in 1999 in which a champion was not crowned.  With five wins, a second and a third in his seven starts, Lung would have been the champion ahead of two time runner up Kenny Birdsong.  One time winner Jeff Bristow ranked third.  Eric Sealy won two features, including the Legend's Night race, to hold down fourth in points.  Fifth ranked Mike Palmberg had two seconds and two thirds, while Mark Odgers had a third in his one start.

2015 Chowchilla Speedway Season Review

Oval Motorsports added another track to its ranks last season with Chowchilla Speedway.  Though it only lasted a year, the record books will show that champions were crowned in four divisions, and the track opened in January with the big money West Coast Nationals event.  It also meant that every year since the track opened in 2000, there has been at least one race.  Management made the decision to end the point season two races early after moving Merced to Sunday afternoons, which had been Chowchilla's time to race.

Luukkonen Surprises As IMCA Modified Champion

Though Danny Luukkonen is a past Chowchilla Modified Mini Stock champion, it's not likely that he thought he would win the IMCA Modified championship when the season started.  Ryan McDaniel picked up the $2000 win in the West Coast Nationals opener, and Billy Wilker was second in the next race to take the point lead.  After running one more race, Wilker bowed out.  At that point, Santa Maria champion Josh Vogt was in the midst of a three race winning streak and taking the point lead.

Miscommunication in the pits led to Vogt not being able to return after a pit stop during the fifth event.  He was then forced to choose between a rare Saturday at Chowchilla or the more competitive battle at Santa Maria.  He chose his home track, believing there would be three more races for him to reel in a lead of about 18 points for Luukkonen.  Luukkonen didn't get a Top 3 that night or at any point in the season, but the seventh race was declared the final race by Oval Motorsports.  Vogt had his lone second place finish that day, but it was not enough for him to regain the lead from new champion Luukkonen.

Another Southern California sensation, Cody Laney, grabbed a pair of victories, while Tim Clark debuted a new car with a win of his own.  Laney also had a second place finish in the big January race, and season high seconds were also earned by Karl Rose, Bill Egleston, Troy Foulger and Harley Turner.  Turner also had a third, while fourth ranked Kyle Wilson had two thirds.  Third ranked Ray Mayer, Paul Stone, Jeff Streeter and Robby Sawyer also had third place finishes.

Ryland Dominates For Chowchilla 
IMCA Sport Mod Championship

Only one driver came anywhere near Fred Ryland in IMCA Sport Mod points, and that was Keith Brown Jr.  However, with Ryland winning six times and finishing third once, it was a futile endeavor.  Ryland won the $1500 West Coast Nationals in January as he went on to Chowchilla and State championships.

Brown did manage to break through for his lone win of the season and had a second place finish late in the season as he settled for second in points.  Josh Hensley's rookie season saw him get a win as he ranked third ahead of Marisa Odgers and Nastasia Dodd.  Both Odgers and Dodd did have top 5 finishes.

Other notables include three seconds and a third for Rick Diaz and second place finishes for Patti Ryland, Eric Rose and Oregon visitor Jorddon Braaten.  Wayne Dotson, Chris Falkenberg, Paul Mulder, Jeremy Hoff and Billy Simkins each had a third place finish.  Josh Gish had a third place finish and ranked third after a few races before he fell out of the action.

Joaquin Rises To Occasion For Hobby Stock Crown

Kevin Joaquin came into the year hoping to win two Hobby Stock track championships, and his back to back wins to start the season left little doubt that he would do it at Chowchilla.  Kevin had three wins and three seconds, and it might have been four if not for a mistake that cost him a win.  Local favorite Austin Van Hoff had a pair of second place finishes to keep a good hold on second in points ahead of fellow Chowchilla resident Kodie Dean, Gary Hildebrand and rookie Bobby Williams.  Hildebrand had one second and two thirds, while Williams had two thirds.

Bruce "Bubba" Nelson jumped into the Kristie Shearer car for back to back wins during the season and then piloted Michael Shearer's car to a third win to close the season.  Joe Willoughby grabbed a win, and George Silva used Joaquin's Turn 4 mistake to win a Main Event.  Michael Shearer had two second place finishes, and season best thirds were earned by Dexter Long, Robbie Loquaci, Alvin Ince and Syd Finn.

Corder Conquers Chowchilla Mini Stocks

With a win in January to start things out, Chris Corder was firmly established as the driver to beat in the Mini Stock ranks.  Corder won four times and had a second and a third to cruise to the track championship, further highlighted by a sweep of heat, dash and feature at the end of the season.

Mike Congdon out lasted Alex Odishoo for second in the standings.  Odishoo struggled to finally get a feature win and two thirds before selling his car to Corder.    Congdon had two seconds, but his season highlight had to be when he showed up and ran with and beat a couple of Hobby Stocks.

Merced champion Darren Miguel won two Main Events, and 2014 Antioch champion Brent Curran was also a winner on one occasion.  Other notables include a pair of seconds for Jadon Harrington and one second each for Robert Huckaby Jr., Brian Widdowson and James Stockton.  Justin McPherson, Joy Alger and Mike Germait each had one third.

Final 2015 Antioch Speedway Top 10

Late Models

Jeff Decker 920
Richard Papenhausen 895
Danny Malfatti 729
David Newquist 695
Chester Kniss 531
Paul Guglielmoni 514
Rob Norris 467
Troy Foulger 465
Dennis Souza 438
Terry Kuntz 360

IMCA Modifieds

Scott Busby 553
Bobby Motts 536
Carl Berendsen II 436
Shawn DeForest 357
Alex Wilson 321
Kyle Wilson 284
Troy Foulger 255
Kellen Chadwick 255
Nick Viscusi III 245
Nick DeCarlo 226

Winged 360 Sprints

Shawn Arriaga 390
Art McCarthy 374
Jake Haulot 332
Dan Gonderman 280
Chris Magoon 264
Ricky Brophy 172
Jeremy Burt 132
Chase Wood 130
Brandon Powell 112
Dustin Golobic 86

Limited Late Models

Larry Damitz 726
Mike Hynes 656
Mark Garner 650
Mike Gustafson 648
Jim Freethy 600
John Evans 437
Lori Brown 357
John Keith 213
Ryan Cherezian 206
Paul Hanley CA 166

IMCA Sport Mod

Fred Ryland 643
Al Johnson 578
Patti Ryland 532
Chuck Golden 531
Paul Mulder 492
K.C. Keller 440
Al Sotomayor 376
Anthony Giuliani 360
Trevor Clymens 334
Ron Brown 298

Hobby Stocks

Kimo Oreta 1150
Jordan Swank 843
Frank Furtado 806
Michael Cooper 802
Danny Jones 792
Natalie Perry 642
Robert Niven 573
Cameron Swank 433
Chris Sorenson 430
Russell Shearer 402

Wingless Spec Sprints

Kyle Bakkie 730
Marcus Smith 650
Rick Panfili 632
Alan Miranda 592
Jim Perry III 506
Roy Fisher 464
James East 405
Chase Wood Jr. 332
Jeremy Newberry 272
Peter Carlotto 196

Dwarf Cars

David Teves 686
Adam Teves 628
Danny Wagner 584
Mike Corsaro 564
Kevin Miraglio 558
Miranda Chappa 464
Tim Reeder 412
Brian Gray 412
Thomas Leiby 345
Jerry Doty 314

Final 2015 Merced Speedway Standings

IMCA Modifieds

Alex Wilson 694
Kyle Wilson 567
Ricky Thatcher 567
Bill Egleston 516
Bob Williamson 399
Ryan Porter 326
Paul Stone 322
John MacDougall 321
Karl Rose 232
John Osgood III 218

IMCA Sport Mods

Josh Hensley 799
Mark Odgers 646
Dwayne Short 637
Gary Tucker 531
Fred Ryland 512
Bruce Nelson 445
Keith Brown Jr 275
Jeremy Hoff 271
Nick Tucker 242
Tim Cecil 228

Hobby Stocks

Kevin Joaquin 952
Jennifer Corder 782
Austin Van Hoff 678
Dexter Long 560
Kristie Shearer 544
George Silva 465
Shannon Nelson 396
Ty Shelton 361
Bobby Williams 311
Cody Parker 278

Limited Late Models

Mark Garner 484
Buddy Thatcher 298
Roy Hart Jr 250
Scott VanGelder 189
Peggy Sue Jarred 144
John Evans 132
Donny Richardson 130
Jeff Kendrick 94
Mike Hynes 54
Paul Hanley 48

Mini Stocks

Darren Miguel 932
Chris Corder 930
Dennis Copus 393
Natalie Waldrop 388
Kelly Campanile 384
Kevin Lockerby 323
Mike Germait 268
Joy Alger 264
Steve Johnson 254
Jennifer Corder 219

Dwarf Cars

Mike Drake 352
Chuck Weir 264
Chet Kniss 132
Tim Reeder 116
Danny Wagner 108
Mike Corsaro 104
Alan Heeney 90
Thomas Leiby 76
Brian Gray 72
Charlie Correia 72

Valley Sportsman

Marcus Lung 374
Kenny Birdsong 284
Jeff Bristow 272
Eric Sealy 216
Mike Palmberg 204
Chris Birdsong 96
Mark Odgers 46
Mike Friesen 44

Final 2015 Chowchilla Speedway Standings

IMCA Modifieds

Daniel Luukkonen 196
Josh Vogt 181
Ray Mayer 169
Kyle Wilson 127
Alex Wilson 99
Billy Wilker 98
Troy Foulger 92
Paul Stone 75
Cody Laney 75
Michael Shearer 71

IMCA Sport Mods

Fred Ryland 304
Keith Brown 247
Josh Hensley 235
Marisa Odgers 234
Nastasha Dodd 233
Patti Ryland 133
Josh Gish 122
Rick Diaz 110
Chris Falkenberg 104
Eric Rose 102

Hobby Stocks

Kevin Joaquin 354
Austin Van Hoff 308
Kode Dean 216
Gary Hildebrand 181
Bobby Williams 136
Dexter Long 121
Robbie Loquaci 106
Bruce Nelson 104
Michael Shearer 96
George Silva 92

Mini Stocks

Chris Corder 354
Mike Congdon 272
Alex Odishoo 236
Darren Miguel 152
Jadon Harrington 102
Brian Widdowson 98
Jennifer Corder 78
Joy Alger 78
Bobby Huckaby Jr. 52
Brent Curran 52

2015 Main Event Podiums

Antioch Speedway

IMCA Modifieds

1  Kellen Chadwick, Troy Foulger, Nick DeCarlo
2  Troy Foulger, Nick DeCarlo, Kellen Chadwick
3  Scott Busby, Nick DeCarlo, Sean Ogara
4  Troy Foulger, Michael Paul Jr., Oreste Gonella
5  Bobby Motts Jr., Mike Salazar, Carl Berendsen II
6  Scott Busby, Troy Foulger, Alex Wilson
7  Jeff Thomas, Kyle Wilson, Scott Busby
8  Scott Busby, Kyle Wilson, Bobby Motts Jr.
9  Kyle Wilson, Carl Berendsen II, Nick Viscusi III
10  Scott Busby, Ryan McDaniel, Randy McDaniel
11  Troy Foulger, Bobby Hogge IV, Randy McDaniel
12  Shawn DeForest, Kyle Wilson, Michael Paul Jr.
13  Aaron Crowell, Terry Kaiser, Nick Viscusi III
14  Aaron Crowell, Alex Wilson, Darrell Hughes II
15  Nick DeCarlo, Shawn DeForest, Oreste Gonella
16  Bobby Hogge IV, Brian Cass, Chester Kniss
17  Bobby Hogge IV, Paul Stone, Duane Cleveland

IMCA Sport Mods

1  Bruce Nelson, Jeremy Hoff, Keith Brown Jr.
2  Jeremy Hoff, Fred Ryland, Bruce Nelson
3  Fred Ryland, Al Sotolmayor, Paul Mulder
4  Fred Ryland, Jimmy Ford, Keith Brown Jr.
5  Patti Ryland, Ron Brown, Keith Brown Jr.
6  Fred Ryland, Chuck Golden, Paul Mulder
7  Fred Ryland, Ron Brown, Patti Ryland
8  Paul Mulder, Fred Ryland, Matt Hagio
9  Fred Ryland, Keith Brown Jr., Jeremy Hoff
10  Darren Thomas, Fred Ryland, Brian Cooper
11  Fred Ryland, Trevor Clymens, Anthony Giuliani
12  Anthony Giuliani, Patti Ryland, Paul Mulder
13  Jason Fergersun, Ron Brown, K.C. Keller
14  Anthony Giuliani, Jeremy Hoff, Megan Ponciano
15  Anthony Giuliani, Patti Ryland, Fred Ryland
16  Trevor Clymens, Anthony Giuliani, Rick Diaz
17  Anthony Giuliani, Patti Ryland, Trevor Clymens
18  Fred Ryland, Patti Ryland, Al Johnson
19  Fred Ryland, Matt Hagio, Al Johnson

Limited Late Models

1  Larry Damitz, Mike Hynes, John Keith
2  Mark Garner, Larry Damitz, Mike Hynes
3  Larry Damitz, Mike Hynes, Lori Brown
4  Mike Gustafson, Larry Damitz, Lori Brown
5  Larry Damitz, Mark Garner, Jim Freethy
6  Mike Gusafson, Jim Feethy, Larry Damitz
7  Larry Damitz, Paul Hanley, John Evans
8  Larry Damitz, Jim Freethy, Mike Hynes
9  Mark Garner, Larry Damitz, Mike Gustafson
10  Larry Damitz, Mike Hynes, Mike Gustafson
11  Mike Hynes, Jim Freethy, Larry Damitz
12  Mike Gustafsoon, Mike Hynes, Lori Brown
13  Larry Damitz*, Lori Brown, Mark Garner
14  Larry Damitz, Ryan Cherezian, Jay Bryant

* Eric Berendsen DQ after apparent win

DIRTcar Late Models

1  Richard Papenhausen, Jeff Decker, Randy Shafer
2  Jeff Decker, Richard Papeenhausen, Duane Cleveland
3  Richard Papenhasen, Jeff Decker, Troy Foulger
4  Paul Guglielmoni, Jeff Decker, Troy Foulger
5  Troy Foulger, Richard Papenhausen, Jeff Decker
6  Richard Papenhausen, Jeff Decker, Duane Cleveland
7  Richard Papenhausen, Jeff Decker, Chester Kniss
8  Richard Papenhausen, Anthony Restad, David Newquist
9  Bobby Hogge IV, Randy Shafer, Anthony Restad
10  Troy Foulger, Jeff Decker, Richard Papenhausen
11  Richard Papenhausen, Anthony Restad, Troy Foulger
12  Richard Papenhausen, Jeff Decker, Paul Guglielmoni
13  Jeff Decker, Danny Malfatti, Paul Guglielmoni
14  Andy Obertello, Bobby Hogge IV, Richard Papenhausen

Wingless Spec Sprint

1  Jeff Lee, Kyle Bakkie, Rick Panfili
2  Roy Fisher, Kyle Bakkie, Rick Panfili
3  Kyle Bakkie*, Rick Panfili, Brian Azvedo
4  Roy Fisher, Ryon Siverling, Marcus Smith
5  Kyle Bakkie, Jeremy Newberry, Marcus Smith
6  Jimmy Perry III, Marcus Smith, Al Ghiorso Jr.
7  Kyle Bakkie, Roy Fisher, Rick Panfili
8  Jimmy Perry III, Alan Miranda, Jeremy Newberry
9  James East, Marcus Smith, Kyle Bakkie
10  Jimmy Perry III, Rick Panfili, Marcus Smith
11  Jeff Lee, Kyle Bakkie, Jimmy Perry III
12  Jimmy Perry III, James East, Kyle Bakkie
13  Billy Macedo, Kyle Bakkie, Alan Miranda
14  Kyle Bakkie, Roy Fisher, Keith Shipherd
15  Billy Macedo, Marcus Smith, Jim Perry Jr.

* Klint Simpson DQ after apparent Win

Hobby Stocks

1  Melissa Myers, Kimo Oreta, Nick Baldwin
2  Nick Baldwin, Melissa Myers, Jeremy Jennings
3  Melissa Myers, Kimo Oreta, Nick Baldwin
4  Kimo Oreta, Danny Jones, Nick Baldwin
5  Jason Jennings, Jeremy Jennings, Calvin Louis Jr.
6  Melissa Myers, Kimo Oreta, Jason Jennings
7  Jason Jennings, Danny Jones, Chris Long
8  Kimo Oreta, Danny Jones, Robert Niven
9  Kimo Oreta, Brad Myers, Jordan Swank
10  Kimo Oreta, Chris Sorensen, Brent Curran
11  Chris Sorennsen, Danny Jones, Kimo Oreta
12  Kimo Oreta, Danny Jones, Michael Cooper
13  Todd Cooper, Chris Long, Kimo Oreta
14  Chase Templeton, Chris Sorensen, Kimo Oreta
15  Chris Sorensen, Jim Robbins, Kimo Oreta
16  Kimo Oreta, Jordan Swank, Calvin Louis
17  Dan McCown, Kimo Oreta, Natalie Perry
18  Kevin Joaquin, Kimo Oreta, Danny Jones
19  Kimo Oreta, Michael Cooper, Melissa Myers
20  Kevin Joaquin, George Silva, Jordan Swank
21  Kimo Oreta, Jay Bryant, Steve Rogers
22  Kevin Joaquin, Danny Jones, Kimo Oreta
23  Brian Cooper, Danny Jones, Jordan Swank

Winged 360 Sprints

1  Art McCarty, Chris Magoon, Shawn Arriaga
2  Alissa Geving, Justin Sanders, Jake Haulot
3  Jake Haulot, Art McCarthy, Shawn Arriaga
4  Shawn Arriaga, Art McCarthy, Dustin Golobic
5  Austin Liggett, Eric Humphries, Kurt Nelson
6  Jake Haulot, Dan Gonderman, Chris Magoon
7  Shawn Arriaga, Jake Haulot, Jeremy Burt
8  Art McCarthy, Robby McMahan, Shawn Arriaga

Dwarf Cars

1  Danny Wagner, Travis Dutra, Mike Corsaro
2  Jack Haverty, Thomas Leiby, David Teves
3  Danny Wagner, David Teves, Mike Corsaro
4  Adam Teves, Danny Wagner, Thomas Leiby
5  Danny Wagner, Mike Corsaro, David Teves
6  David Teves, Danny Wagner, Mike Corsaro
7  Mike Corsaro, Danny Wagner, Tavid Teves
8  Adam Teves, David Teves, Kevin Maraglio
9  David Teves, Danny Wagner, Adam Teves
10  David Teves, Travis Dutra, Danny Wagner
11  David Teves, Adam Teves, Kevin Miraglio
12  David Teves, Pat Urdahl, Adam Teves
13  Mike Corsoro, Josh Miller, Kevin Miraglio
14  Danny Wagner, Mike Corsaro, Kevin Miraglio
15  Matt Sargent, Adam Teves, Danny Wagner

California Hardtops

1  Larry Damitz, Rob Waldrop, Tommy Thomson

Merced Speedway

Hobby Stocks

1  Joe Willoughby, Ty Shelton, Jake Jones
2  Kristie Shearer, Kevin Joaquin, Ty Shelton
3  Kevin Joaquin, Ty Shelton, Jennifer Corder
4  Darren Miguel, William Kennedy, Gary Hildebrand
5  Kevin Joaquin, Jill Merlin, Jennifer Corder
6  Shannon Nelson, Travis Avilla, Chris Brown
7  Gary Hildenrand, Austin Van Hoff, Dwayne Short
8  Marc Key, Kevin Joaquin, Kristie Shearer
9  Kodie Dean, Kevin Joaquin, Jennifer Corder
10  Chris Mayer, Kevin Joaquin, Kristie Shearer
11  Kristie Shearer, Kevin Joaquin, Shannon Nelson
12  Kristie Shearer, Chris Mayer, Austin Van Hoff
13  Kevin Joaquin, Kristie Shearer, Austin Van Hoff
14  Michael Shearer, Kristie Shearer, Syd Finn
15  Cody Parker, Kristie Shearer, Kevin Joaquin
16  Austin Van Hoff, Dexter Long, Jennifer Corder
17  Chris Falkenberg, George Silva, Austin Van Hoff
18  Ryan Hart, Kevin Joaquin, Josh Hensley
19  Austin Van Hoff, Robbie Loquaci, Jeff Lacey
20  Shane Hausmann, Marc Key, Kevin Joaquin
21  Bruce Nelson, Kevin Joaquin, Robby Loquaci
22  Ryan Hart, Andrew Krumm, Cody Parker
23  Cody Parker, Austin Van Hoff, Phil Vaughn

IMCA Sport Mods

1  Fred Ryland, Nick Spainhoward, Neill Barcellos
2  Rick Diaz, Fred Ryland, Josh Gish
3  Fred Ryland, Keith Brown Jr., Mark Squadrito
4  Fred Ryland, Keith Brown Jr., Josh Gish
5  Nick Spainhoward, Jeremy Hoff, Bruce Nelson
6  Gary Tucker, D.C. Brown, John Fore Jr.
7  Rick Diaz, Fred Ryland, Jeremy Hoff
8  Fred Ryland, Mark Odgers, Shawn Bryant
9  Jeremy Hoff, Shawn Bryant, Josh Hensley
10  Josh Hensley, Shawn Bryant, Keith Brown Jr.
11  Garrett Jernagan, Mark Odgers, Josh Hensley
12  Rick Diaz, Bruce Nelson, Jeremy Hoff
13  Bruce Nelson, Jarred Tickel, Mark Odgers
14  Rick Diaz, Bruce Nelson, Matt Hagio
15  Bruce Nelson, Fred Ryland, Gary Tucker
16  Mark Odgers, Josh Hensley, Dwayne Short
17  Gary Tucker, Mark Odgers, Dwayne Short
18  Fred Ryland, Mark Odgers, Tim Cecil
19  Bruce Nelson, Gary Tucker, Mark Odgers
20  Fred Ryland, Bruce Nelson, Jason Nation
21  Josh Hensley, Andy Welch, Jarred Tickel
22  Fred Ryland, Chris Falkenberg, Kelly Wilkinson
23  Chris Falkenberg*, Rick Diaz, Nick Spainhoward

* Fred Ryland DQ after apparent win

IMCA Modifieds

1  Duane Cleveland, Kellen Chadwick, Tom Berry
2  John MacDougall, Bill Egleston, Les Friend
3  Ryan Porter, Bobby Hogge IV, Ricky Thatcher
4  Les Friend, Paul Stone, John MacDougal
5  Kyle Wilson, John MacDougall, Joel Myers
6  Kyle Wilson, Randy Brown, Alex Wilson
7  Paul Stone, Mike Vilanueva, Kyle Wilson
8  Karl Rose, Alex Wilson, Ricky Thatcher
9  Ryan Porter, Bill Egleston, Michael Shearer
10  Ryan Porter, Kyle Wilson, Karl Rose
11  Kyle Wilson, Troy Foulger, Dereck Colvin
12  Paul Stone, Bob Williamson, Alex Wilson
13  Alex Wilson, Kyle Wilson, Bill Egleston
14  Troy Foulger, Alex Wilson, Kyle Wilson
15  Alex Wilson, Ryan Porter, Kyle Wilson
16  Alex Wilsom, Ryan Porter, Troy Foulger
17  Alex Wilson, Kyle Wilson, Ramie Stone
18  Paul Stone, Alex Wilson, Jimmy Reeves
19  Bobby Hogge IV, Ethan Dotson, Paul Stone

Mini Stocks

1  Dan McCabe, Chris Corder, Mat Schlessinger
2  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Kevin Lockerby
3  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Joy Alger
4  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Kevin Lockerby
5  Robert Alger, Dan McCabe, Chris Corder
6  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Mike Germait
7  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Mike Congdon
8  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Natalie Waldrop
9  Kevin Lockerby, Dennis Copus, Darren Miguel
10  Darren Miguel, Speedy Davids, Chris Corder
11  Darren Miguel, Kelly Campanile, Alex Odishoo
12  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Natalie Waldrop
13  Chris Corder, Kelly Campanile, Joy Alger
14  Darren Miguel, Chris Corder, Kelly Campanile
15  Chris Corder, Darren Miguel, Mike Germait
16  Chris Corder, Mike Germait, Jennifer Corder
17  Darren Miguel, Dan McCabe, James Stockton
18  Chris Corder, Darren Miguel, Jason Womack

Limited Late Models

1  Mark Garner, Buddy Thatcher, Peggy Sue Jarred
2  Mark Garner, Peggy Sue Jarred, John Evans
3  Mike Hynes, Mark Garner, John Evans
4  Mark Garner, Scott Van Gelder, Buddy Thatcher
5  Mark Garner, Jeff Kendrick, Scott Van Gelder
6  Roy Hart Jr., Mark Garner, Scott Van Gelder
7  Mark Garner, Roy Hart Jr., Buddy Thatcher
8  Mark Garner, Buddy Thatcher
9  Roy Hart Jr., Paul Hanley, Jeff Kendrick


1  Marcus Lung, Jeff Bristow
2  Marcus Lung, Eric Seely, Mark Odgers
3  Eric Seally,  Kenny Birdsong, Jeff Bristow
4  Jeff Bristow*, Marcus Lung, Mike Palmberg  ap1 19
5  Marcus Lung, Mike Palmberg, Kenny Birdsong May 2
6  Marcus Lung, Kenny Birdsong, Mike Palmberg mkk
7  Eric Sealy, Mike Palmberg, Marcus Lung
8  Marcus Lung, Eric Seely, Jeff Bristow

* Eric Sealy DQ in tech after apparent win

Dwarf  Cars

1  Mike Drake*
2  Shawn Jones, Danny Wagner, Adam Teves
3  Danny Wagner, Mike Drake, Chris Kenner
4  Mike Drake, Chuck Weir, Brian Gray
5  Mike Corsaro, Mike Drake, Lyonel Francis
6  Ryan Winter, Buddy Olshowka, Mike Drake
7  Mike Drake, Chuck Weir, Chester Kniss

*  Other five cars DQ for not going to tech

Chowchilla Speedway

Mini Stocks

1  Chris Corder, Robert Huckaby Jr., Justin McPherson
2  Darren Miguel, Brian Widdowson, Joy Alger
3  Brent Curran, Jadon Harrington, Alex Odishoo
4  Chris Corder, Jadon Harrington, Mike Congdon
5  Alex Odishoo, Chris Corder, Mike Congdon
6  Chris Corder, Mike Congdon, Alex Odishoo
7  Darren Miguel, Mike Congdon, Chris Corder
8  Mike Congdon
9  Chris Corder, James Stockton, Mike Germait

Hobby Stocks

1  Kevin Joaquin, Austin Van Hoff, Dexter Long
2  Kevin Joaquin, Gary Hildebrand, Robbie Loquaci
3  Bruce Nelson, Michael Shearer, Alvin Ince
4  Bruce Nelson, Michael Shearer, Gary Hildebrand
5  Joe Willoughby, Kevin Joaquin, Gary Hildebrabd
6  George Silva, Kevin Joaquin, Bobby Williams
7  Kevin Joaquin, Austin Van Hoff, Bobby Williams
8  Bruce Nelson, Kevin Joaquin, Syd Finn

IMCA Sport Mods

1  Fred Ryland, Nick Spainhoward, Wayne Dotson
2  Fred Ryland, Rick Diaz, Chris Falkenberg
3  Keith Brown Jr., Rick Diaz, Fred Ryland
4  Fred Ryland, Patti Ryland, Josh Gish
5  Fred Ryland, Jorddon Braaten, Paul Mulder
6  Fred Ryland, Rick Diaz, Jeremy Hoff
7  Josh Hensley, Keith Brown Jr., Rick Diaz
8  Fred Ryland, Eric Rose, Billy Simkins

IMCA Modifieds

1  Ryan McDaniel, Cody Laney, Paul Stone
2  Josh Vogt, Billy Wilker, Jeff Streeter
3  Josh Vogt, Karl Rose, Harley Turner
4  Josh Vogt, Bill Egleston, Kyle Wilson
5  Cody Laney, Troy Foulger, Robby Sawyer
6  Tim Clark, Harley Turner, Ray Mayer
7  Cody Laney, Josh Vogt, Kyle Wilson


1  Kenny Birdsong, Jeff Bristow

Dwarf Car

1  Mike Corsaro, Charlie Correia, David Michael Rosa