Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tarlton, Hogge, Jones Win Ocean Speedway Features

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Tarlton, Hogge, Jones Win Ocean Speedway Features

Watsonville, C A...June 10...Past Taco Bravo Sprint Car champion Tommy Tarlton won the 30 lap Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville. Tarlton made his winning move around Buddy Kofoid on lap 18 and pulled away to about a straightaway advantage by time the checkered flag flew. Reigning champion Justin Sanders used his Trophy Dash win over Dustin Golobic to grab the pole for the Main Event. Sanders led for ten laps before a yellow flag flew. It was Kofold taking the lead on the restart, but he would slip back a few spots as Tarlton passed him for the lead on lap 18. At that point, Brad Furr took over second, but he watched as the flying Tarlton slowly pulled away. Tarlton scored the impressive victory ahead of Furr, Jeremy Chisum, Kofoid, Koen Shaw, Dustin Golobic, Kyler Shaw, Lucas Ashe, Jason Chisum and Nelson. D. Golobic won his heat race just ahead of Sanders, and Furr prevailed in his heat race ahead of Kofoid.

There's no getting around it. Bobby Hogge IV may be the best IMCA Modified racer in the state at the moment. After winning his heat race ahead of Austin Burke, the third generation leadfoot grabbed the lead on an early restart and continued to pull away to an eventual half lap lead over Alex Wilson. Many time champion Kenny Nott had second until being passed by A. Wilson on lap ten. Shortly after Wilson passed Nott, Jeff Decker also got by for third. However, Decker never really challenged the reigning IMCA State champion for second. At the checkered flag, it was Hogge prevailing ahead of A. Wilson, Decker, Nott, Brian Cass, Robert Marsh, Robert Dias, Raymond Keldsen, Kyle Bryan and Todd Hermasillo. A. Wilson won his heat race ahead of Marsh.

Shawn Jones won the 20 lap South Bay Dwarf Car Main Event. Kyle Jones led Shawn Jones for two laps before a red flag flew for Mark Biscardi. Shawn Jones made his move shortly after the restart and gained the lead. Nick Squatritto and Terre Rothweiler quickly moved into second and third. From deep in the pack, point leader David Teves found his way to fifth by lap ten. Teves moved by defending champion Gene "Punky" Pires for fourth on lap 11. Squatritto stayed with S. Jones down the stretch, but he could not make a move by. S. Jones won ahead of Squatritto. Teves made a last lap pass on Rothweiler for third as Rothweiler settled for fourth. Pires finished fifth ahead of Justin Yanez, Marty Weisler, Eric Weisler, Petaluma regular Chad Mathias and Joey Dale. Teves won his heat race ahead of Pires while Squatritto held off Dale to win his heat.

Point leader Jim DiGiovanni scored the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. The race saw Adriane DeSousa, Danny Roe and Justin McPherson all take turns leading before DiGiovanni made his winning pass on McPherson for the lead on lap 11. Once in front, DiGiovanni led the rest of the way for the victory. A lap 17 yellow flag for previous winner Igor Gandzjuk gave DeSousza the opportunity to pass McPherson for second, and she would finish there. Roe made a late pass for third as McPherson settled for fourth ahead of Paul Mulder, Joel Hannagan, Charlie Hunter, John Ferro and Grandzjuk. Dennis Simunovich won the heat race ahead of Roe, but he finished last in the ten car Main Event.

After winning the heat race ahead of Paul Laoretti, Chris Corder won the Mini Stock Main Event in impressive fashion with a last lap pass on race long leader Dennis Keldsen Jr. Keldsen raced into the early lead with Kelly Campanile settling into second a lap later. Corder started in the back and steadily worked his way forward. Corder took third from Amanda Daly on lap six and set about reeling in a three second advantage from Campanile. Campanile slowed with an overheating problem on lap 12 just as Corder caught her. She pitted, handing point leader Kate Beardsley third. Corder set a rapid pace and caught Keldsen at the white flag. Corder made his winning pass on the last lap to collect his second straight win. Keldsen settled for second ahead of K. Beardsley, Samantha Roberson, Bill Beardsley, Daly, Lucy Falkenberg, Campanile, Laoretti and Mark Fields.