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Orland Opener Set For Saturday, Rocky Hill Speedway News

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Orland Raceway Is Back
New Promoters Set To Reopen The Track Saturday Night

It's not likely that Rich Hood and Nate Skaggs were planning on being racing promoters this year.  You probably would have seen the familiar blue #12 Hobby Stock of Hood and the #49 Mini Truck of Skaggs in competition at Orland Raceway this season.  However, there was no race season scheduled at the Glenn County Fairgrounds racing facility as of February of this year.  

Not long after releasing what would have been his second schedule for the renamed Sacramento Valley Speedway, Adam Zachary of High Octane Entertainment was forced to pull the plug on the season.  A concern of his was the new soccer field that had been built at the facility not too far from Turns 3 and 4.  Racing looked to be over at that point.

The past decade has seen a revolving door of promoters with varying degrees of success.  Promoter Mike McCann managed to stage some big open wheel events in his two year run before he too was forced to walk away.  The fact that the track was closed for one year led to some racers getting Mini Stock and Hobby Stock racing established at a Chico Silver Dollar Speedway.  This made it a challenge for new promoters to bring some stability to the raceway.

Other than 2008, the track has managed to have at least some racing every year since 1998.  The concern was that if somebody couldn't get the gates open this year, it might not open again.  This left several racers scrambling to put a proposal together.  Hood made his presentation to the Fair Board in May and was awarded the contract for this season.  There will be ten races with an option for more.

Orland racing history actually goes back into the 1970's.  The current track opened in the late 1980's with Doc Bogart and a few others taking a stab at the promotional side of things.  It wasn't until Paul & Carol Turner took over in 1998 that stability was achieved.  One might call it the "Golden Age" of the speedway.

Throughout the Turner run as promoter, the track featured Hobby Stocks, Mini Trucks and Mini Stocks.  They added Wingless Sprints and Super 4 Modifieds to the mix and put some big races on through the years.  The sluggish economy forced a hard decision for the Turner's to walk away at the end of the 2007 season, and the track sat dormant for a year.

The news of the June 4th opener will be welcome amongst the racers and the fans.  Hood and Skaggs made the determination that the track should go back to it's most popular name, Orland Raceway.  They also intend to run most of the divisions from last year, including Hobby Stocks, 4 Cylinder Trucks and Mini Stocks, 250 Micro Sprints and 600 Micro Sprints.

Other divisions, such as Wingless Sprints, Street Stocks and even Sport Modifieds, could happen in the future, but the goal is to get cars on the track now.  Hood and Skaggs both agree that starting with the local car base is the key to getting it up and running again.

If you've been at the speedway through the years, you've seen some talented racers compete on the one-fifth mile dirt oval.  Racers liked Mario Romano, Ken Lewis, Josh Jacobo, Brad Ray, John Embrey, B.J. Martin, Doug Butterfield, Wes Dinsmore and Steve Martin are among those who have thrilled the crowds in their championship seasons.

The opening of the gates on June 4th signals the next opportunity for a group of new champions to emerge.  Records will show that 2015 championships were earned by Paul Stevens (Hobby Stocks), Nick Vidovich (Mini Stocks), Keith Ross (Mini Trucks), Jeromie Crismon (600 Micro Sprints), Jess Garland (250 Micro Sprints) and Bill Hopper (Wingless Sprints).

Preparations are well underway to get the race track in shape.  They have been adding new clay to the racing surface, making improvements to the facility and making sure the concessions stands are fully stocked for race night.  The track will be ready to go this Saturday night.

The grandstands will open June 4th at 5:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 7:00 p.m.  The admission prices are geared towards families on a budget.  Adult tickets are $7.00, Juniors and Seniors $5.00 and children 6 and under free.  It will be a nice opportunity to see some great racing at Orland Raceway.  For further information, go to
Orland Raceway 2016 Schedule

June 4 (Saturday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
June 12 (Sunday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
June 25 (Saturday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
July 2 (Saturday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
July 15 (Friday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
July 31 (Sunday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
August 13 (Saturday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
August 21 - (Sunday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
September 3 (Saturday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints
September 17 (Saturday) - Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinder Trucks And Mini Stocks, 600cc Micro Sprints, 250 Micro Sprints

Final 2015 Points

Paul Stevens    1200
Steve Martin    1140
Shannon Collins    1030
Jedremy Langenderfer 850
Rich Hood    745

Mini Trucks
Keith Ross    1335
Dan Webster    1240
William Fogle    1085
Ross Vige    875
Nate Skaggs    660

Mini Stocks
Nick Vidovich    1370
John Kirkpatrick 1205
Tom Davis    845
Olin Crane    505
Jeff Bennett    440

600 Micro Sprints
Jeromie Crismon    850
Skyler Richter    655
Tony Alosi    555
Marty Plumb    505
Kyra Michelet    475

250 Micro Sprints
Jesse Garland    770
Jackie Whitson Jfr. 555
Jarrid Carter    375
Andrew Love    345
Rusty Hensley    280

Wingless Sprints
Bill Hopper    615
Tony Richards    540
Ryan Owsens    415
Mark Michelet    350
Jeremy Wilson    290

Peters, Westlake Latest New Winners At Rocky Hill Speedway

Porterville, CA...May 28..Rocky Hill Speedway wrapped up a busy month of May with a Saturday night show on Memorial Day Weekend.  A good turnout of Hobby Stocks and Mini Stocks made for an entertaining four division program.  When the checkered flag flew on the Main Events, it was Jake Peters (Hobby Stock), Zack Westlake (Mini Stock), Dakota Brown (American Stock) and Roy Atchison (Super 4) getting the victories.

The Hobby Stocks at Rocky Hill Speedway have been very competitive with four different winners heading into the most recent race.  One time winner and defending champion Raymond Noland Jr. came into the night as the point leader ahead of Jake Peters, but his effort took a blow when he DNF'ed the race in ninth.  Peters was there to take full advantage of the situation as he drove to his first win of the season.  Colby Quinton might be the point leader if not for the fact that he has missed one race.  He didn't hurt his hopes in the least as he battled Peters for the lead before settling for second.  It was the fourth runner up finish of the year for Quinton.  2015 Bakersfield Speedway champion Kevin Collier came back for more and left with another podium finish in third.  Karl Noland Jr. finished fourth ahead of 2015 Mini Stock champion Jared Plumlee.  Gene Glover finished sixth ahead of Merced visitor George Silva, Robert Jackson, R. Noland and Merced point leader Michael Shearer.  Dave Bettencourt made his second appearance of the season, but he didn't do any beter as he scratched from the Main Event.

In another competitive Mini Stock field, there were 14 entrants.  After back to back Top 5 finishes, Zack Westlake took a week off, but he came back big with a Main Event victory.  One time feature winner Clinton Massey is trying to make up for missing a week, and his second place finish will certainly aid those efforts.  Josh Nichols matched his best effort from the season opener with another third place finish ahead of a season best fourth place finish for Paul Lauretti.  Wade Moore had his season best finish in fifth as Lance Gonzales, Candy Noland-Soares, Steve Scott and Chris Rutledge followed in order.  Point leader Jason Cook opened the season with back to back wins, but he suffered his second straight disappointing effort in tenth.

Bakersfield Speedway point leader Dakota Brown came to compete with the Rocky Hill Speedway American Stock class and won for the third time.  Cale Hosfeldt's had a season best second place finish ahead of point leader Bob Ellis, Monte Ince and defending champion Jeff Lloyd.  Super 4 Point leader Roy Atchison's undefeated streak continued as he won the Main Event for the fifth time ahead of Lance Gonzales and William Hughes.

Rhs results hobby stock 11 cars

1-#19 Jake Peters
2-‪#‎4Q‬ Colby Quinton
3-#18 Kevin Collier
4-#25 Karl Noland Jr.
5-#1 Jared Plumlee
6-#9 Gene Glover
7-#8 George Silva
8-‪#‎55T‬ Robert Jackson
9-#5 Raymond Noland Jr.
10-#67 Michael Shearer
11-‪#‎20X‬ David Bennetcourt DNS

Rhs results mini stock-14 cars

1-#19 Zack Westlake
2-#88 Clinton Massey
3-‪#‎99N‬ Josh Nicholes
4-‪#‎13L‬ Paul Laoetti
5-#13 Wade Moore
6-#18 Lance Gonzales
7-#5 Candy Noland Soares
8-#46 Steven Scott
9-#66 Chris Rutledge
10-‪#‎32X‬ Jason Cook
11-‪#‎3T‬ Tyler Childress
12-#77 Matt Hearod
13-‪#‎13X‬ Jose Rosales  DQ
14-#49 Trisha Mezyk DNS

Rhs Results super4- 3 cars

1-#24 Roy Atchison
2-#18 Lance Gonzales
3-#11 William Hughes

Rhs results American stock-5 cars

1-#42 Dakota Brown
2#19H Cale Hosfeldt
3-#19 Bob Ellis
4-#39 Monte Ince
5-#29 Jeff Lloyd

current points total Hobby Stocks

1-Raymond Noland jr 438
2-Jake Peters 416
3-Colby Quinton 384
4-Karl Noland Jr 379
5-Karl Noland 358
6-Jared Plumlee 336
7-Gene Glover 322
8-Kevin Collier 292
9-Michael Scruggs 266
10-George Silva 130
11- Joe Robinson 126
12-James Cornelius 124
13-Chris Settlemire 80
14-Dave Schyler 74
15-Clinton Massey 70
16-Dexter Long 70
17-Lloyd Wren Jr 68
18-Robert Jackson 64
19-Don Mead 62
20-Eric Cimental 60
21-Michael Shearer 60
22-Dave Bennetcourt 56

current point standings mini stock

1-Jason Cook 426
2-Wade Moore 404
3-Steven Scott 390
4-Candy Noland Soares 386
5-Clinton Massey 374
6-Lance Gonzales 320
7-Andy Boydston 308
8-Shawn swartzenberger 286
9-Josh Nicholes 276
10-Matt Hearod 244
11-Zack Westlake 222
12-Chris Rutledge 212
13-Shannon Winchester 130
14-Jose Rosales 128
15-Paul Laoretti128
16-Misty Warren 70
17-Larry Ramirez 68
18-Curtis Thornhill 62
19-DJ Hughes 60
20-Tyler Childress 58
21-Vicki Hart 58
22-Kit Murphy 54
23-Trisha Mezyk 54

current point standings American Stock

1-Bob Ellis 370
2-Jeff Lloyd 360
3-Monte Ince 288
4-Dakota Brown 240
5-Brian Childress 218
6-Cale Hosfeldt 150
7-Tyler Johnson 148
8-Clay Waters 138
9-Brian Bartlett 80
10-Nicholas Johnson 74
11-Kevin Johnston 70
12-Trevor Baker 70