Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Merced Speedway Playday

Merced Speedway is having a playday tomorrow (Wednesday) to put the track through its paces and give the drivers a chance to get some lap time on the new racing surface. I am working on a post for Merced that should be ready later this week. The buzz has been good so far. Marshall Weaver had some pictures posted on the Late Model Racer forum to give people an idea of how things are shaping up. It's looking good so far. It might be a good idea for the racers in the area to come out and play Wednesday.

One of the interesting changes at Merced Speedway, as shown in this Marshall Weaver photo, is the return to the quarter-mile clay oval and racing inside the old back wall. Drivers will get a chance to test things out at a playday on Wednesday.