Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two California Dirt Tracks Preparing For July Openers

That's right, I said TWO TRACKS.

Raul Rodriguez (Jr. I think) posted on the Late Model Racer forums about Merced Speedway. Work is in progress getting the track into shape for the July 18th season opener. Raul also posted some pictures of the work in progress.

They are completely redoing the turns to make it even better for racing.

The track will be going back to the quarter-mile oval.

Actually, I've just been wanting to take a break for a few days, but some information has popped up about Merced, another new dirt track in California and some Orland stuff, so here I am again.

The Late Model racer thread is a good place to hear the latest at the moment, and Mark Odgers posted another picture of the progress. I love seeing the excitement building up for the return of this track. Looks like John Soares Jr. and Tom Sagmiller were both on the scene and answering questions.

I will say that it sounds like this place will be racier than ever from what I've been hearing. People have commented on John having big plans for this track, and I have no doubt about it. Getting the regular scene back in action is first priority, and it sounds like John will be doing things to entice the racers to come back. No membership fees for 2010 is what I have read on the above thread.

People are looking and racers are wanting to race. I know there has been anger in the past, but it is a new era for the track now. John has a chance to score big with Merced's racers and fans. I don't think he will fail with this. I expect big things in the future. Dare I say it, Merced Speedway will have a big Late Model event in the future and a big Sprint Car event as well, and the racers will come. There is already a big Dirt Modified show planned for August.

This is the racer's chance to get on board again and help make this track bigger than it's been in years. It can happen if the racers support it, and it can happen if the man in charge works with the racers. I anticipate that will be the case, and I'm excited for the future of Merced Speedway. A real effort is being made here. I'm not gonna get too long winded here. I have some Merced posts planned for the future anyway.

But, it doesn't stop here...

A New Track In Hayfork California

Hayfork Speedway begins to take shape

Up in Northern California, a little southwest of Yreka, at the Trinity County Fairgrounds in Hayfork, California, there is a race track being built. It's called Hayfork Speedway, and the plan is for a playday on July 11th and the opener on July 25th. They list the track size as some place between a quarter-mile and three eighths.

I haven't found much on the history of this track, but from the look of the photos, there was a one mile track, possibly a horse racing track at one time. They also have grandstands.

Hayfork Speedway has a board of directors, and the goal of this track is affordable and fun racing. Mini Stocks and Hobby Stocks are among the divisions planned for the track. The track isn't located all that far from Shasta Speedway, where some of the divisions they plan to run are among the divisions raced.

I'm not sure how things will go here, but I certainly wish them well. In this day and age, to see a new dirt track open is a good thing. Anybody looking to help support the cause can go to the Hayfork Speedway website and find out how they can help.