Monday, July 26, 2010

No Results For Antioch Yet

Nothing is posted on the Antioch Speedway page as of yet as far as results. Jon K hasn't put his stuff up either, and no results are in the paper for the second straight week. At this point, I may not mess with anything as I'm so far behind on things now it messes with my schedule. Not sure why results couldn't have been posted Sunday morning like everybody else, but oh well. It's not really my problem now, is it?

Gaspar Photography did another great job with the photos, so it looks like at least 47 cars were there, maybe a few more? I count 15 Spec Sprints (Tommy Laliberte is in the winner's circle), 11 BCRA Midget Lites (Jason Sneep in the winner's picture), six Four Bangers (Patty Ryland with a new paint job), eight Super Stocks (Mike Gustafson) and seven Mini Trucks (not a clue who won, but it looks like the Haney truck rolled).

Merced has had excellent hype from right out of the gate with newspaper coverage all over, radio station crews at the track, TV station crews at the track. Results were posted on their page with a story a couple hours after the race, and the twitter account had some updates too.

Antioch had Jack.

So, my question to any Antioch racer is, how do you feel about that? Do you even care at this point? Does it mater? I'm not asking this to hate on Merced, because I love that the track is getting what it's getting. Just wondering about Antioch. I know it's just racing. There are bigger things in the world. There really are. But, once upon a time, it mattered who won at Antioch. It mattered who was doing what in the points. It mattered when somebody got their first heat win or top five. There were stories in the newspaper. There were people making an effort.

I'm just asking truthfully, not to dump on anybody. Please don't attack anybody. I'm not doing this for that. The reason I started posting here weekly with stories and hype was because I thought it was needed and that I could put out something to help spread the word.

So, I ask anybody who is racing or a fan there or wants to race there, how do you feel about things? What do you like? What do you not like? What needs improving? Is it okay with you that the man in charge runs two tracks and one of them seems to be getting all the attention? Be nice in your response.

I'll be honest. I don't like the fact that a man was brought in at Merced who seems to be getting things done, but at Antioch there is virtually no effort being made officially to spread the word. It seems wrong to me. I don't see how this can be. I'm not asking for the powers that be to be removed, though I know there are some who are. I am asking for the powers that be to do something about this. It's really not that hard. Spend the money and hire somebody.

We have battles in most of the divisions that are pretty close. Hype them. We have a great history at this track. Tell people about it. There are people in the stands interested in going racing. Show them why they should. There are many newspapers in the area, inform them about this place. Even if you hear no from them, keep after them about it. It is my belief that the racers and the fans deserve better than this, and NO, that does not mean I am advocating change at the top, just change in certain people doing certain jobs.

How do you feel about things? Is it okay with you? That's fine if you are. This isn't 1980 or 1990. It's 2010, and times have changed. Racing at Antioch Speedway used to bring excitement. It was looked forward to. People cared about what went on. Maybe apathy is the way things are now.

I don't believe for a minute that John doesn't care, or he wouldn't be investing in Merced and Antioch and he wouldn't have bought the rights to Racing Wheels Magazine. But if he doesn't get the right people in place, will it matter in the end?