Sunday, July 12, 2015

Michael Shearer Wins Ted Stofle Classic At Merced Speedway

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Michael Shearer Wins Ted Stofle Classic At Merced Speedway

Michael Shearer Wins Ted Stofle Classic At Merced SpeedwayMichael Shearer impressed by grabbing the victory in prestigious Ted Stofle Classic 89 lap Hobby Stock Main Event Sunday night at Merced Speedway.  Syd Finn led much of the first 50 laps, losing the lead only briefly to Marshall Weaver on lap 23.  Finn regained the lead four laps later, and Weaver’s run up front ended with mechanical woes not long after that.

Shortly after the lap 50 break, Finn lost the lead to Tommy Bostic.  When Bostic had problems of his own and slowed up on lap 66, Michael Shearer was there to take the lead.  Third place Sid Finn was penalized for stalling for a yellow flag.  Shortly after unlapping himself, he crashed on the back stretch on lap 86, and second place Kristie Shearer pitted with a flat tire.  Michael Shearer led the rest of the way to win with K Shearer the only other lead lap finisher.  After leading the most laps, Finn settled for a third place finish.

Ryan Porter had the pole for the 20 lap IMCA Modified Main Event and drove a flawless race for his second straight victory and third of the season.  The smoothly run race was slowed by just one yellow flag.  Kyle Wilson could only chase the flying Porter for a second place finish as Karl Rose settled for third.

Rick Diaz won another IMCA Sport Mod Main Event.   Anthony Giuliani led Matt Hagio for seven laps before Hagio finally raced by.  A lap 12 restart provided Diaz his opportunity to race into the lead.  Two laps later, Bruce Nelson surprised him by taking the lead, but Diaz made an inside pass on lap 15 to regain the lead.  With the time limit expired due to several caution flags, the last yellow flag before the intended 20 laps would end the race.  That happened with a Turn 2 spin as Diaz was a happy winner ahead of Nelson and Hagio.

Point leader Darren Miguel won his ninth 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event of the season.  Miguel led the race all the way, but he never really pulled away from Kelly Campanile, who matched her season best effort with another second place finish.  Alex Odishoo finished third.

Sunday July 12, 2015

Race Results
Hobby Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Shannon Nelson, Syd Finn.  Main Event (89 Laps Ted Stofle Classic)-Michael Shearer, Kristie Shearer, Finn, Nelson, George Silva.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Kyle Wilson, Ricky Thatcher.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Ryan Porter, K. Wilson, Karl Rose, Jeff Streeter, Bill Egleston.

IMCA Sport Mods
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Anthony Giuliani, Matt Hagio, Nick Tucker.  Main Event (17 Laps)-Rick Diaz, Bruce Nelson, Hagio,
Giuliani, Danny Roe, Gary Tucker.

Limited Late Models
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Scott Van Gelder.

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)- Darren Miguel.   Main Event (15 Laps)-Miguel, Kelly Campanile, Alex Odishoo, Natalie Waldrop, Chris Corder.