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Antioch Speedway and Merced Speedway Race Reviews And Weekend Preview Articles

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Last Saturday's Johnny Soares Classic 50 lap Hunt Series Wingless Spec Sprint 50 lap Main Event at Petaluma Speedway can be viewed HERE

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Brian Cooper wins the Hobby Stock Main Event at Sacramento Valley Speedway, in Orland, which can be viewed HERE

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Papenhausen Scores Seventh Late Model Win 
At Antioch Speedway

Taking the lead from Jeff Decker near the mid point of the race, Richard Papenhausen scored the victory in the 20 lap DIRTcar Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  The win was the seventh of the season for Papenhausen aboard his Mohawk Trading Co/Papenhausen Construction sponsored Warrior Chassis, and he now trails Decker by just ten points in a close championship battle at Antioch.

The Late Models ran two six lap heat races with Terry Kuntz winning the first heat ahead of Dennis Souza.  Papenhausen won the other heat ahead of Decker..  For the Main Event, Decker had the pole while Papenhausen started tenth.  Decker charged into the lead at the start ahead of Kuntz and Paul Guglielmoni.  A Turn 4 pass gained Papenhausen third on lap two before Souza spun in Turn 4 for a caution flag.  Decker chose the outside for the restart, and he continued to lead as Papenhausen quickly slipped past Guglielmoni for second.  A lap six caution flag flew when John Soares Jr. and Anthony Restad tangled in Turn 4   Restad joined Chester Kniss and Rob Norris on the sidelines.  Decker chose the outside on the restart and continued to lead Papenhausen.  A low move in Turn 4 of the ninth lap gained Papenhausen the lead.   Kuntz pitted from fourth on lap 13.  Even a caution flag on lap 14 didn’t keep Papenhausen from grabbing an impressive victory.  Decker settled for second ahead of Guglielmoni, Soares, Danny Malfztti and David Newquist.  Kuntz, Souza, Restad and Kniss rounded out the Top 10 finishers.

Racing resumes next week with IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Northern All Stars Wingless Spec Sprints, Hobby Stocks and Limited Late Models all in action.  For further information, check the official Oval Motorsports Website.

Arriaga Adds To Point Lead with 
Antioch Speedway Sprint Car Win

Taking full advantage of his front row starting position, Shawn Arriaga led every lap of the 25 lap Northern All Stars Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  The $1200 win was the first of the season for Arriaga, who stretched his lead to 20 points over Art McCarthy with just one point race to go.  Larry Damitz would also go flag to flag in winning the 20 lap Limited Late Model Main Event.

The Winged 360 Sprint Car title contenders were the heat winners as McCarthy won his six lapper ahead of Jake Haulot.  Point leader Arriaga won his race ahead of Jeremy Burt.  Arriaga had a second row start for the Main Event, but he charged into the lead at the drop of the green flag.   Steve Jaquith was an early second ahead of Jeremy Burt.  Burt grabbed second on lap three, and McCarthy slipped underneath Jaquith for third on lap four.  Last starter Haulot was fourth by lap six, and Arriaga had a straightaway lead and was lapping slower traffic by lap seven.  Haulot took third from McCarthy on lap ten.  As Arriaga continued to build a huge lead, Burt found his pace slowed slightly in traffic as they hit lap 20.  Haulot used traffic to take second from Burt on lap 21.  However, the flying Arriaga had a half lap lead as he cruised to victory in the non stop event.  Haulot settled for second ahead of Burt, Chris Magoon and McCarthy, the final lead lap finisher.   Jaquith  Dan Gonderman, Doc Brophy and Ricky Brophy rounded out the finishers.

The Limited Late Models ran two heat races with Mike Gustafson winning his heat race ahead of Damitz.  Jim Freethy won the other six lapper ahead of Mike Hynes.  John Keith was a Main Event scratch.  Damitz and Hynes shared the front row of the Main Event and ran 1-2 from the start.  Motor issues sent Freethy from fourth into the infield on lap six.  Mark Garner had suspension issues and spun for lap ten and 13 caution flags to end his race.  Damitz continued to lead the way and scored another victory with Hynes and Gustafson running closely behind him in second and third.  The steady John Evans grabbed a checkered flag in fourth as Garner and Freethy rounded out the final finishers.

Racing resumes next week with IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Northern All Stars Wingless Spec Sprints, Hobby Stocks and Limited Late Models all in action.  For further information, check the official Oval Motorsports Website.

Giuliani, Joaquin Share Antioch Speedway Spotlight

Making a late pass on Patti Ryland, Anthony Giuliani won his second IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  As the current Merced point leader and Chowchilla champion, Kevin Joaquin made his first appearance at Antioch Speedway and came home with an impressive victory in the 20 lap Northern All Stars Hobby Stock Main Event.
The IMCA Sport Mods ran three heat races with Giuliani winning his heat race ahead of K.C. Keller.  Marysville front runner Jimmy Ford returned to the track he started at and won his heat race ahead of Jeremy Hoff.  Al Johnson won the final heat race ahead of P. Ryland.  Trevor Clymens had the pole for the Main Event and raced into the lead at the drop of the green flag ahead of Johnson   A low move in Turn 3 of the third lap gained Johnson the lead from Clymens.  Giuliani and Fred Ryland settled into second and third on lap five, and the lead trio ran closely up front.  Working lap 11, Johnson broke a suspension part and spun in Turn 2, collecting both Giuliani and F. Ryland.  P. Ryland raced around the melee and led Hoff and Megan Ponciano on the restart.  There were a couple of quick yellow flags, and a low move in Turn 3 of the 15th lap gained Giuliani second.  Giuliani made another inside pass in Turn 4 a lap later to take the lead from P. Ryland, and she spun in Turn 4 a lap later.  Giuliani led Hoff at that point, and they would run 1-2 the rest of the way.  Ponciano made a last turn pass on Ford to finish third and P. Ryland settled for fifth.  Keller finished sixth ahead of F. Ryland, Mike Merritt, Johnson and Lloyd Cline.

The Hobby Stocks ran two heat races, and Joaquin missed his as his pit crew fixed his motor.  Michael Cooper won his heat race ahead of point leader Kimo Oreta.  Chris Long won the other heat ahead of Jordan Swank.   Danny Jones had the front row for the Main Event as Joaquin started last.  Jones was trying to rebound from leading 15 laps last week before breaking a right front ball joint and hitting the Turn 1 wall.  Jones set the early pace ahead of Swank and Natalie Perry.  A low move in Turn 4 of the second lap gained Oreta third.  Joaquin struck to fourth by lap six.  Frank Furtado lost a wheel for a lap seven red flag.  Jones chose the outside on the restart and continued to lead as Joaquin rode the outside around Oreta for second.  Joaquin pressured Jones hard for the lead until making a low move in Turn 3 of the 11th lap.  A low move in Turn 3 of the 15th lap put Oreta into second before Lindsey Buirch spun in Turn 2 for a caution flag.  Joaquin picked the outside for the restart and drove a great race over the final five laps to hold off Oreta for the impressive victory.  Jones brought it home in third ahead of Cooper, Swank, Perry, Jessica Jones, Buirch, Furtado and Long.

Racing resumes next week with IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Northern All Stars Wingless Spec Sprints, Hobby Stocks and Limited Late Models all in action.  For further information, check the official Oval Motorsports Website.

Foulger, Ryland Win IMCA Features at Merced Speedway

Gaining the lead when a slower car spun in front of leader Alex Wilson and collected him on lap 15, Troy Foulger scored the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Sunday night at Merced Speedway.  Point leader Wilson managed to gain second by the finish.  IMCA Sport Modified State of California point leader Fred Ryland drove a flawless race to win that division’s 20 lap Main Event.  2011 Hobby Stock champion Ryan Hart made a late pass on point leader Kevin Joaquin to win the 20 lap Northern All Stars Hobby Stock Main Event.  Mike Corsaro scored the victory in the 15 lap Dwarf Car feature, while point leader Mark Garner won the 10 lap Limited Late Model race.

Alex Wilson won his IMCA Modified heat race in front of Troy Foulger, while brother Kyle Wilson won his six lapper in front of Ricky Thatcher.  Thatcher led the opening lap of the Main Event before Bill Egleston slipped by.  Thatcher got sideways in Turn 4, and K. Wilson and Foulger were collected for a lap two caution flag.  Egleston chose the inside for the restart, but Thatcher regained the lead.  An inside move on the front stretch of the fourth lap gained A. Wilson second from Elgleston.  A lap seven caution flag flew for debris on the track, and a yellow flag flew a lap later as Egleston spun in Turn 3.  Thatcher chose the outside on the restart, only to watch A. Wilson race by for the lead.  Contact between K. Wilson and Thatcher resulted in Thatcher getting into the front wall.  Steve Streeter and John Osgood III both tried to slow but still crashed into Thatcher as the red flag flew.  A. Wilson chose the outside for the restart and continued to lead with Foulger close behind him.  K. Wilson had settled into third as the lead two cars ran close.  When Osgood spun in Turn 2 of the 14th lap, he collected leader A. Wilson for a lap 14 caution flag.  Foulger chose the inside on the restart and led K. Wilson as A. Wilson had third by the end of the lap.  Foulger stayed on the bottom of the race track as A. Wilson went to work on K. Wilson for second.  An inside pass on lap 18 gained A. Wilson second.  A. Wilson was running the same low line as the leader, and T. Foulger scored the victory ahead of A. Wilson, K. Wilson, Thatcher, Ray Mayer, Derek Nance, Osgood, Egleston and Streeter.

Mark Odgers won his six lap IMCA Sport Mod heat race ahead of Josh Hensley, while State point leader Fred Ryland was the other heat winner ahead of Dwayne Short.  Hensley and Short had the front row for the Main Event.  Short raced into the lead at the start ahead of Hensley and Ryland.  The lead four cars ran close early on as Odgers was fourth.  Short got high exiting Turn 2, allowing Hensley to race underneath for the lead on lap three.  A lap three caution flag flew for a Tim Hammett spin in Turn 2.  Hensley chose the inside on the restart and led two more laps before brushing the back wall on lap six and getting a flat tire.  Ryland slipped past him for the lead with Short and Odgers now dueling for second.  A low move in Turn 1 of the ninth lap gained Odgers second, and a lap ten caution flag flew for Danny Roe in Turn 2.  Ryland picked the inside for the restart and continued to lead the way.  As Ryland sped to victory, Odgers remained a few car lengths behind him for a strong second place finish.  Tim Cecil was a season best third ahead of Nick Tucker, Short, Andy Welch, Roe, Hensley and Hammett.

Ryan Hart won his six lap Hobby Stock heat race ahead of Dexter Long, while George Silva won the other one ahead of Adam Reed.  With a front row start in the Main Event, Kevin Joaquin set the pace at the drop of the green flag.  Austin Van Hoff gained second on lap two.  Bobby Williams spun going into Turn 1 for a lap three caution flag.  Joaquin chose the inside on the restart and continued to lead Van Hoff as Hart settled into third.  Jennifer Corder spun in Turn 2 for a lap ten caution flag.  Joaquin stayed with the inside on the restart and continued to set the pace as Hart and Silva settled into second and third.  Long pitted from fifth and Silva’s Top 3 run ended in a cloud of smoke in Turn 4.  Joaquin chose the inside for the lap 15 restart, but Hart pressured him hard down the back stretch.  Hart made an inside move in Turn 3 of the 15th lap to take the lead from Joaquin.  Hart stayed smooth the rest of the way for the satisfying victory.  Joaquin settled for second ahead of Josh Hensley, Adam Reed, Corder, Long, Van Hoff, Silva, Darren Miguel and Kodie Dean.

Mike Drake won the six lap Dwarf Car heat race ahead of Mike Corsaro.  Alan Heeney had the pole for the Main Event and led two laps before Chuck Weir lost his fuel cell for a red flag.  Corsaro put the moves on Heeney to grab the lead on the restart.  The lead three cars ran closely with Drake in third.  However, Heeney spun in Turn 4 and Drake slowed to avoid him on lap eight.  Heeney pulled into the infield, and Corsaro would win by a straightaway ahead of Drake.  Lionel Francis and Chester Kniss Jr. rounded out the lead lap finishers and Heeney and Weir completed the finishing order.

Mark Garner captured both the ten lap Limited Late Model Main Event and the heat race ahead of Buddy Thatcher to wrap up his championship season.

Racing resumes at Merced Speedway next Sunday night with IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Northern All Stars Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks and Dwarf Cars all on the schedule.  For further information, check out the official Oval Motorsports Website.

 Waldrop Wins Fourth Straight Hardtop Feature 
At Placerville Speedway

The California Hardtop Association returned to Placerville Speedway Saturday night for their second appearance in three weeks, and they entertained the crowd with a trip down memory lane and a taste of what the fans saw at the track some 40 years ago.  A field of nine cars turned out, and it was Rob Waldrop driving the Bill McLaughlin car to his second straight Placerville win and fourth in a row on the circuit.

The car count was effected early on as John Philbert discovered an engine problem in his garage to keep his car out of action.  Waldrop started in the third row of the six lap heat race and charged to victory ahead of Ron Rezz.  John Fuller made one final heat race start in the #94 car as he has sold the car to somebody in Nevada.

Waldrop again started in the third row in the Main Event, and Dennis Armstrong led the first two laps before surrendering the lead to Waldrop.  Armstrong, Rezz and Zack Frazer had a good battle for second before Frazer grabbed the position late.  Armstrong ended up spinning and fell outside the Top 5.  Waldrop was the happy winner ahead of Frazer, Rezz, Dan Whitney, Ken Clifford, Armstrong, Jason Clifford and Steve Cloyes.

The Hardtops are in Antioch on August 22.  Most of these competitors should be in action along with Tommy Thomson, Dave Mackey, Dan Williams, Larry Damitz, Mike McCann and others.  McCann has landed sponsorship to give plaques to the heat race winners.  The track will have the award for the feature winner, while McCann is bringing plaques for second and third.

Busby Continues Drive For #5 At Antioch Speedway

Scott Busby wasn't even sure if he could make the Antioch Speedway schedule work for him.  With just a few races remaining, the Martinez leadfoot is closing in on his fifth IMCA Modified championship at Antioch Speedway.  Busby and the IMCA Modifieds will be there this Saturday night for a five division show that will also include IMCA Sport Modifieds, Wingless Spec Sprints, Limited Late Models and Hobby Stocks.

Busby is also looking for his fifth win of the season as he sits just four wins behind the legendary J.D. Willis on the track's all time win list with 68 victories.  The only driver within striking distance of Busby for this championship is Bobby Motts Jr.  Because he failed to make one of the Main Events during the Summer Nationals in June, the one time winner Motts is 26 points behind Busby in the standings.

Last time out, Busby was experiencing motor problems, but past champion Aaron Crowell was impressing with his first win of the season in his GRT Chassis.  He was following the first 2015 win of Shawn DeForest from the race before that, and both drivers could make things difficult for Busby in his quest to add to his win total this week.  The only other driver with multiple Antioch wins this season is three time winner Troy Foulger.  Like Busby, Foulger is a four time Antioch champion.

Another of the eight different feature winners we anticipate this week is fourth ranked Kyle Wilson.  Kyle is currently second in the IMCA State point race and trails only his brother Alex Wilson in that battle.  Alex is fifth at Antioch while leading in the State.  Other drivers we anticipate this week include 2014 champion Carl Berendsen II, Chris Elby, Terry Kaiser and Dustin Himes.

Once again, a mechanical problem took point leader Fred Ryland out of the running last week in the IMCA Sport Modified race.  Ryland holds a good lead in the track championship battle, but he is in need of wins to improve on his third place status in the National point race.  After Fred had his issues, wife Patti Ryland led several laps before spinning and falling to a fifth pace finish.  Patti is the top rookie in the field and is enjoying a good season.

Watsonville point leader Anthony Giuliani is enjoying his visits to Antioch and has won two of the last three races.  He may very well be the driver to beat, but Al Johnson may think he has something for the competition.  The second ranked driver led several laps last week before breaking something in his suspension and spinning.  Johnson only leads one time winner Paul Mulder by two points in a close battle for second.  Other drivers we're watching for this week include rapidly improving rookie K.C. Keller, Chuck Golden, Trevor Clymens and hard charger Megan Ponciano.

Three time winner Kyle Bakkie has a 46 point lead over Rick Panfili in the Wingless Spec Sprint championship battle, but he's not the hottest driver these days.  That would be third generation leadfoot Jimmy Perry III.  Perry roared to his first win of the season and is third on the division's all time win list now.  Bakkie still had a Top 3 effort last week as it appears as if he's sorted through all of the mechanical issues he had following his flip four races ago.

At 26 points behind Panfili, impressive rookie Marcus Smith hasn't given up on second in the standings or winning his first Main Event.  He is usually in the mix up front.  One time winner James East should be on hand, and others we're watching for this week include two time winner Roy Fisher, Peter Carlotto, Keith Shipherd, Alan Miranda and Jeremy Newberry.

Mike Hynes is probably wondering what he has to do to get a Limited Late Model win.  The 2014 point runner up finished second as point leader Larry Damitz won yet again last week.  Hynes was right behind him in second, but he gained very little on second ranked Mike Gustafson, who finished right behind him in third.  Two time winner Gustafson is six points ahead of Hynes and ten in front of two time winner and Merced champion Mark Garner.

Hynes might be thinking this will be his week, but it's a good bet that Damitz will be up near the front even though he'll have to start in the back this week as the previous winner.  John Evans should be back after making good laps to finish fourth last week.  We're not sure what Jim Freethy's status is following last week's motor issues, but word is that Lori Brown may be ready to return soon.  Word is that Calvin Louis is close to making his season debut, and you never know who will show up.

Last week. Merced and Chowchilla point leader Kevin Joaquin showed up and won the Hobby Stock Main Event.  He had to beat point leader Kimo Oreta to do it.  Joaquin says he will be back again before the season ends.  Meanwhile, Danny Jones, Michael Cooper and Jordan Swank were third through fifth in the Main Event.  The second place point battle between these three remains close as the rookie Swank leads Cooper by nine points and Jones by 13.  Considering the bad luck he's had of late, Jones was happy to finish third.  His daughter Jessica Jones even had a good run with a lead lap seventh.

Another driver happy to bring it home with a finish was sixth place finisher Natalie Perry.  Perry seems to be getting faster, which can also be said for fifth ranked Frank Furtado.  Unfortunately, Furtado lost a wheel to end his race last week.  Other drivers we'll be watching for this week include Robert Niven, newcomer Lindsey Buirch, Cameron Swank and the return of at least one champion from the past.  The Hobby Stocks always seem to put on a good show for the fans.

The racing this week should be exciting from flag to flag.  Antioch Speedway is located within the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds, 1201 W. 10th St. in Antioch, Calif. Admission is $15 for adults, $12 for senior citizens, and $10 for children 6-12. Children under six years old are admitted free. A family four pack of tickets is $40. Secured parking is offered by the Fairgrounds for $5. Racing begins at 6:30 p.m.

Top Five In Antioch Points At A Glance

IMCA Dirt Modifieds

Scott Busby     429
Bobby Motts     403
Carl Berendsen    352
Kyle Wilson     255
Alex Wilson    251

IMCA Sport Mod

Fred Ryland     455
Al Johnson     398
Paul Mulder     396
Chuck Golden    367
Patti Ryland     352

Hobby Stocks

Kimo Oreta     942
Jordan Swank     673
Michael Cooper    664
Dan Jones     660
Frank Furtado    620

Spec Sprints

Kyle Bakkie     584
Rick Panfili    538
Marcus Smith    512
Alan Miranda    458
Jim Perry III    394

Limited Late Model

Larry Damitz     528
Mike Gustafson    478
Mike Hynes     472
Mark Garner    468
Jim Freethy     410

Plenty Of Excitement For The Fans At 
Merced Speedway On Sunday Night

One thing the fans at Merced Speedway have long known is you don't leave early.  You never know what will happen next.  Last week, emotions got a little high in the IMCA Modified division as several drivers felt they had a chance at victory.  The Hobby Stocks added a 14th different feature winner last week.  Those two divisions will be back this week along with the IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks and Dwarf Cars.

As Alex Wilson has switched over to the other car, he has hit his stride.  Alex won the IMCA Modified Main Event two weeks ago and finished second last week after losing the lead when a slower car spun in front of him.  With Bill Egleston having miserable luck again last week, Wilson now leads the championship battle by 27 points.  This was once a close three car battle, but it's looking like it's Wilson's title to lose now.

Alex isn't the only Wilson brother to contend with.  Kyle Wilson has three wins so far this year and is 17 points behind Ricky Thatcher for third in points following his third place finish last week.  Either Wilson brother is tough to beat these days, but Thatcher led last week for several laps before settling for a fourth place finish.  The three time Street Stock champion Thatcher may be wondering what he needs to do to get that win.

You never know who will show up at Merced Speedway, and last week it was Antioch racer Troy Foulger scoring an impressive win.  We also saw the season debut of long time Late Model competitor Derek Nance.  Bob Williamson took a week off, but we anticipate the two time champion will be among this week's competitors.

Fred Ryland hadn't won an IMCA Sport Mod feature at Merced in a few months, but he was back in full force last Sunday with the win ahead of Mark Odgers.  Odgers is slowly chipping away at Dwayne Short's lead in the battle for second.  Short has a ten point advantage going into Sunday.  Runaway point leader Josh Hensley was looking good up front last week until brushing the back wall and getting a flat right rear tire.

Tim Cecil had a hand in influencing the return of Derek Nance, and Tim enjoyed a good run with a third place finish last week as he moved into the Top 10 in the Sport Mod standings.  The roster changes from week to week, but we anticipate at least one of the Tucker Cars (Gary or son Nick), Marisa Odgers, Michael Aldrich and Bruce Nelson could be in action this week.

We saw a couple cars we hadn't seen in a while in the Hobby Stock division last week as well as some season debuts.  Ryan Hart has been racing on the pavement in a Late Model at Madera this year, but the 2011 Hobby Stock champion drove a brilliant race last week in becoming the 14th different winner.  The race looked like it would go to point leader Kevin Joaquin, but Joaquin settled for another second.  That makes about a half dozen runner up finishes for Kevin so far this year.

Jennifer Corder continues to get her car to the finish line, and the fifth place finish she had last week gives her a solid hold on second in points.  Austin Van Hoff and rookie Dexter Long continue to creep up the point ladder, and both should be there this week.  Others we'll be watching for include Kristie Shearer, the Josh Hensley car and Adam Reed, who finished fourth last week.

Mini Stock point leader Darren Miguel debuted the Hobby Stock he purchased from Aaron Widick last week.  He should be back in his Mini Stock to try and maintain his 14 point lead over the resurgent Chris Corder.  Corder nearly had his second straight win last time before Miguiel made a late pass to grab win #11 on the season.  These two are the only drivers in championship contention, but there have been others making things interesting lately.

Rookie Natalie Waldrop used her latest start to move into third in points, but she leads Kelly Campanile by just six points.  Kelly has three seconds this year and is looking for her first win.  Kevin Lockerby does have a win this season and is 23 points out of third.  He has indicated that he may race more this season.  Others we're looking for this week include Jeff Amos, Lucy Falkenberg and the daughter of Andrew Krumm.

The Dwarf Cars are back once again this week.  Mike Drake has two wins and a good point lead.  Mike is bringing his car to the track for a different reason.  He wants this class to grow at Merced.  Mike Corsaro collected the win last week and could be there again for this race.  Others we are looking for include Chuck Weir, Brian Gray and Lionel Francis.  The division was added to the schedule during the season, and the six car field we saw last week was encouraging.

It should be an exciting night of racing in Merced.  Merced Speedway is located inside the Merced County Fairgrounds, 900 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way in Merced, Calif. Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and $8 for children 6-12. A family four-pack of tickets admits two children and two adults for $32. Racing begins at 6 p.m. on Sunday. The grandstand opens at 4:30 p.m.

Top Five In Merced Points At A Glance

IMCA Modifieds

Alex Wilson     504
Bill Egleston     477
Ricky Thatcher     402
Kyle Wilson     385
Bob Williamson     366

IMCA Sport Mods

Josh Hensley    642
Dwayne Short    482
Mark Odgers    472
Fred Ryland     397
Bruce Nelson    367

Merced Hobby Stock

Kevin Joaquin     780
Jennifer Corder    606
Austin Van Hoff    468
Kristie Shearer    443
Dexter Long     400

Mini Stocks

Darren Miguel     730
Chris Corder     716
Natalie Waldrop    346
Kelly Campanile    340
Kevin Lockerby    323
Dennis Copus    323

Dwarf Car

Mike Drake     246
Chuck Weir     166
Danny Wagner     108
Mike Corsaro    104
Tim Reeder     78