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Pit Stops

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Pit Stops

This was a totally unplanned column, so we’ll see how long this ends up being.  People think it’s my birthday as I wrote this, but that’s really not the case.  I felt no need to share that date on social media when I joined.  Not that I’ll do anything special when the day comes.  No cake (haven’t had birthday cake in years), no party, no friends to hang out with anyway.  But, if I’m lucky, I’ll have a microphone and be announcing that day.  They tell me I will, but I take nothing for granted.  Anyway...


It's The family Aspect That Makes Racing Special

The first bit of information is something this reporter can’t share.  So, why would we even put anything here?  Well, because it’s pretty darn cool.  There is a racing family planning to have a car at the track this weekend that is very special to them.  It has rarely been at the track at all, but we’ve heard that it will be.  Once it happens, we can get into more details on everything, but it’s pretty neat to see.

In racing, families are the backbone of the whole sport.  Maybe it's fathers bringing their sons to the races and their sons doing the same with their sons.  It could even be mothers bringing their daughters.  Let’s talk about a mother who brought her daughter to the races.  She’s Dawn Carter.  She remembered how special racing was to her in her home town back east.  So, when she moved to the Merced area, she brought her young daughter, Destiny Carter, to the races.  She wanted that for her.  It was also a mother-daughter bonding experience.  That’s what racing is.

Dawn and Destiny sometimes scrimped and saved and had help getting into the races from the racing family.  They would walk to the track.  As Destiny grew up and was old enough to get into the races, she started taking pictures and sharing them on social media.  She is one of the voices of positivity out there who loves Merced Speedway.  She began working on race cars and helping others in the hopes that one day she might get a chance to race.  One day, you shouldn’t be surprised to see her behind the wheel of a Mini Stock.

Dawn Carter had her struggles with health issues and had been in and out of the hospital.  She loved her daughter and wanted to be there for her.  Unfortunately, she recently lost her battle and passed away.  The racing community immediately sprang into action with many donations to ensure a proper burial for Dawn.  But, that’s what the racing community is, one big family.  Family is at the heart of this sport.

We’ve said this many times before.  You can look at the promoter of Antioch, Merced and Chowchilla.  John M. Soares is the son of John P. Soares, a legend of the sport.  His brother Jim also followed in his dad’s footsteps in the sport.  Chief Steward Brad Coelho is the son of Sportsman racer Butch Coelho Sr.  Go to any track, and you’ll find families that have been involved for years.

At Merced, you have the Porter family, four generations.  There is also the Corn family.  Like the Porter’s, they go back to the beginning of the track’s history.  The Odgers family, the Tuckers, the Falkenbergs, the Sagmillers, the Stones, the Barcellos family and so many others.  While some racers come and go, these are the names you continue to see.  Then, there’s Bob Williamson, who has raced at Merced Speedway since the 1970‘s.

At Antioch, the Brown family is another fine example.  There are soon to be four generations of racers from Bill Brown’s family.  There’s Ron Brown’s family and Bob Brown’s as well, and both have several members who have raced.  The Gonderman family goes back three generations to 1970 Sportsman champion Ken Gonderman.  The McCowns, The Swanks, The Briggs and Kniss family, The Clymens family, the Garners, the Chadwicks, the DeCarlos, the Rosas and so many others.  Through it all, you have 86 year old Lary Damitz still racing as well as Mike Gustafson and Charlie Correia, who both go back to the 1970‘s.

At any track, this is what keeps things going.  The Dozier and the McDaniel family in Marysville, the Olschowkas at several Northern California tracks, The Hogges, Hagios and so many others at Watsonville.  The Drews, Machados Studebakers, McCoys and so many others at Petaluma.  The Furia family at Ukiah and Lakeport  The Kaedings in Sprint Cars.  Then you have the old man of BCRA, ageless veteran Floyd Alvis.  If the sport is to continue to survive, the biggest reason is the families.

A racing family has many branches, and often times you’ll have crew members who work on a car for a few years until one day they get the opportunity to race.  That makes a difference.  We also have the Cline family.  Dean Cline is a future Antioch Speedway Hall Of Famer, and his son Lance could make a strong case for himself as a car builder.  In fact, guys like Lance are important because they are the ones building cars for the new drivers.  Since Lance walked away, this has been something needed at Antioch.

This weekend, you’ll see the families that are still involved in racing competing at Antioch, Merced and so many other tracks.  There are some who mentor the new drivers.  Former racers who crew for new drivers to help get them up to speed.  When those new drivers learn and get better, they end up mentoring the next generation.  And, there’s another thing to consider when it comes to families in racing.

When things get ugly, sometimes it may get heated in the pits.  However, some of these rivals end up helping each other when the need arises, because they want that driver to compete next week.  And, when an outside threat arises against a race track, everybody in the racing family is prepared to rise up and fight that threat.  Some people don’t understand the “field of dreams” that is the race track, but long time racers and fans know one thing.  If people just came out and watched the races and gave it a chance, they’d love racing just as much as they do.

And, we are lucky that we have so many race tracks in California to still go to in this day and age.  We racing fans are guilty of one thing.  In our moment of passion, we can sometimes turn our frustration towards our favorite race track and say things that really don’t help the cause.  It’s not that criticism isn’t acceptable.  Sometimes it needs to happen to make a situation better.  However, sometimes we get downright nasty and mean spirited in what we might say.  Back in the day, that might be a face to face conversation, but these days we get on the internet and social media and launch an attack.

We may not always think about what those words do to that race rack.  Somebody might be thinking of going to the races, but our comment after a bad night influences them to stay home.  Maybe it’s another race car that stays parked, and suddenly, the race track isn’t doing as well as it once was.  In that case, we become a part of the problem instead of part of the solution.  Sometimes one needs to take a step back in order to gain perspective or just to cool off and realize that maybe they are overreacting in the heat of the moment.  Sometimes you can make a difference.  There are other times when it's best to take a step back and reevaluate your options.

We Are Lucky To Have So Many Race Tracks

What is interesting is that even now there are people looking to open race tracks up and get them going.  Persistent rumors have Altamont Raceway coming back again.  There is a lot of work to be done and hurdles to jump in order to get there, but the facility has been used this year as a way to teach teenagers about safe driving.  That’s the first step to maybe something happening with racing in the future.

There is also the rumor of Sacramento Raceway’s oval reopening again.  People are looking at doing something there.  Once upon a time, that tight quarter-mile oval had a thriving Friday night program of Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Dirt Modifieds and other divisions.  Later, the track launched the modern Hardtop movement in Northern California and gave us a new Spec Sprint division.  Can things happen again?

Then. there’s the rumors of an influential racing promoter looking around at possible sites for a race track.  This person has something in mind, but at this point is doing some homework on the subject.  When things line up and the time is right, something pretty cool could happen that might seem out of left field to the racers.  However, it’s a good bet that they will want to be there to race on this track.  A few more details are known by this writer, but much like the car we spoke of at the beginning of this column, it’s too early to say anything more.

In the meantime, we have to be thankful for the tracks we have.  Sure, some are doing better than others, but the gates are opening and giving these tracks a chance.  Adam Zachary is following in the footsteps of Mike McCann at Orland.  He renamed the place Sacramento Valley Speedway, and racing takes place every other Saturday night.  It has been a struggle to gain attendance and car count, but the Hobby Stocks are showing signs of life there.  The Mini Stocks, Mini Trucks and Wingless Sprints are still on the card.  McCann introduced 600 Mini Sprints last season, and Zachary added a Wingless 250 Mini Sprint class.  With a bit more effort, this track can turn the corner.

It wasn’t too many years ago when Hayfork Speedway sprang from the site of the former horse racing track at the Trinity County Fairgrounds.  Way down south, Rocky Hill Speedway in Porterville, which had been closed for about 15 years, came back.  Hayfork has run a few different divisions, but they also know that building Hobby Stock and Mini Stock car count is ultimately what gives them the best chance.  In Porterville, those are the classes they run.  Money isn't flowing in these places, so the higher end stuff won’t have much of a chance until these divisions take hold.  And, Porterville still has some big races planned for their regular classes, including the Veteran's Day show in November.

You may go from a track like Bakersfield or Placerville and see the struggles of the three aforementioned tracks and ask why they bother.  They bother because there are people in these places that love racing too.  To get back to the family theme, the Nolands, the Reeds and others still love Rocky Hill Speedway, so they fight for it.  And, a track that’s doing well should never take that for granted.  If it’s doing well, it can fall apart due to economical, promotional or other factors.  It is a never ending challenge for a promoter to keep a race track going.

Chowchilla Speedway To Have Racing Again In October, November

Back at the Oval Motorsprots tracks, promoter John M. Soares is trying to close out the season on a strong note, and he too has a track that is in the same boat as Orland and Porterville.  Chowchilla Speedway had 19 cars at their last race and less than 100 fans.  Some promoters would have just shut the gate and said, "That’s it.  This place is done."  However, Soares put the track on hiatus while he focused on strengthening Merced Speedway.  Indications are that Merced is getting better, though it’s still a work in progress.  This has led Soares back to Chowchilla and what to do there.

October was the time, but when exactly?  There are race dates at other tracks that are important to some of the drivers in the area.  Watsonville pays tribute to Pat Pettit, mother of Jim Pettit II, with the Pat Pettit Memorial race on the first weekend of October.  Bakersfield has some 30 Bud Nationals events that they have held through the years, and the second weekend of October will be the latest instalment.  Santa Maria has a big Dwarf Car blowout race on the third weekend, and Dwarf Cars factored into the plans.

When the dates were researched, Soares found the Sundays of October 25th and November 15th to be his best options, so he scheduled his last two Chowchilla Speedway races of 2015 for then.  He will be running a special Hobby Stock, Dwarf Car and Mini Stock race, and more details will be forthcoming.  Soares believes that though he has done some big IMCA Modified and Sport Modified races, the work horse Hobby Stock division deserves a big night as well.  He’s also keen on establishing a Dwarf Car division in The Valley.  The hope with the Dwarf Car race is that support will come in from the two big clubs of Northern California.

People have been asking what the future of Chowchilla Speedway is.  The reality is that Soares is the sixth promoter since the track opened in 2000.  In fact, there have been five different promoters in the last eight years as they’ve all struggled.  The fact that he opened 2015 with a high dollar purse for both Modified classes shows how committed Soares was to making it happen.  To make Chowchilla Speedway thrive will take lots of effort and boots on the ground, so to speak.  But, it also requires racers and fans to give the place a chance.  One has to ask how much longer that track can continue going through promoters before the gates stay shut?

If the drivers give these two races a chance, Soares has long since shown a willingness to pay a good purse and promote big races.  This could be the beginning of an annual big race for Hobby Stocks and Dwarf Cars, and both divisions are more than capable of putting on entertaining shows.  The Valley has some of the best Hobby Stock drivers in the state, and a meeting of the Antioch Dwarf Car regulars and drivers from the two clubs could be huge.  Add in the Mini Stocks and this could be big if the racers and fans give it a chance,  But, will they?

Meanwhile, Back At Antioch And Merced

There was still an indication that Soares might add one more race to Antioch’s schedule in October, though nothing is official.  What has been made clear is that both Antioch and Merced’s original season finale races will be huge.  They take place at Antioch on September 26th and Merced on September 27th.  IMCA Modifieds pay $2000 to win and a minimum of $200 to start, while Sport Mods pay $500 to win and $100 to start.  Plus, there’s a $500 bonus to the driver who can win both Main Events in their respective division.  Plus, Hobby Stocks and Limited Late Modes will be on the card at both tracks.

We’ve already heard one confirmation that Kellen Chadwick will be there.  Chadwick is a force in the open shows he goes to, and we see no reason to expect anything different this time.   Bobby Hogge IV and Troy Foulger are two others we could be seeing, though there is no confirmation at this point.  There should be some good racers in both divisions running for the money at both tracks, and this will be a nice way to wrap up the points season.

Speaking of points, we have a few battles we are watching as the season comes to a close.  There have been questions concerning banquets, and we can’t answer them at this point.  The only thing we can tell you is there is a room full of unclaimed trophies from last year, and Oval Motorsports is disappointed in that.  Our hope was that a banquet could happen at some point before the year ended at Merced (including Chowchilla) and at Antioch, but that hasn’t been decided yet.  Drivers wanting a banquet would be encouraged to call the Antioch Speedway hotline and leave a message regarding banquet tickets.  Enough interest expressed in a banquet could make it happen, and this reporter thinks it would be a good thing overall.

Antioch already knows that Shawn Arriaga is the Winged 360 Sprint Car champion.  He held off a past champion in Art McCarthy, who got his second win in the season finale.  Third belongs to two time winner Jake Haulot as Dan Gonderman passed Chris Magoon to finish fourth.  The Spec Sprint champion will be four time winner Kyle Bakkie.  With that settled, Rick Panfili leads rookie Marcus Smith by just six points in the battle for second.  Both want that spot and are looking for their first win.  We’ll see who gets it.  It looks like Alan Miranda and four time winner Jimmy Perry III will round out the Top 5.

IMCA Modified point leader Scott Busby has to be frustrated that the invert always puts him in the back with a talented driver like Aaron Crowell receiving front row starts.  Busby struggles to get into the Top 5, but the four time winner still leads Bobby Motts Jr. by 23 points.  It's not a comfortable lead, but Busby should be able to hold on as long as he just maintains a decent finish in the Main Event.  Carl Berendsen II is on his way to third and it looks like one time winner Shawn DeForest will be fourth.  State champion Alex Wilson leads his one time feature winning brother Kyle Wilson by five points, and Dustin Himes is waiting in the wings should an opportunity arise to pass them for fifth.

The Hobby Stocks are the ones who have caught our attention.  Kimo Oreta has wrapped up a third straight championship season with eight wins so far.  The only question about him is whether he can add another win, but he’s starting no better than tenth this week.  Brother in laws Jordan Swank and Michael Cooper are having an entertaining battle for second, and Swank leads by just 13 points.  These two both seem to be on the verge of that first feature win, and this is Swank’s rookie season to boot.  The steady Frank Furtado has crept past Danny Jones for fourth in the standings, while five time feature runner up Jones has been out with motor problems.

The likely Sport Modified champion with six wins and a lead of over 50 points is Fred Ryland.  This has left Al Johnson and one time winner Paul Mulder to battle it out of second.  Johnson is looking for his first win and leads Mulder by just ten points.  Chuck Golden has finished as high as second this year, but he’s had to borrow Loyd Cline’s car for the past two races to make points.  He trails Patti Ryland by 21 points in the battle for fourth.  In her rookie season, Ryland does have a feature win this season and finished second last time out.  There is a chance for things to change in the Top 5.

In Limited Late Models, Larry Damitz leads by 38 points.  The six time winner merely started the last race to make points as he had a mechanical issue.  This just illustrates how anything can still happen, though it’s likely that Damitz will win his fourth championship in five years.  What’s still in doubt is second as three time winner Mike Gustafson is tied with one time winner Mike Hynes.  After a bad night last time, two time winner and Merced champion Mark Garner trails the second place battle by 28 points.  Jim Freethy is a solid fifth, but after finishing as high as second this year, the 2013 champion is hungry for victory.

In DIRTcar Late Models, Richard Papenhausen has seven wins, but his shadow, Jeff Decker, has seven seconds as well as two wins of his own.  Decker leads the championship race by 28 points and will win the deal as long as he stays reasonably close to Papenhausen and doesn’t have a DNF.  In fact, Decker is poised to win the $2500 DIRTcar Regional championship as well.  The battle for third is even closer after Danny Maflatti’s second place finish in the previous race moved him ahead of David Newquist by four points.  Meanwhile, Chester Kniss should be able to hold onto his fifth place point status with the big lead he has over two time winner Troy Foulger.

The Dwarf Car matter is settled.  David Teves has wrapped up an impressive championship season with four wins.  He was a force in this division after debuting his new car.  His son Adam Teves makes a good case for “Most Improved Driver” honors after his two wins and second place season.  Though not his best season, Danny Wagner is still one of the best drivers, as his third place ranking and three wins will show.  Two time winner Mike Corsaro and Kevin Miraglio make up the Top 5 in this division.  The Dwarf Cars were the most loyally supported division at Antioch Speedway in 2015.

Dwarf Cars are something that Oval Motorsports wants to see as a part of Merced Speedway’s show going forward.  At this point, it appears as if two time winner Mike Drake is headed for his first championship.  Chuck Weir has been a bit of a hard luck racer at Antioch Speedway, but he leads Tim Reeder by almost 100 points for second.  Reeder, meanwhile, has his hands full.  One time winners Danny Wagner and Mike Corsaro are eight and 12 points, respectively, behind him.  Because we don’t know if all of the Top 5 drivers will be there this week, there's a chance that Alan Heeney or Chester Kniss Jr., or both, can still move up.

As for IMCA Modifieds, Alex Wilson broke it wide open.  This was a three car battle between he, Bill Egleston and John MacDougal through the first half of the season, and only MacDougall had a win.  When MacDougall crashed at Petaluma to end his season, he was still the point leader.  When you consider that Wilson has won four times since switching cars, it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t have won it regardless.  The battle is for second, where Ricky Thatcher leads three time winner Kyle Wilson by nine points.  Egleston is still 16 points behind K. Wilson, while Bob Williamson is fifth.

The Sport Modified division belongs to rookie and two time winner Josh Hensley.  Hensley has been a staunch supporter of this division and is a deserving champion.  Meanwhile, Dwayne Short leads one time winner Mark Odgers by just five points coming into the next race.  Six time winner and State champion Fred Ryland leads two time winner Gary Tucker by ten points in the battle for fourth, and Bruce Nelson has bowed out of this battle after selling his car and buying an IMCA Modified from Paul Stone.

Merced and Chowchilla champion Kevin Joaquin has been the class of the field in the Hobby Stocks with three wins and twice as many seconds.  The highly competitive class has 15 winners in 21 races, but Joaquin has been consistent all season.  Jennifer Corder is on her way to second and "Rookie Of The Year” honors.  Two time winner Austin Van Hoff is on his way two a double Top 3 season as the Chowchilla runner up as well.  Austin leads three time winner Kristie Shearer by 51 points in the battle for third.  Rookie Dexter Long is leading George Silva by 33 points in the battle for fifth.

The Mini Stocks is the closest championship battle in all of Oval Motorsports as 12 time winner Darren Miguel leads three time winner Chris Corder by just eight points.  Both drivers are moving up to Hobby Stocks in 2016, and they both want to do it as Mini Stock champion.  Kelly Campanile leads Dennis Copus by 25 points and rookie Natalie Waldrop by 38.  All three drivers are still looking for that first win, but only Waldrop is confirmed as racing this Sunday.  Campanile has been racing at Watsonville and recently won her first career Main Event.

The Limited Late Model champion is seven time winner Mark Garner.  Garner came to Merced with every intention of winning the title, and Roy Hart Jr. was one of only two drivers to beat him for a Main Event victory.  Buddy Thatcher had a good showing in third while Scott Van Gelder fell from second to fourth after getting injured in a heat race crash.  Peggy Sue Jarred ended up fifth and had a career best second place finish at Merced.

By all accounts, Marcus Lung should be listed as the Valley Sportsman point leader, but Kenny Birdsong is being credited with a 22 point lead.  Birdsong’s car is the only one to be at every race, but Chris Birdsong drove it twice.  Jeff Bristow will finish third ahead of Eric Sealy and Mike Palmberg.  After their six car turnout on Legend’s Night, it is hoped that the Sportsman division will be back for an 18th season in 2016.

Racing resumes at Antioch Speedway this Saturday night with a six division show that will be headlined by the DIRTCar Late Models and IMCA Modifieds.  Also on the card will be the Wingless Spec Sprints, IMCA Sprint Modifieds, Limited Late Models and Hobby Stocks.  Merced Speedway on Sunday features IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks and Dwarf Cars.  For further information, check out the official Oval Motorsports Website.

Back At Orland And Porterville

Shifting focus up north to Sacramento Valley Speedway, we mentioned earlier that the Hobby Stocks are starting to come around.  The last two races have had double digit car counts, and there have been seven winners in the ten races.  Only point leader and four time winner Paul Stevens has won more than once.  Stevens leads one time winner Steve Martin by just five points in a close championship battle.  Past Mini Truck champion Brad Ray won the most recent feature, and other winners this year include Bill Hampton, David Pierce and Chico racers Todd Cooper and Brian Cooper.

Everything else is a work in progress as the Mini Trucks and Mini Stocks struggle to regain count.  Some might suggest merging the two classes, but this track has a tradition going back about 20 years of having both.  There are known to be several Mini Trucks and Mini Stocks in the area, and part of the challenge in getting them back has been the struggle the track has had to stay open under the different promoters since Paul & Carol Turner.

The Mini Trucks have had 16 different drivers get points in the ten races held so far, but the average is about six trucks a week.  Getting them to come back in bigger numbers is the goal.  Keith Ross has won six of those Main Events with the other four wins being earned by Ross Vige (twice), Tyler Pebley and Nathen Skaggs.

A look at the Mini Stock division finds familiar numbers to those in the Mini Trucks.  There have been 19 different drivers to earn points in the ten races held so far.  Unfortunately, the weekly average is about five cars per week.  With Chico trimming down their own Mini Stock schedule, it was hoped that car count would get a nice bounce.  At this time, point leader Nick Vidovich has seven feature wins, while Tom Davis, Jimmy Davis and Donovan Chilton each have one win.

Wingless Sprints are also having about a seven car average in their six races from a total of 17 cars.  Greg Hidenbottom had one win, while Tony Richards has five in a row.  Richards is now tied with Bill Hopper for the point lead.  This class has been a part of Orland racing since 2001.

The 600 Mini Sprints and 250 Mini Sprints are recent additions as the track seeks other ways to spark interest.  Many talented racers have come up through these divisions at other tracks through the years.  Mike McCann saw the need to add the 600‘s a couple years ago, and this has proven to be a good move.  Promoter Adam Zachary decided to add 250‘s this year.

There have been 15 different drivers in the 600‘s as they have averaged seven cars.  Point leader Jeromie Crismon has three wins as Tony Alosi and Dan Mognaga are the other winners.  The 250‘s have 12 different drivers to have earned points in the five races.  Point leader Jesse Garland (two) and Jackie Whitson Jr. (three) are the two winners so far.  Both divisions have much potential to help this track in the days ahead if they get the right attention.

Orland may be struggling, but it can get stronger with each race.  It is a racing tradition worth fighting for.  This Saturday night, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Mini Trucks, 600 Mini Sprints and 250 Mini Sprints are all on the card.  For further information, check out the official Sacramento Valley Speedway Website.

Not to be ignored in this conversation is Rocky Hill Speedway in Porterville.  As they run their final point race this Saturday night, Jared Plumlee wraps up an impressive Mini Stock championship season, while Raymond Noland Jr. will be Hobby Stock champion and Roy Atchison will be the Super Mini Stock champion. 

The Mini Stocks have been the stars this year with several double digit car counts as racers like Plumlee, Andy Boydstun, Clinton and Clifton Massey, Bob Ellis and Justin Moore are some of the stars from this season.  There has been some good racing here as well as in the Super Mini Stocks.  Along with Atchison, defending champion Adell Shelton has had her moments.  Racers like Darren Estermann, Kit Murphy and Larry Ramirez are others who have been fast this year.

The American Stock division has been a challenge to establish as the few who show up have raced with the Hobby Stocks.  That puts them on the track with the Noland family.  Karl Noland Sr. has won several Main Events, and it is another multi time feature winner, Raymond Noland Jr., who is the point leader.  Other racers, such as Karl Noland Jr., Alvin Ince and Gene Glover, have been a part of making this division happen.

Rocky Hill Speedway is one of the growing number of tacks that recognizes the importance of getting kids involved in the sport.  This has led to the smaller track in the infield and the addition of the Mini Dwarf Cars.  Both classes have been well supported for most of the season.

Porterville still has the point finale this week.  It’s the Seth Patterson Memorial Race, and it’s a blowout event that includes Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Super Mini Stocks, American Stocks, Jr. Dwarf Cars, Central Valley Tanks (IMCA style Stock Cars) and Okie Bowl Hardtops.  It should be a good one.  Another big race will be the Dearl Noland Memorial race on October 24th that will have all the divisions from this week except for Central Valley Tanks and Mini Dwarf Cars.  The Veteran’s Day race on November 11th will have Hobby Stocks, American Stocks, Mini Stocks and Super Mini Stocks as well as the Battle Of The Badges & Dignitaries Race.  

Rocky Hill Speedway closes things on November 28th and 29th with their biggest race, the 4th Annual Turkey Day Shoot Out.  Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Super Mini Stocks, American Stocks and Mini Dwarf Cars are all on the schedule.  For further information, check out the official Rocky Hill Speedway Website.