Friday, September 4, 2015

Plumlee, Atchison Hot In Porterville, Coooer, Vidovich Orland Winners

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Plumlee, Atchison Continue To Roll 
At Rocky Hill Speedway

Showing his prowess as the Mini Stock point leader at Rocky Hill Speedway in Porterville, Jared Plumlee won his eighth straight 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event and 10th of the season Saturday night (August 29).  Not to be outdone, fellow point leader Roy Atchsion won his fourth straight Super Mini Stock Main Event and sixth of the season.  Kevin Collier is in the thick of a title run at Bakersfield Speedway this season, but he returned and beat one of the biggest fields of the season for the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event victory.

Jared Plumlee came into Saturday night's program with a 66 point lead over Andy Boydstun in Mini Stocks, but he only managed to add a little to that lead as he held him off for the win.  It was the third second place finish of the season for Boydstun.  Drew Bachtelle made a visit to Rocky Hill Speedway and came home with a third place finish.   Shawn Schwartzenberger matched his season best effort with a fourth place finish as Jason Cook rounded out the Top 5.  Third ranked Clinton Massey settled for sixth as Matt Noland, Brandon Tice, Clifton Massey and Justin Moore rounded out the Top 10.

Results are in from the previous three Mini Stock races, all won by Jared Plumlee.  Bob Ellis impressed with his second straight runnerup finish on August 15th with Josh Nichols making his season debut in third.   Jason Cook and Andy Boydstun rounded out the Top 5.  The Massey’s, Clinton and Clifton, were sixth and seventh as Justin Moore, Amanda McGowan and Vikki Hart made up the remainder of the Top 10.

The August 1st race was a double pointer, and Jared Plumlee again took the checkered flag in first.  Bob Ellis and Clinton Massey grabbed the other podium finishes with Clifton Massey in fourth.  Andy Boydstun and Matt Noland completed the finishing order.

Jared Plumlee also won the July 25th event with Zack Westlake enjoying his third second place finish of the season.  Clinton Massey and Andy Boydstun maintained their Top 3 point status by finishing third and fourth, respectively.   Jake Daniels rounded out the Top 5 ahead of Justin Moore.

Roy Atchison has hit stride lately as he seeks a track championship in the Super Mini Stock division.   He won the most recent race ahead of defending division champion Adell Shelton.  Atchison carried a 52 point lead over Shelton into the latest race.  Third ranked Williams Hughes turned in another solid effort with a third place finish ahead of Steve Golden, Brooke Dale and Larry Ramirez.

Roy Atchsion’s win in the August 15th race was followed by a season best second place finish by Russell Silvas.  Kit Murphy also had a season best finish in third.  Adell Shelton maintained her second place point effort with a fourth place finish ahead of Larry Ramirez, William Hughes and Brooke Dale.

Double points were on the line at the August 1st event, which was also won by Roy Atchsion.  William Hughes gave chase before settling for his third second place finish of the season.  Russell Silvas was a solid third ahead of Larry Ramirez, Adell Shelton, Kit Murphy and Darren Estermann.

The July 25th event also went to Roy Atchsion, as second and third ranked Adell Shelton and William Hughes were second and third, respectively.  Russell Silvas and Kit Murphy completed the finishing order.

Kevin Collier’s return in the latest Hobby Stock race gave the division one of it’s best counts of the year.  Collier has racked up the wins at Bakersfield Speedway, but this was his fist win of the year at his home track.  Point leader Raymond Noland Jr. made him work for it with a second place finish ahead of a season best third for Michael Scruggs.   Previous winner Alvin Ince was fourth with third ranked Karl Noland Jr. in fifth.  Jeff Lloyd, Brian Bartlett, Joe Robinson and Gene Glover rounded out the finish. 

Alvin Ince has been racing at several different tracks this season and was back at his old home track on August 15th with an impressive win ahead of new point leader Raymond Noland Jr.  Michael Scruggs grabbed another podium finish in third, followed by American Stock racer Eric Cimental, Karl Noland Jr. and Gene Glover.  Karl Noland was the point leader coming into the night, but his absence handed the lead to Raymond Noland Jr. by 48 points going into the latest race.

With double points on the line on August 1st, Karl Noland won his fifth straight Main Event and seventh of the season.  Raymond Noland Jr. stayed in the hunt with a second place finish ahead of Alvin Ince, Karl Noland Jr. and Mark Smith.

The July 25th race also went to Karl Noland Jr. as  Robert Swearingen made his first start of this season in second.  Raymond Noland Jr. was in the mix in third, followed by Alvin Ince, Karl Noland Jr., Mark Smith and Gene Glover.

The next race on the schedule is the September 5th event that features Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Super 4 Mini Stocks, American Stocks and Mini Dwarf Cars.  For more information, check out the official Rocky Hill Speedway Website.

Coopers Invade Orland For 1-2 Finish, 
Vidovich, Ross Score Victories

Two of the Top 5 drivers in points at Chico invaded Sacramento Valley Speedway in Orland Saturday night and came home with a 1-2 finish in the Hobby Stock Main Event.  It was Todd Cooper scoring the $300 victory as previous winner Brian Cooper was a $200 second.  The Mini Stock point battle continues to be close, and point leader Nick Vidovich won his sixth 20 lap Main Event.  Mini Truck point leader Keith Ross continues to be the driver to beat in his division as he won his fifth Main Event in the last six races.  Jeromie Crismon increased his 600 Mini Sprint point lead with his third feature victory, while Jackie Whitson Jr. won his third 250 Mini Sprint Main Event in three starts.

The Coopers had so much fun at the previous Hobby Stock race that they returned and started the night off with wins in their respective heat races.  A ten car field competed, and it was Todd Cooper collecting the feature victory ahead of Brian Cooper.  Paul Stevens kept his track championship hopes alive with a third place finish.  A top 3 point competitor at both Orland and Chico, Shannon Collins scored a fourth place feature finish as Mike Webster rounded out the Top 5.  Point leader Steve Martin finished sixth ahead of Travis Comer, Cody Bundy, Jeremy Langenderger and Rich Hood.  When Stevens won his championship in 2007, he had to beat Martin to do it.  Right now, Martin is clinging to a 20 point lead over Stevens with Collins 50 points back in third.

Despite all the winning he is doing, Nick Vidovich can’t pull away from past champion Tom Davis in a close Mini Stock championship battle.  Vidovich may have won again, but Davis finished second to lessen the point damage.   Donovan Chilton had a good night with a heat win and third place feature finish.  Past champion Jake Vantol made his first Orland start of the season and finished fourth ahead of Olin Crane and John Kirkpatrick.  Vidovich holds a 25 point lead over Davis with Kirkpatrick 95 points back in third.

In Mini Truck action, Keith Ross is leaving little doubt that he is the likely 2015 champion.  His fifth win in the last six races came ahead of a second place season debut for LeRoy Beck.  Nathen Skaggs has Top 3 finishes in all three of his starts as he finished third in this race.  Dan Webster and Ross Vige are battling for second in points, and Webster held off Vige for the fourth place finish as William Fogle rounded out the finishing order.  Vige holds a commanding 125 point lead over Webster.  Webster leads Vige by just five points as he battles for another second place point effort.

Jeromie Crismon has been the class of the 600 Mini Sprint field, and he joined Tony Alosi as a heat race winner earlier in the evening.  While Alosi’s luck nose dived from there, Crismon won his third feature of the season.  Skyler Richter gained some ground in the battle for second in points with his third second place finish of the year as Brian Stankey was a season best third.  Second ranked Kyra Michelet was fourth ahead of Roger Tidmore and Alosi.  Crismon has a commanding 120 point lead over Michelet, but Michelet leads Richter by just 15 points in the battle for second.

250 Mini Sprint Point leader Jesse Garland may be thankful that Jackie Whitson Jr. has missed two races.  Whitson made his third appearance of the season and won his third Main Event after earlier winning his heat race.  Katrina Emerson had an impressive season debut as she scored a second place finish ahead of Jerrid Carter and Garland.  Ric Tucker and Monice Aldrich rounded out the finishing order in their season debuts.  Garland now holds the biggest point lead at the track with a 160 point advantage over Whitson.  Carter is 70 points behind Whitson in third.

Racing continues on September 5th with Wingless Sprints, Hobby Stocks, Mini Trucks and Mini Stocks on the card, then it returns on September 19th as Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Mini Trucks, 600 Mini Sprints and 250 Mini Sprints are all in action.  For further information, check out the official Sacramento Valley Speedway Website.